30 Signs He's Too Emotionally Immature For A Serious Relationship 

30 Signs He’s Too Emotionally Immature For A Serious Relationship 

If the guy you’re interested in dating shows these red flags from Ask Reddit, he’s too immature to date.

1. Being unable to deal with your partner showing distress. If you see your partner cry and you look at them like they’re a child having a tantrum then just don’t date, please.

2. Threatening to break-up every time there is an argument/disagreement.

3. Not being able to talk honestly about sex and birth control/disease control.

4. Vaguebooking or subtweeting about your relationship instead of talking about things with you.

5. Being on your phone constantly talking to other people instead of talking with the actual person.

6. ‘Well if you won’t text me, I won’t text you.’ No communication at all. Just passive aggressive silence.

7. Not being able to buy condoms because you’re too scared/embarrassed. If they aren’t mature enough to buy contraception they’re not mature enough to rub their private areas together.

8. Never taking ownership of anything, and placing blame on everyone else.

9. Not being okay with being single for any length of time.

10. If they constantly talk about their ex despite claiming that they’re over that relationship.

11. They feel like they’re ‘owed’ a relationship and/or sex for being nice.

12. Doing the whole, “I’m a horrible boyfriend/girlfriend,” bit to get pity. Some people may do it unintentionally or because they really feel that way but if they constantly do it despite reassurance, yeah no. That’s the start of something toxic.

13. Jealousy of friends that are not a threat to your relationship. (Ex: a man or woman being jealous of their partner’s friends of the opposite sex even if they’re in a relationship of their own or are not interested in the friend romantically.)

14. If they feel the need to monitor their SO’s social media accounts.

15. Posting something online that attempts to describe all men or all women.

16. Not being able to clean up after yourself.

17. Inability to self correct or to take criticism.

18. Having a list of qualities the other person should have but never once thinking about how to better themselves or what they can bring to the relationship.

19. Deliberately trying to make the SO jealous.

20. Inability or unwillingness to look at a problem or issue through your partner’s perspective.

21. Expects the other to drop their life to be with them around the clock including their friends, family, and job.

22. Never inquiring about the other person or their life.

23. Refuses to compromise.

24. Not being willing to discuss a problem in a relationship and just breaking up instead of sitting down and talking about the problem.

25. When they’re full of themselves. “I don’t understand why people wouldn’t date ME, I mean, I have such-and-such!”

26. Getting mad at them for not texting you for two hours. People don’t realize that constant communication is not crucial to human survival and wasn’t possible for everyone until like 15 years ago.

27. Not knowing how to communicate your feelings.

28. Having a different crush every other week. If someone easily gets crushes on people without knowing them well, that IMO speaks loads about their emotional maturity.

29. Bad mouthing you to their friends during a fight instead of working through the problem with you.

30. Making the other person responsible for yourself, whether it’s about your mental or physical health, feeding habits, cleanliness or anything else.Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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