This Is The Dark Truth About Highly Ambitious People That Nobody Wants To Admit

This Is The Dark Truth About Highly Ambitious People That Nobody Wants To Admit

The truth about highly ambitious people is that they have a hunger in them that nothing can quite fill.

The truth is that they are driven beyond reason. They arrive at one peak, but they cannot stop there and savor the view. Their constant need for more makes them run through the course of their lives.

People who are most incentivized to prove themselves, at their core, do not feel they are quite enough. They have a passion and a love for life that has not yet been reciprocated. Their tunnel-vision seems aspirational. In reality, on their way to the light, they are surrounded by dark.

The truth is that ambitious people are not quite what they seem to be.

Just beneath the inspirational quotes and milestones and achievements exists a person who is not so much fueled by a desire to do good, but a desire to be better. You might think this is a net positive, because in many ways, it is. But it is also an Achilles’ heel. It is also often their downfall.

To be truly successful, you need to have purpose, not just passion. You need to have vision, not just an idea. And you need to have dedication, not just blind faith.

The truth is that for many highly ambitious people, they have one, but not the other part of the equation. They have trouble balancing different parts of their lives because they are putting so much effort into compensating for another, more invisible part, that is eating them alive.

They are characterized as heartless, but really, they are just trying to find their hearts. They are known for being singularly determined to build a big life, but they are really just trying to have a good one.

At the end of the day, these are the people who, at some level, believe they must supersede their circumstances so radically, so rapidly, that they could finally get to be as worthwhile as anyone else.

For all the height that an ambitious person dreams of climbing, exists an emptiness that they are trying to get out of.

Of course, this is not true of everyone.

Of course, having goals and dreams is essential to being a thriving human being.

But the dark truth that nobody wants to admit is that highly ambitious people are often compensating for something, and it is often in direct correlation to the exact way they were made to believe they were not quite worthy enough.

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