Attention Whores, Here Are Some Healthy Ways To Get More Attention

Attention Whores, Here Are Some Healthy Ways To Get More Attention

The next time you need attention, try one of these tricks from Ask Reddit.

1. Community service. The more you do it the more people in your town/city will recognize you and give you attention all while doing a good deed.

2. Learn to bake and bring treats to work or class every week. You’ll be canonized as a saint.

3. You can just… ask for it? That’s what I do if I’m lonely. I tell my husband I’m lonely and I ask if we can spend time together or something.

4. Greet everybody you walk by. Get creative in it as well.

5. Practice your painting and drawing skills. I don’t know why, but being able to draw well got me a lot of positive attention throughout my life.

6. Volunteer at an animal shelter, petting cats and walking dogs. They love to give attention and it helps out.

7. Outdoor hobbies. Whether I’m fishing, foraging or rock collecting there’s always someone who wants to ask me about what I’m doing.

8. Play an instrument. Join a band. Bandmates will become close friends and helping people have a good time feels great.

9. Host an event, like a dinner party or potluck. Make something easy that you know how to make as the main course. Everyone loves a host.

10. Get good at something and share social media posts about it. Don’t post dumbass pics of food you’re eating, post pics about food you’re cooking.

11. Mentorship. If there’s something you’re good at, reaching out to a local community is easier than ever, and helping out someone who’s trying to learn is one of the simplest ways to feel better about yourself, and have a net-positive impact on people.

12. Go outside with a dog. For even more attention, a cat on a harness.

13. Start up a unique hobby. Cross stitching to keep my hands busy gets me more attention than having blue hair.

14. Bring gum to class/work.

15. People like to talk about themselves, so all you have to do is get good at asking them questions.

16. Learn piano. Find a piano in a public place. Play piano.

17. Wear something that makes you really stand out. Nothing healthier than wearing something wacky occasionally.

18. Become very talented in something, be it your profession, sports, poetry, music, etc. And even if you’re just starting out and you’re not that talented at whatever it is, show dedication and passion for it. I know I certainly would give encouragement and respect to a person I see working to achieve.

19. Make origami and give the pieces away.

20. Remember names and follow up if someone tells you something about their life! A quick “so how was that baseball game you mentioned?” will do the trick. People love feeling cared for and important.

21. Actually post good content.

22. Own a cute pupper.

23. Dye your hair.

24. Give a compliment.

25. Humor. Who doesn’t want to pay attention to someone that’ll make them laugh??

26. Dress nicer than everyone else.

27. Eat healthy and your body will notice.

28. Spend more time talking and hanging out with the people you seek attention from.

29. Run shirtless (if you’re a guy). You’ll get attention while staying healthy.

30. Start investing in yourself, in your body, style, nutrition, hobbies, like just do stuff that fills your heart and your soul. People will see your self esteem boost up like a rocket and start to question why you’re always in such a good mood, and it’s simply because you love yourself. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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