30 Signs You're Trying Way Too Hard

30 Signs You’re Trying Way Too Hard

If you’re doing all these things mentioned on Ask Reddit you might be trying a little too hard.

1. Relentless social media posts of them “having fun”. Also, #blessed.

2. Constantly trying to be the loudest person in the room, because attention = happiness.

3. Repeating a joke for a second time after it didn’t land the first time. Yikes.

4. Posting videos and images of themselves having extreme emotional reactions. Not posting something as part of an extreme emotional reaction, but taking a picture/video of themselves supposedly having an extreme emotional reaction. Okay, so you were super devastated or excited or pumped or whatever – but you held off on reacting long enough to take a selfie?

5. Buying clothes out of their price limit just to flex and then living paycheck to paycheck to get that money back.

6. They agree with everything anyone is saying. Always. Agreeing. I have a coworker who does this and it drives me BONKERS.

7. When they constantly need validation on what they do.

“Did you see what I did?” “Yea, I did.” “Pretty awesome, huh? It was great, wasn’t it?”

8. Non-stop texting when you haven’t answered their latest text.

9. Using vocabulary when they’re not clear on what the words mean.

10. Relentless posts of a couple kissing, constantly talking about how great their relationship is, etc. Every couple I’ve known who did this had a terrible, toxic relationship. Good relationships speak for themselves.

11. Refusing any help.

12. Laughing way too loud.

13. Apologizing beforehand or giving excuses to a joke/story they are about to tell. Calm down man, not everything needs to be the funniest/best thing we’ve heard.

14. Randomly dropping the dollar value of things into conversation.

15. Messaging me without fail each time I’m on Facebook or messenger every day (I’m guessing it shows active status).

16. When they agree with EVERYTHING you say.


18. They lie about something. You find out they lied. You find evidence. You confront them. And they still don’t change their story.

19. Everything is always a competition. Every time they fall behind in something that only they see as a competition, they immediately present all their carefully pre-considered excuses. Nobody cares, dude, just chill the fuck out.

20. Liking your own posts.

21. When people downplay or hate on popular things in society just to be “different.”

22. Grabbing at your attention. Tapping at you, slapping, yelling etc.

23. Posting too much on social media.

24. When people say something and then say, “Don’t you agree?” more than once.

25. When they laugh at all your jokes, even the terrible ones!

26. Trying to reach you via 3 different social media channels.

27. Wearing a minidress and heels at a casual shindig.

28. When he/she tries to make someone look bad just so he/she feels better about something.

29. When they try to fit into the different cliques around them. Like they’ll change their behavior and speech to fit into that specific group. It gets to the point where you’re not even sure what their real personality, likes and dislikes, hobbies, etc are.

30. Posturing. When another metal head sees that I’m also into metal, and immediately tries to strike up a conversation (which being pretty reserved, I typically invite and enjoy) but only so they can try to out-metal me. Like, the only reason they walked up to me and opened their beer hole is to make sure I know that they have a deeper appreciation for the music than me. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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