27 Signs The Best Thing For Your Mental Health And Happiness Is To Quit Your Job

27 Signs That The Best Thing For Your Mental Health And Happiness Is To Quit Your Job

Your work shouldn’t make you miserable. It’s probably time to quit if you can relate to these feelings from Ask Reddit.

1. No motivation to do anything for anyone anymore. Absolutely no sense of urgency on things that are urgent. Thinking about literally everything else other than your work.

2. When it begins to effect your mental health. Not just standard work stress, but losing sleep, becoming angry or depressed at the thought of going to work, complete apathy towards your performance, etc.

3. It makes you miserable and sucks all the joy from your life, even when you’re NOT there.

4. When it starts to affect your personal life. I’ve gotten to the point I’m having nightmares about my boss and I’m snapping at people or stuff at home because I’m on edge.

5. When you realize what you’re doing daily isn’t parallel to your job description. That means the company is putting more responsibilities on you instead of hiring the person that was meant to do them.

6.  When your duties change frequently. If you’re a professional and have a knowledge-base and career path, and that gets ignored so you can interface with building contractors, shake hands with complaining customers and oversee landscaping duties, they’re probably trying out other people in your job and trying to see if they can get along without you and if the $10 an hour kid they found on Craigslist really can manage the network.

7. “We like having you where you are.” No upward mobility? 👋

8. When you feel like it’s time to go. Don’t ignore the warning lights, when you see signs, follow the signs all the way out the door because at the end of the day, unless it is your business, you are 100% expendable to them.

9. You start getting passed over for positions you entirely deserved because someone with less know-how or experience got the position based on a relationship (family, friend, lover) with the hiring manager.

10. You aren’t making what you think you’re worth and can get what you’re worth elsewhere.

11. When you have found a job that’s better. It’s vastly easier to find a job when you have one. You may be miserable, but you’ll be even more miserable if you’re homeless.

12. If management becomes aloof toward your ideas, input or behavior and it persists over a few weeks. Understand managers get stuff on their mind like anyone else, but if you notice over many weeks or even months that there’s no buy in on your activities or actions on any level, they might be processing a post-you scenario and don’t really care what you do now.

13. If the majority of the staff switches out to an entirely new demographic, you may want to go. It’s possible they’re working on a new internal structure or culture that you may not be part of.

14. When they stop having enough money to fund things they usually do like Christmas parties or cleaning services.

15. When you have to literally switch your entire schedule to get 24 hours away with your significant other. When you have to constantly say no to friends and family who ask you to make plans on days you work.

16. When the positives of leaving outweigh the positives of staying.

17. When there’s lots of random decisions being made, and no one, not even management, seems to know the reasoning.

18. The culture at your job is toxic. There’s lots of drama, two-facedness, backstabbing, gossip, and other negativity.

19. You don’t have the tools to do your job to the best of your ability… and then you get thrown under the bus.

20. When you believe that it’s affecting your long term career plans.

21. When you wake up on Sunday and dread the next 5 days until you can relax again!

22. You cry in the parking lot before every shift.

23. If an email gets sent out regarding holding of pay/no bonuses/no increase in salary, it’s not a good sign.

24. When the thought of work makes you cry or puts you in a panic.

25. If you decide to leave your job and feel an overwhelming sense of relief instead of anxiety, it’s time to leave.

26. When you don’t give a fuck anymore about what you’re doing there.

27. When you start to think unemployment is the better option. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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