You Might Accidentally Be Chasing Guys Away By Doing These 33 Things On The First Date

You Might Accidentally Be Chasing Guys Away By Doing These 33 Things On The First Date

If all the guys you’re interested in run away after the first date, it might have something to do with these red flags mentioned on Ask Reddit.

1. She can’t take her eyes off her phone for more than 10 seconds.

2. Making comments to imply that she wants a worshipper/gift giver instead of a partner. If you don’t see a SO as an equal, it’s a bad sign.

3. Shit talking. Could be friends, ex-boy(girl)friends, the service at the restaurant you’re at.

4. Talk about how much she wants kids. Let’s enjoy a meal together before we start talking about our family plans, okay?

5. Automatically ordering the most expensive thing on the menu if they are not splitting the bill.

6. She never bothers to engage in small talk during the date AT ALL and any attempt on your part is only met with single-word answers.

7. Diverting conversation to talk overly about themselves – even on topics not about them.

8. Talking about an ex. Save that for later. Talking about how men are assholes is a close second.

9. Being late with no notice. Come on people, you can’t honestly expect a first impression to go well if you show lack of consideration from the very beginning.

10. If ever a woman jokes about what hard work she is, politely see out he rest of the date then run for the fucking hills.

11. Bringing up crazy things she did to guys in past relationships. It doesn’t make me think you’re “savage” or cool, it makes me think that’s going to happen to me.

12. Checking out other guys with their eyes while still actually talking to you.

13. If they start complaining about having to walk a short way when together. I get it if they’re wearing heels but if we plan to go to a restaurant, walk around a bit then see a movie and 200 meters into the walking they start complaining then it’s just not going to work out.

14. Not trying to maintain eye contact (while not being socially awkward, this one is context-dependent).

15. If she brags about how much she can drink.

16. Smoking, for me. I’d prefer not to have to deal with the taste/smell of cigarettes personally.

17. Body odor.

18. Being dead serious about horoscopes.

19. Grilling the server endlessly about ALL the ingredients in menu items; sending them to ask the cook.

20. If she solely talks about herself, and never asks questions about you.

21. Being obsessed with what you ordered for food.

22. “I want a man who treats me like a queen.” Usually code for “I want someone to live and die for my happiness so I can be selfish forever.” No thanks.

23. Constantly badmouthing people.

24. Caring more about money or superficial BS than the man she’s on a date with.

25. Treating waitstaff like garbage. You could be Gal Gadot-level hot, but if you treat someone badly who can’t fight back for fear of losing their job, it’s a no from me.

26. If she’s only there for free food/coffee/drinks/whatever.

I’m all for paying for a girl on a date, especially if it was me who asked her out in the first place. But not bringing any money with you, then acting as though you’re only interested in the free stuff is a huge turn off.

27. If a woman describes wanting to be “courted” by a man, she is probably high maintenance as fuck. Just my experience.

28. Chewing with their mouth open…

29. Talks about her ex-boyfriend, A LOT.

30. Ridiculing things you said.

31. Some of the first questions they ask you are how much do you earn, what car do you drive, where do you live, do you own or rent.

32. Lying about their appearance or age before a blind date.

33. “I’m not like other girls.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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