30 Things That Automatically Make Men (And Women) Lose Romantic Interest 

30 Things That Automatically Make Men (And Women) Lose Romantic Interest 

According to Ask Reddit, the following things are major turn-offs.

1. If they have no interest in giving me an orgasm.

2. If they say the words, “I know I’m an asshole/bitch.” Like okay, I’ll take your word for it.

3. Those who refuse to acknowledge when I feel uncomfortable and guilt trip me into doing things I don’t want to do.

4. Ghosting you then suddenly popping up out of the blue when they want attention.

5. When they have seemingly no opinion, no voice. When every answer is “I don’t care” or “I don’t know.” Like Jesus Christ I’m trying to find out what you like so that we can talk. Gimme something!

6. Telling me who I can or can’t be friends with. Screams insecurity, and raises the question of why I shouldn’t be friends with them. If they were my friends from before, why are you trying to get me to cut ties? If they are your friends from before, what have you told them that you don’t want them to tell me about?

7. Not being able to take no for an answer, even with little things. If they don’t listen when you say you don’t want to eat X because you don’t like it/are allergic/aren’t in the mood for it, what makes you think your opinion is going to matter later with bigger things?

8. Don’t know how to act in public / are unaware of feelings other than their own.

9. Selfishness. I am very considerate of others and I am slowly learning that I think I need someone that is too.

10. Constantly comparing me to your ex. I’m not them. If you want me to be them, break up with me and get back together with them.

11. Generally being unhinged. You can tell if tiny things upset someone to where it ruins their whole day they won’t be able to handle the big things.

12. If ALL of their exes were “toxic” or “crazy.” We all have one or two bad ones, but seriously it’s not ALWAYS that.

13. When you come to them with a problem and they turn it into a conversation about them.

14. Little to no effort when having sex. If you have sex like a dead fish I’m not interested.

15. When they repeatedly interrupt me with completely nonessential non-sequiturs.

16. Playing hard-to-get TOO much or for too long.

17. Clinginess. Bitch I need to breathe.

18. Not having any goals or aspirations.

19. When you realize they only listen to reply, not to understand.

20. If they are rude to service workers. Also if they don’t like animals.

21. Self deprecating constantly. I get the humor, but not on a serious level.

22. Chewing with their mouth open. I don’t need to see your tonsils while I’m eating, it’s just rank.

23. If they are judgmental or tend to jump to conclusions before they know the whole story. Or (worse) if they combine these two.

24. When they start to pull you away from the rest of your friends in order to get their attention.

25. Bad breath.

26. Talking at you, not with you.

27. They’re obsessed with their ex.

28. When they don’t know the difference between being funny and being obnoxious.

29. If they constantly make you feel bad for them.

30. They enjoy putting other people and their hobbies down. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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