Why You're Jealous Of Each Zodiac (And Why You Shouldn't Be)

Why You’re Jealous Of Each Zodiac (And Why You Shouldn’t Be)


You assume they don’t let anything get to them because they act like they DGAF, but beneath their hard exterior they’re soft and vulnerable. They cry more than you think.


You assume their relationships are perfect because they only have good things to say about their partners, but you’re missing all of the nasty arguments they keep hidden behind closed doors.


You’re jealous of them because they always seem to live in the present and enjoy the moment. But you don’t realize how much it stresses them out that they don’t have a plan for their future, they don’t know what they want.


You assume their life is perfect because they never complain about anything, but really, they internalize all of their pain because they don’t want to be a burden to their loved ones.


You’re jealous of how much they seem to love themselves because you don’t realize they’re only putting on a show. In private, they’re just as insecure as you are.


You assume they have all their shit together because of how organized and professional they act, but really, they spend most of their time scrambling around trying to get everything on their to-do list done.


You’re jealous of them because they always look so perfect, but you don’t realize how much time they put into their appearance. It takes them hours to leave the house. Their looks don’t come as easily as you think.


You assume they don’t have any problems because they’re always joking around and smiling, but they’ve been lying about being fine. They don’t air their issues. They keep their suffering private.


You’re jealous of them because they’re always spending money on fancy clothes or flying across the country on vacation. But you don’t realize how long it took them to save up for those luxuries. They didn’t get their earnings handed to them.


You’re jealous of them because you assume nothing bothers them, but you never see how fired up they get when they’re alone. You never see how many emotions are hidden behind the mask they wear in public.


You assume they’re successful and living the good life, but you don’t realize how much effort they have to put in every single day in order to maintain that life. You don’t realize how close they are to burning out.


You assume they have the perfect life because of the way they portray themselves on social media, but you don’t know the stories behind the pictures they posted — or how long it took them to pose and edit those pictures. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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