What Girls ACTUALLY Think When You Check Them Out

What Girls ACTUALLY Think When You Check Them Out

40 women reveal the first thought that runs through their head when a guy checks them out, brought to you by Ask Reddit.

1. That I’m probably overthinking it and that I shouldn’t be so conceited.

2. Oh wow somebody is interested in me, hope they’re not creepy.

3. This doesn’t happen very often but when it does I’m just thinking, “OMG OMG OMG. They register me as an actual human being that is attractive.”

4. Usually, “Suck in the gut. Act casual. Laugh like you’re in a movie. You can fart later. For now, pretend you’re a movie star that doesn’t.”

5. I usually check my appearance, to make sure I haven’t like spilled any food on my shirt, or left any on my face/stuck in my teeth etc.

6. Look around to see who he’s checking out. She might be cute.

7. “This poor man has reached rock bottom.”

8. The little glances over the phone or book are very sweet and flattering. I find it super endearing if I catch him staring and he quickly looks away. It makes me smile and blush. It is a nice feeling when someone is attracted to you. BUT if the person is straight up leering, not breaking eye contact, and smiling like an evil clown that is a BIG CREEPY NOPE!

9. Please please don’t talk to me (mainly because I can’t handle social interactions like that).

10. How would I know if an individual “checks me out”? I know if an individual looks in my direction, but that can be for any reason; they would have to make it pretty obvious.

It’s not like they’re looking at you with Anakin-rapey-eyes or whatever; sometimes other individuals look in my direction, for all I know they are “checking me out”; they could also just be interested what type of coat I’m wearing or be in awe of the 97mm wheels under my skateboard. I kind of feel that individuals that feel they are being “checked out” just automatically assume the intent most favorable for their ego.

11. It depends on the context. If I’m just walking around a mall during the day and I see a guy look me up and down, I usually feel flattered. If I’m walking home alone at night and a guy did the same thing, I’d feel uncomfortable and scared.

12. A guy has to be obvious to the point of rudeness for me to notice, so I get annoyed.

13. I immediately assess threat level… maybe just for safety reasons at first? Is he creepy, cocky, or just a confident dude? If a guy is just checking me out, it’s flattering as long as he’s not flat out staring or undressing me with his eyes. If a guy looks flustered when you notice him, that can be endearing–even more so if he can gather the confidence to talk to you. The guy who is confident enough to look at you but looks like he can respectfully take no for an answer gets all the points. Politeness helps in this regard. And physical attractiveness is obviously important for both men and women, but how you come off initially can make you that much more or less attractive.

14. If they seem nice, I’ll appreciate it. If they seem creepy, I feel dirty and want to leave asap. It doesn’t matter if they’re ugly or not. I’ve had ridiculously good looking guys check me out and they were super creepy. And unattractive guys check me out, but they seemed nice so whatever. You can tell usually from intuition.

15. Well I have low self esteem so normally I think, “What’s wrong with me??”

16. Honestly, I really dislike being approached in general, so most of the time it’s, “Oh god, T-20 seconds to awkward let down.” Basically, I have to balance being polite about saying no, but also not too nice to give guys any ideas that it’s fine to keep talking to me.

17. “Is he looking at me?”

“Maybe I should smile at him”

Then I proceed to ignore him because I’m stupid.

18. Basically I am so fatigued from guys checking me out that I am a stone cold bitch about it. For the record, I am not even ‘hot’ I am slightly overweight and have resting bitch face. I feel really sorry for attractive women because it’s not all men who openly ogle, just a fucking lot of them.

19. Feel uncomfortable and get out of his sight.

20. I’d be screaming in my head the whole time and think, “Please go away.” Due to anxiety.

21. Usually flattered unless it feels creepy. Like, don’t stare or touch yourself.

22. I don’t ever assume they’re checking me out. I’ll look behind me to see what cool shit I’m missing out on.

23. I wonder why because I don’t consider my self that attractive

24. Flattered or indifferent 25% of the time. Creeped out/annoyed 75% of the time. Hoping they don’t talk to me 98% of the time.

25. I think, “Oh, I’m being checked out. Okay.” Being checked out doesn’t affect me either positively or negatively really. If I’m being full on leered at I generally ask, “Can I fucking help you?” unless the guy gives off an “I’ll follow you home and kill you” vibe. Then I just feel disgusted and walk away while making sure I’m not followed.

26. He’s got good taste.

27. If a guy my age checks me out? That would be a real shocker. In the past I’ve just brushed it off, later realizing they were actually interested in me but I was just too blind to see that.

But, grown men who check me out… I give them the most stank face I could possibly make. It’s kind of my defense mechanism for “don’t mess with me.”

28. I usually feel good about my appearance for the rest of the day.

29. “Nah, he’s not actually checking me out.”

30. Depends on the situation. Recently a guy leaned over the hood of the car I was in to get a quick look at my chest. I was disgusted and thought he was a disrespectful asshole. Which was unfortunate BC he could’ve been quite cute if he hadn’t done that. It depends on whether you’re being a sleaze or not.

31. I hope he isn’t going to approach me and interrupt my day. I’m at Home Depot to buy things, not make new friends (for some reason that’s the location where I notice the most overt stares).

32. Instant worry about being followed.

33. Look away look away please look away no thank you please stare at something else look a pigeon, stare at that instead.

34. I usually don’t notice. If I notice then the guy is being way too obvious and he likely needs to tone it down.

35. If a guy is flirting with me, he tends to stare me in the eyes for slightly longer than how much he should. This can happen in any context, and by doing it he is saying, “I’ve noticed you and I like you,” and he is looking if you are interested too by exchanging glances. It doesn’t bother me and I think it’s pretty cute.

Now, to the bad part. It’s rare that a girl likes to be checked out in her daily life, because we don’t like to feel like we are sexual objects every freaking moment and yadda yadda. We do make an exception (not all of us, not always) if the context is a party or another nightlife activity, like in a bar and so on, because we may be there to flirt as well and that kind of stuff is more expected

36. Depends if I’m attracted to him or not. I usually get 30+ year old men. I’m 18, so it creeps me out and I usually change direction or go a way he can’t see me anymore, which usually works. A few times I’ve been followed though.🤮

If I am attracted to him I usually give him a look back of some sort, casual flirting with the

37. Personally depends on what I feel like the intentions are. Do you want to buy me a drink and have a conversation because you think I’m cute? Or do you want to follow me to my car, drag me into an alley, and peel my skin off for your collection?

38.  plsdont’tcomeoverplsdon’tcomeoverplsdon’tcomeover

39. If a guy is looking at me I’m more inclined to believe he thinks I look weird or that something has happened to my clothes, e.g. ripped or smudged. Him thinking I look nice is in my head so unlikely that I don’t usually consider it as a possibility.

40. If I catch a quick glance or a brief whimsical stare, it’s very flattering. It perks my day up a little.

Catching someone actively and dedicatedly staring makes me deeply uncomfortable and, depending on the setting, unsafe. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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