33 Introverts On What Type Of Social Interaction Drains Them The Most 

33 Introverts On What Type Of Social Interaction Drains Them The Most 

If you’re an introvert, you might relate to these things from Ask Reddit.

1. Arguments can drain me from 100% to 0 real fast.

2. One sided conversations. The first moment they talk over me or interrupt and don’t “sorry I interrupted what were you saying” me, my battery drains instantly.

3. Unexpected people at a gathering, or many people coming and going. I hate having unexpected strangers in my house, it instantly takes away the feeling of it being my safe zone.

4. Work. Customer service has made my skin crawl since day 1, but it pays the bills.

5. Running into an old friend you’ve grown distant from. Like, do we acknowledge each other and have a full on conversation or do we just do the head nod and move on?

6. One on one interaction where I’m sort of in charge. Any time I’m leading around a new hire or intern at work and need to take them around all day, take them to lunch, etc. Exhausting. Being on point and being responsible for another person’s experience of their day is just so much pressure.

7. Really any time that plans change. I am normally pretty good at social gatherings and things like that, so long as I prepare for them. But if something I don’t expect happens, or things don’t go according to plan, I start to shut down pretty quick.

8. Having to engage in small talk really wears me down. Like two sentences in and I’m exhausted. I love deep conversations but small talk just kills my soul.

9. “Let’s go around the room and everyone say a little something about themselves!”

10. ‘Hey let’s get a drink, you and me.’


At the pub:

‘Oh, when I said “just you and me” I actually meant “you, me and my friend from uni that you don’t know, but with whom I go way back and will talk to all night while ignoring you.”’

11. When I’m at a party with my husband where I don’t know anyone, and he has to leave to get beer, go to the bathroom, help someone else, etc.

12. An overly happy person. To the point where you think they are either faking it or wonder if they are actually that happy.

13. Going to Walmart. Specifically Walmart and only Walmart. That place drains my very soul. I can go in happy, energetic, and social and leave wanting to slit my wrists in the parking lot while yelling at whoever was unlucky enough to come with me.

14. Family gatherings.

15. A sudden, unexpected and unplanned invitation to someone’s house or party or whatever. I need time to prepare mentally and such.

16. Malls. I hate malls.

17. Anyone yelling at me, I just black out and have no idea what I said.

18. Sitting at a long table at an event. I always end up at the end where there are more people I don’t know, and it’s too awkward to get up and stand down near the end where I do know people or shout across other people to make conversation.

19. Hair salon. I have long hair so I’m there from 1-3 hours depending on the service I’m having done. I force myself to talk to my hair stylist so he/she doesn’t get bored.

20. Grocery shopping. For whatever reason, thats the bane of my existence. I hate feeling like I’m holding up the line, feeling like people judge me for every purchase I make, then looking awkward bagging the groceries and taking them home… I legitimately almost only go grocery shopping when it’s dark and raining so that nobody is there, and I’ve gone days without eating anything because I was too anxious of going.

21. Any activity that requires my participation to be upbeat and ‘into it’.

22. Job interviews, especially when they are longer than 30 minutes.

23. Messing up mid sentence and struggling to correct yourself.

24. Dealing with kids. I mean I love them, but damn they’re exhausting.

25. Waitresses flirting for tips.

26. Listening to someone boast. Being on the receiving end of an extrovert monologuing, in a social situation where I need to play along / be friendly and engaged for whatever reason.

27. When people say something snide and I can’t for the life of me tell if they were joking/sarcastic or serious.

28. “Why are you shy? Why don’t you talk?”

29. First day of a new school.

30. My children’s friends’ parties. Forced interaction with all my kid’s friends’ parents drains me.

31. “Helpful Advice” that is really just a bunch of judgements of your life choices in disguise.

32. Office team building exercises.

33. Anywhere where there is loud noise or a lot of noise. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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