33 Unromantic ‘How Couples First Met’ Stories That Weirdly Worked Out

33 Unromantic ‘How Couples First Met’ Stories That Weirdly Worked Out

These stories from Ask Reddit prove that perfect relationships don’t always start out romantic.

1. My folks met when they ran for cover in the same spot during a drive-by shooting.

2. I was donating blood and I hit it off with the lady next to me. She seemed to like my weird sense of humor and I think our blood bags touched.

3. I met my wife in 1989, in psychiatric hospital. Married for 29 years now…

4. I asked her out to lunch after we moved a corpse that we had just wrapped up together, for context we’re both nurses.

5. My dog got her dog pregnant.

I don’t know how those two met because he’s often chilling in my fenced backyard (without a leash, only a collar with my number in it) so he must have escaped and had a good time AND come back all in under one hour. One day she called me and yelled at me for not neutering him and let him roam freely. I yelled back at her for not spaying her dog and told her that my boy isn’t walking around on the streets freely. We had a big argument about everything, my dog is the only one who could have gotten hers pregnant so I couldn’t just do nothing.

We talked it out and fell in love shortly after the puppies came.

6. Have same first name and last names one letter off. Keep getting each other’s mail.

7. I met my wife at an orgy. Well, she was leaving an orgy, and we bumped into each other on the street. Real meet cute.

8. I got his number from a classmate so I could ask him if he knew where I could find weed, didn’t even know his name at the time.

9. I was a stripper and he was a customer. He’s hot so I asked him if he wanted to come over when my shift was done and he basically never left.

10. Met at a homeless shelter. We hit it off, got back on our feet, got a place together, getting married.

11. He used to sell my housemates weed in college.

12. My ex-wife introduced us.

13. We met at a BDSM party. It was love at first bite.

14. I started DMing her on Instagram, and then she invited me out to her birthday dinner.

15. We were lifeguards. Had our first date since we had extra time. Pool closed early as someone shit in it.

This was In 1998. Still going strong. I owe my relationship to incontinence.

16. We met at a cheap bar in Tallahassee the night before a funeral, and her boyfriend had cheated on her the night before, so I was her revenge sex.

Been together almost 4 years now.

17. He superliked me on Tinder.

18. We met while both of us were getting treatment in a behavioral hospital. He has PTSD and I’m bipolar.

19. I am an artist, and I met my girlfriend on the street to sell her a painting.

20. I had to drive her home from school because she missed the bus. We were both in high school.

21. I asked her for a dollar because I was broke and trying to get beer.

22. I was her trainer at Walmart.

23. Got dragged to a party on a Thursday night and blacked out. I apparently made out with her, got her number, and made her text me after she got home that night. I remember none of it.

24. Was at my favorite bar and I approached this girl.

Me: I see you have some chili cheese fries.

Her: Yes, would you like some?

Me: Yes!

Been married for almost 15 years now.

25. One-night-stand. Married now, of course.

26. My husband and I met while he was dating one of my friends in high school. Whoops.

To my credit, they broke up after she cheated on him multiple times, so I don’t feel like I violated girl code too badly.

27. We both joined a group to play D&D together. He was a halfling rogue, I was a human barbarian. In the first session he climbed on my shoulders to spear some foe in the throat and then on my next turn I attempted to assist him up onto the roof of the small hut next to us. I rolled a natural 1 and basically punted him into a wall for some ridiculous amount of damage. Oops.

We’ve been married for 5 years and have 2 kids (well, almost, I’m very pregnant right now).

28. She tripped on the gutter. While everyone around her helped her, I just stood there trying to contain my laugh.

She still tells this story to other people up to this day.

29. Craigslist.

I was new in town, didn’t know many people. I put an ad up looking for someone to go explore and do weird shit – like put googly eyes on things.

She answered, we emailed back and forth a few times. Met. Hung out. It was really relaxed. Then about 3 weeks later we realized it was more than that.

30. Added my wife on Facebook 11 years ago because I thought she was hot. She popped up in a friend’s pictures and I was like “damn, nice” and now I wake up in the same bed as her and I say “Damn, nice” every single day.

31. He was drunk. An acquaintance and I went to pick him and another friend up to go out to a club. We’ve been together almost 15 and 1/2 years married 13.

Even his proposal was not very romantic. We were in our backyard getting ready to barbecue and he asked me if I would marry him. First thing out of my mouth was: “Are you sure?”

It totally works for us though.

32. Working at a residential treatment center for emotionally disturbed adolescents.

There was a riot on campus. It took two shifts of staff to get the kids quieted down and back in bed. We were supposed to get off work at 11pm but were there until 1am.

Guy I was working with was friends with my roommate. So after we got off, I said, “I’m going home to get drunk. Want to come?”

That was 42 years ago. We’ve been married for 37 years and have two adult children.

33. We had Spanish class together and we were both shy. So when we picked partners for projects/assignments we were always the last two who didn’t have partners. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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