45 Hilarious Responses When Your Friend Has An Ugly Baby

45 Hilarious Responses When Your Friend Has An Ugly Baby

These people from Ask Reddit have tips on what to say around an ugly baby.

1. Put it back in! It’s not done yet!

2. Aww, what a cute condom ad!

3. Someday she’s going to make a bunch of cats very happy.

4. Don’t worry, you can have another one.

5. It must be really nice to know that no one will try to steal your baby.

6. Oh well, better luck next time I guess.

7. Awe that’s such a cute… Outfit!

8. I’m sure they’ll have beautiful handwriting.

9. Thank you for your support for the plastic surgery industry.

10. He looks like Caillou.

11. Who’s the father? E.T?

12. Is that his ass or his face?

13. Must have been a traumatic birthing.

14. Aww look at what you made!

15. Cute dog, where’s the baby?

16. Your baby is beautiful… in its own way.

17. Your offspring is off-putting.

18. Aww they look just like you.

19. Aww, your baby has the perfect face for radio!

20. This one is broken, go make a new one.

21. Did you get that thing in area 51?

22. This one does not spark joy.

23. Did you drop him or something?

24. That kid’s got potential.

25. Bless its heart!

26. Ahhh what a shame.

27. Now THAT’S a baby.

28. The baby is breathtaking.

29. “Wanna hold it?” “No thanks.”

30. Is his he/she from Mars?

31. Your baby has very distinct features. A gift and a curse one could say…

32. Wow, it’s got such a great personality!

33. Does he mark his own territory?

34. Your child is very similar to you.

35. You guys gonna name it Quasi?

36. Your son/daughter has a face only a mother could love.

37. The shaved cat is cool and all. But seriously, where’s the baby?

38. Aww, what a lovely name.

39. My baby was ALSO ugly when he/she was born.

40. Aww he has your eyes, your feet, and your unforgivable UGLINESS.

41. It looks like a Picasso painting.

42. She looks like a potato.


44. Why are you pushing Gollum around in a stroller?

45. I’m sure they’ll grow into a beautiful/handsome young adult. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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