He's Not Your Forever Person If He Does These 6 Things When You Aren't Around

He’s Not Your Forever Person If He Does These 6 Things When You Aren’t Around

Your forever person should treat you right every second of every day. It doesn’t matter whether you’re sitting beside them or whether you’re miles away. They should stay loyal. Stay respectful. Stay true.

They’re not actually your forever person if they do these things when you aren’t in the room with them:

1. Harasses you over text. Your person should trust you. They shouldn’t be sending you interrogative texts every single time you step out of the house without them. If you say you’re out getting drinks with your friends, they should tell you to have fun. They shouldn’t guilt trip you into coming home early or quiz you about what type of outfit you’re wearing and how much you’ve been drinking. They shouldn’t be acting like you’ve done something wrong, simply because you’re having a good time without them.

2. Complains about you to anyone who will listen. Your person should be telling their friends how wonderful you are, not how annoying you are. Even though there are countless TV husbands who complain about their ball and chain, that doesn’t make that kind of talk healthy. Your person shouldn’t be badmouthing you when you leave the room. They should only have good things to say about you. If there are any complaints about the relationship, they should be talking to you about it in private, not dishing the details out to their friends.

3. Acts like they aren’t in a relationship. If your person acts like you no longer exist as soon as you leave the room, there’s a problem. They shouldn’t be acting like they’re single and flirting with everyone they see, simply because you aren’t around to catch them in the act. They should stay loyal, whether you’re watching or not. They should do the right thing, whether they’re going to get recognition or not.

4. Breaks promises. If your person promised you they would quit smoking or stop talking to someone who made you uncomfortable, that doesn’t mean they’re allowed to do it behind your back. If they’re playing by the rules when you’re around, but are doing things they swore they wouldn’t do when you aren’t around, they’re a liar. They’re purposely tricking you into thinking they’re someone they’re not.

5. Slides into DMs. The life your person leads on social media isn’t a completely separate life than the real world. They shouldn’t get a free pass, simply because they were flirting over the internet. Cheating is cheating. Besides, if they had the nerve to hit on someone on Twitter or Instagram, then it’s only a matter of time before they start doing the same thing in person. They might already be doing the same thing in person. Either way, they cannot be trusted. They don’t deserve your love and they certainly don’t deserve to be called your forever.

6. Laughs at you. Your person should support your dreams. They should encourage you to chase after what you want. If they’re nice to your face, but then turn around and make fun of the fact that you think you have a chance of succeeding, then they aren’t your forever person. Your forever person means what they say. They tell the truth. They are completely and utterly authentic. When they tell you they believe in you, they mean it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

January Nelson is a writer, editor, and dreamer. She writes about astrology, games, love, relationships, and entertainment. January graduated with an English and Literature degree from Columbia University.