Why You Haven't Had A Summer Fling (Yet) Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Why You Haven’t Had A Summer Fling (Yet) Based On Your Zodiac Sign


You haven’t really been thinking much about dating lately. You haven’t swiped through any dating apps or been to any bars.


You’ve been focusing on yourself for a change. You’ve been practicing self-care and have been unconcerned with others.


You haven’t found anyone that has caught your interest lately. You’re holding out for someone special, not someone temporary.


You’ve been busy trying to make something of yourself. Your focus has been on the work you’re passionate about, not people you’re passionate about.


You’ve been feeling a little lost and insecure lately. You haven’t been on your A-game when it comes to flirting.


You’ve been swallowing your emotions instead of wearing them on your sleeve. You’ve been pushing everybody away.


You’ve been too stressed to even think about adding a relationship into the mix. You don’t have the time for love right now.


You’ve stopped associating relationships with happiness. You realize you can have just as much fun this summer on your own.


You’re still healing from a relationship that has left you heartbroken. You’re not really in a place to date yet.


You’ve been searching for something a little more serious than a fling. You’re ready for the real deal.


You’ve been spending your summertime catching up with friends and bonding with family. They’ve been taking up most of your time.


You haven’t used any of your vacation hours or sick days. You’ve been working nonstop. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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