X Texts Every Girl Has Thought About Sending Her Almost

50 Texts Every Girl Has Thought About Sending Her Almost

1. Have you been texting any other girls as much as you’ve been texting me?

2. Do our conversations actually mean anything to you?

3. Or are you only stringing me along because every text gives you an ego boost?

4. When are you going to ask me out on a date?

5. Are you waiting for me to make a move?

6. Are you only interested in sleeping with me?

7. Or do you only see me as a friend?

8. Is it obvious how much I like you?

9. Or are all of my signals going straight over your head?

10. Have you ever touched yourself while thinking of me?

11. Have you told your friends about me?

12. Have you told your parents about me?

13. Am I reading too far into every word you type?

14. Do you get excited when you see my name pop up on your phone?

15. Why haven’t you kissed me yet?

16. Have you thought about kissing me?

17. Are my feelings one-sided?

18. Am I wasting my time chasing after you?

19. Would you rather be with another girl?

20. Or are you still hung up on your ex?

21. Were you telling the truth when you said all those nice things to me?

22. Or were you only trying to make me feel better about myself?

23. Do you miss me when I’m not around?

24. Do you plan out what you’re going to say to me or what to wear around me?

25. Do my compliments make your day?

26. Do you fall asleep thinking about me?

27. Is it hard for you to go long without texting me?

28. Or do you forget I exist when I leave the room?

29. Am I wrong about the chemistry between us?

30. Or do you feel it too?

31. Do you feel sparks every time our skin brushes?

32. Does your heart beat faster every time I look at you?

33. Do you want the same things I want?

34. Could you picture dating me?

35. Spending the holidays together?

36. Introducing me to your family?

37. Getting to know each other through more than the phone?

38. Are you moving slow because you aren’t sure how I feel?

39. Or because you’ve been hurt before and are worried about getting your heart broken again?

40. Or is it because you aren’t actually interested in dating me?

41. If you don’t like me back, why have you been acting this way around me?

42. Why are you giving me false hope?

43. How much longer until you reveal your real feelings for me?

44. Should I be blunt and ask you on a date?

45. Would things be weird between us if you rejected me?

46. Would things be as good as I’m imagining if you said yes?

47. Am I overthinking this?

48. Should I stop texting you?

49. Should I delete your name from my phone?

50. Should I finally start moving on from you? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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