The Toxic Trait Each Zodiac Sign Brings Into Relationships

The Toxic Trait Each Zodiac Sign Brings Into Relationships


You’re impulsive and don’t think about how your actions will impact your partner before you say and do certain things.


You’re a sore loser. You guilt trip people into giving you what you want and whine when you don’t get what you want.


You’re spoiled. You expect your person to do everything for you without bothering to do anything in return.


You suck at confrontation. You hate apologizing and rarely take responsibility for your own actions. You just pretend like everything is fine.


You have jealousy issues and find it hard to be supportive of your partner.


You pay more attention to your texts and work emails than to the person you’re out with at dinner.


You tell a lot of little white lies in order to please others and avoid arguments.


You are super defensive and always try to shift the blame onto the other person.


You’re a flirt and have a hard time sticking to commitments you’ve made.


You detach easily. When you’re upset, you shut down instead of expressing your emotions.


You can get lazy in relationships. When someone lets you get away with hardly lifting a finger, you’ll take advantage of it.


You’re manipulative. You know when to cry to get your way. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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