Why Each Zodiac Sign Feels Unloved, Unwanted, And Unappreciated

Why Each Zodiac Sign Feels Unloved, Unwanted, And Unappreciated


There’s been a lack of communication between you and everyone else. You feel like you’re always left in the dark, the last one to know anything.


Your friends have been posting about all their fun times on social media while you’ve been sitting at home, uninvited.


No one seems to care about your opinion. You feel invisible, pushed to the background.


You’re always initiating contact — sending the first text and setting plans.


It seems like everyone is doing fine without you, like they don’t need you around.


You haven’t been getting any praise or encouragement on the hard work you’ve been doing lately.


It’s much harder on you to spend time away from people than it is for them. Your feelings seem one-sided.


You haven’t been complimented, validated, or hit on in a long time.


Everyone has been too busy to see you, too busy to pay attention to you.


No one checks in on you to make sure you’re doing okay.


You’re always the one to compromise, to sacrifice, to compromise. It’s never the other way around.


Your friends keep saying how much they love you but they aren’t showing it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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