How Each Zodiac Sign Is Disgustingly Adorable In A Relationship 

How Each Zodiac Sign Is Disgustingly Adorable In A Relationship 


You post a million kissing and hugging and sitting-on-his-lap pictures on social media.


You wear matching pajamas and drink from matching mugs.


You’re joined at the hip. You go everywhere together, even the grocery store.


No matter where you are — walking down the street or driving in your car — you’re always holding hands.


You use cheesy nicknames in public (that are inside jokes no one else understands).


You share food. And clothes. And pretty much everything else.


You finish each other’s sentences. And always talk about we, not me.


You eat food from their plate and sip from their beer without needing to ask.


You have a picture of your person as the background on your phone screen. And you have a picture of the two of you together as your profile picture on every single social media site.


You are all over each other, engaging in massive PDA, whenever you leave the house.


You reblog a million articles about how you’ve found your forever person.


You baby talk with each other. Even if other people are listening. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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