What People Are Saying About ‘It: Chapter 2’

The first batch of fans have seen It: Chapter 2 and so far, there have been a mixed bag of emotions. Here are a few of the common compliments (and complaints) that have been made about the highly anticipated Stephen King film.

There are too many comedic parts and not enough edge-of-your-seat scary parts.

If you’re going to the film, expecting to be filled with terror, then you might leave the theater disappointed. Apparently, there aren’t that many jump scares or truly terrifying moments throughout the film. And some people are saying there aren’t nearly enough scenes with Pennywise.

Bill Hader deserves an Emmy for his performance.

You first saw Bill Hader on SNL, but lately he’s been taking on more dramatic roles. He did a phenomenal job in The Skeleton Twins and moved onto creating one of the best shows on television, Barry. Now, he’s killing it (no pun intended) as the grownup version of Finn Wolfhard’s character.

There’s too much emphasis on the old cast and not enough on the new.

Instead of developing the older versions of characters, the film spends a lot of time showing flashbacks of those characters when they were children. It seems like an odd choice considering the entire first part of It revolved around the kids. We already know their history. We already know their personalities.

The villain doesn’t always make sense.

As much as everyone loves Pennywise (and Bill Skarsgård’s portrayal as him) there are some questions about his behavior. As some fans were wondering during the first movie, why isn’t Pennywise killing anyone? There are moments when it seems like he could easily murder again, but he doesn’t make a move. It’s a bit confusing.

It’s a pretty long film.

Even though there was a part one, part two isn’t exactly short and sweet. This movie lasts for two hours and forty-five minutes. And unfortunately, some people are saying it feels like two hours and forty-five minutes.

Overall, it captures the Stephen King novel well.

People had super high expectations for this film. It’s natural for some critics to feel disappointed. That doesn’t mean the movie isn’t worth watching. It’s still a great take on a classic story. It’s still worth seeing with a bucket of popcorn.

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