33 People Reveal The Last Straw That Ended A Serious, Committed Relationship

33 People Reveal The Last Straw That Ended A Serious, Committed Relationship  

These single men and women from Ask Reddit talk about what ruined their last relationship.

1. Kept lying about the stupidest shit. I knew if she could lie about the most mundane crap she would lie about more shit.

2. While we were arguing over a stupid thing, she took two knives from the kitchen and started to hone them by grinding them at each other.

3. She told me that I was a “cheap fuck” because I wanted to cook for her instead of taking her to Texas Roadhouse. I was so excited about a new recipe I wanted to try out.

4. She tried to manipulate me by threatening to break up, so the next day when I went to pick her up I dropped off all her shit and ended it right then and there.

5. I was raped while dating my now ex. He proceeded to cheat on me because if I got to ‘sleep with someone else’ so could he….

6. When he choked me in a non sexy way.

7. Her “jokes” finally got to me, idk if she was trying to be malicious but I was just so down on myself because of her.

8. Screaming at me in front of my mother. The woman who brought me onto this world. That was a whole new level of anger I had never felt before. I took the abuse, the constant shouting and put downs. But when he disrespected me in front of my mother. That was the final straw.

9. When she hit me. It didn’t hurt physically because she’s tiny, but it made me realize it wasn’t worth trying to fix the relationship any longer.

10. I came to the realization that I am worthy of love and that someone else will be able to love me, I don’t have to settle.

11. She got mad at me for not sending her a message on WhatsApp before she woke up.

12. This was forever ago, but he told me that he was possessed by a demon. Said demon had been talking to him at night. I nope’d out of that real quick.

I found out a few months later that he decided to go to seminary school.

13. I was having a private conversation over the phone with her but she put it on speaker for her friend to hear.

14. He stopped trying, I couldn’t even remember the last time we went on a real date. All he wanted to do was sit and do nothing. He stopped caring and so did I.

15. I was dying of the flu and asked him to get me some soup. He came back with 1 can of $0.69 soup, Venmo requested me for $1 because “money is tight right now”, then bought an $80 bottle of scotch 3 days later on Election Day, and the fucker didn’t vote because he got too drunk.

16. She told me that if we were gonna be together in the future, that she would never meet my family. She said this because I had told my mother and sisters about the constant emotional, mental, and physical abuse she had put me through since we moved in together.

17. He came home from ‘work’ and OD’d. Had no idea he was using any form of drugs. He’s alive, and alone. Bastard.

18. She told me to get a different job or she was gonna leave me. Little did she know that ultimatums will get me to drop you faster than a southern mother could butter up a bread roll.

19. I was having a health episode and since it wasn’t an emergency, I texted him (I figured he was asleep.) My best friend was up with me all night, taking care of me. When I called him in the morning and asked why he did not call or text me in the morning he said, “Your health isn’t my problem.” And I knew it was over and never could fix that.

20. He made time for me 5 times in 5 months, and forgot about me for 4 straight days. Got fuckin tired of being the only one making an effort.

21. I hadn’t shaved in a couple days. We were cuddling. He complained that the stubble on my legs was gross and pushed me away. Literally 5 minutes later, he complained that I wasn’t cuddling with him.

This may seem like a small “wtf” moment, but it was the last thing in a long list of things. This was the moment when I knew, for sure, that the problem wasn’t me. Nothing I do will ever be good enough for him.

22. He was a Trump supporter.

23. We hadn’t had sex for 9 months.

24. Got a promotion and a raise (one of the happiest moments of my life/career), and she made it about herself. Realized later than I should that she was, among other things, self-centered, so I had to end it.

25. My ex made a joke about getting married, and I realized that the thought of marrying him was repulsive. It hit me like a ton of bricks, all the shit that he did to me (controlling, verbally abusive and gaslighting) and I didn’t want to deal with it anymore.

Left a week later when he wasn’t home, I grabbed as much of my shit as I could carry and took off.

26. She couldn’t be there for me while my mom was dying of cancer.

27. The straw that broke the camel’s back was him threatening to kill my dog. I chose the dog over him.

28. Distance. She moved to Scotland and I’m still here in the east coast of the US. I was the one who broke it off, and the decision still haunts me.

I don’t know how to get her off my mind.

29. My ex had severe anxiety due to his parents’ divorce and wouldn’t allow me to hang around guys even in a group. I dealt with it for 3 years because I loved him so much. I ended it after my best friend graduated and I wasn’t allowed to go say goodbye before he left for college. I did it anyways and came back to my boyfriend having the worst panic attack I’ve ever seen.

It’s been 5 years now and we’re still great friends. He just needed help and refused to get it.

30. Threatened to sleep with my co-worker’s husband.

31. She couldn’t deal with the fact that I was sad after my brother died.

32. He got another chick pregnant.

33. The final straw you ask? I confronted him about cheating, and he started FREESTYLE RAPPING to me about how sorry he was mid argument. And it was TERRIBLE. On the bright side, I lost all feelings I had for him dead on the spot and walked away laughing. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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