33 Airbnb Horror Stories That Will Convince You To Lock Strangers Out Of Your Home

33 Airbnb Horror Stories That Will Convince You To Lock Strangers Out Of Your Home

These stories from Ask Reddit are horrifying!

1. Rented our holiday cabin out to come back to a disgusting smell of death, I don’t know how else to describe it but we found 6 dead deer dragged underneath the house and like propped up to look demonic. We rented it out to 5, 20 year old boys. Would love to know what really happened that weekend.

2. Relative of mine has an AirBnb – Tenant decided they didn’t like the place for some reason and took a can of emergency bear mace and sprayed all over the AirBnB before leaving.

Relative had to clean the place, eyes stinging the whole time, before a new AirBnb Tenant was to show up the next day.

3. My mom went to bed, my dad came upstairs later to find her fast asleep with the airbnb guest also fast asleep NEXT TO HER IN BED. Seems he sleep walked into her bed. Didn’t even remember it the next day.

4. Someone saw a bug and trashed the entire place screaming at 3 am. A. Bug.

5. Organized a massive drug deal and got raided by a rival gang. My partner currently manages about 15 AirBnB’s, we occasionally get assorted crazies, but the most recent incident was a doozy. Basically, from what we can work out, it was booked by a gang (about 7-10 of them, apparently) of drug dealers from another major city, who travelled over to distribute product to local dealers.

At some point after lots of coming and going, a rival gang turned up, kicked the front door in and attacked them all, and I can only assume stole the drugs in question. Blood everywhere, smashed furniture, ambulances and a hell of a lot of police then ensued. Even though the police went through the place and searched it, we still ended up with some free weed, so it wasn’t all bad.

6. Found a web cam in the bathroom. Not well hidden, can’t really prove which guest it was, but it scared the **** out of me because I’d probably be liable if a guest found it.

7. They managed to get champagne on the ceiling, weed in the carpet and hid used condoms under all the beds (that future guests found).

8. Steal the cable for the tv. The next guests asked about the tv not working, and upon inspection we found that the physical cable from the tv to the cable was missing – taken by the previous guests.

9. Hid a large bag of cocaine behind a pipe under my bathroom sink. Do-gooder Plumber found it and called the police. I ended up serving six months because of two prior crack convictions I had ten years earlier.

10. I had a guest get so drunk at a wedding that he lost control of his bladder while sleeping. Then, after 100% ruining a $2000 mattress refused to cover the damages beyond his $100 security deposit. He thought that absolved him of any responsibility.

He said, “I had an accident.”

“No,” I replied, “Five year olds have accidents. You’re a grown man with a drinking problem.”

11. Not my house, but my family stayed at a large AirBnB for my wedding. My one brother’s girlfriend (who is 23) got period blood all over the bed and instead of owning up to it and washing the sheets or replacing them, she made the bed and hid it. That shit is nasty and irresponsible.

12. I rented out a 5 bedroom home for a family vacation. My sister wanted to invite her bff and I said no problem but she is sleeping either with you or on the floor… Her friend ended up stealing of all things the pillows and I didn’t find out until I was charged for 3 pillows. Pissed me off. Made us seem like some low life thieves.

13. My friend has an Air BnB and told me one time this lady took a massive toilet clogging shit in the bathroom connected to his room because she didn’t feel comfortable in the guest bathroom.

14. Parked his car, with the bumper touching my garage door. I always use the garage door, I opened it up with his bumper pretty much almost detached. Airbnb reimbursed me for a brand new garage door.

15. The first guests that my dad had when renting out his place used the luxurious white towels to wipe their ass.

16. The second time this family rented my beach house I got a call that there were no sheets and towels provided. They didn’t bring any and we don’t provide them – it’s clearly stated. I asked: “The last time you stayed there did you bring sheets and towels?” Her answer: “Well, yes.” They didn’t rent from us again.

17. My mom runs an AirBNB and while this isn’t awful, the last people that left left chip crumbs EVERYWHERE. In the beds, on the couch, on the floor, etc. And then when we swept and cleaned everything up we also found bacon in all of these places. Cooked bacon. Just left behind the TV, near the couch, in the bedroom. Why? How?

18. Someone jacked off and forgot to clean up before they left.

19. I had a guest demand I pay a parking ticket they got parking on the street during street sweeping. I even had in my house manual what the street sweeping days/ times were and had given them a parking pass for the street but advised them of the times. They weren’t paying attention, got a ticket, and raised hell demanding I pay it. I kicked them out instead and refunded their remaining nights.

20. Had a recent guest light a full on fire in the decorative fireplace. Didn’t end well.

21. He went and stole our ps4 and games.

22. The room was an absolute mess after the guests checked out, they even took a vacuum cleaner.

23. I had a friend who used to AirBnb her one bedroom apartment. One day when she returned the place was a mess like there had been a rager. There were a bunch of full garbage bags left so she peaked inside one to see what kind of party there had been. She found a Costco-sized box of enemas all used.

She never used AirBnb again. Her poor cat was a witness to the butt sex orgy.

24. My girlfriend and I went backpacking through South America for 3 weeks over the summer and we Air B&B’ed our apartment to a super nice Greek couple. I guess in Greece their plumbing system isn’t that great, so they weren’t accustomed to flushing toilet paper down the drain. The smell hit us the second we walked through the door and we just ended up throwing away the bathroom trash can and all its contents. I wouldn’t necessarily call it rude/fucked up, but just one of those weird cultural differences.

25. A guest once rearranged all the furniture to suit them, including putting our suede dining chairs in the very roomy shower.

In doing so, they broke our 300lb glass coffee table too.

All the books they moved into the mud room.

Just weird.

26. Not a host, but previously worked as a case manager. Host contacted us about a disgusting scenario. Guest invited his squad, though he only rented for himself. Left without notice. Shit was smeared on the bathroom door, cocaine lines were on the kitchen counter, sofa was split in half and the worst of all, refrigerator was missing. Guest deactivated his account and can’t be reached from our side. Had to escalate to the legal department as the police were involved.

27. Not me personally but there was an article in the newspaper of my hometown about an Air B&B that was turned into a brothel for about two weeks. When the owner returned home he still had men show up at his door looking for the girls.

28. When I used to work for Airbnb, my job was to meet hosts and talk to them in person about their experience. One guy told me how some dude locked himself in the room he was renting and wouldn’t come out for days. The host eventually called the cops to have the guy removed because he overstayed his visit and wasn’t opening the door. When he finally was removed, the host found feathers everywhere. He couldn’t figure out where they were coming from until he opened the closet door and saw blood and more feathers smeared all over the wall. Dude had been practicing voodoo or santeria or something in the closet, sacrificing chickens.

29. Only rented a few times. Nothing rude, but I had a no-show once. They never cancelled and I kept their money. I would have refunded had they messaged me with even the slightest excuse… but nope, just never heard from them at all. It was weird.

30. Pre-AirBnB, my grandparents would rent out their house for the Winter while they were in Florida. The last time they did this the tenant turned out to be a drug dealer and escort and let’s just say that Grandma’s bed was never the same.

31. Leave man-panties in the bathroom.

32. I’ve never done air bnb but a good friend of mine had an incident when renting out his place. I guess the people they rented it out to invited friends over and some drunk people came over in different cars and one of the guests ran over their cat. Then they picked up the cat and moved it to make it seem like they didn’t do it.

Air bnb wasn’t helpful at all. The people denied it and they basically took their side.

33. I had a guest opening my bedroom door at 5:30 in the morning and asking me if he could sleep with me in my bed. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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