He's Going To Lose Interest If You Do These 50 Things

He’s Going To Lose Interest If You Do These 50 Things

Some men from Ask Reddit are here to tell you what has made them lose interest in a woman before.

1. Her inability to keep a conversation going… like a freaking brick wall, it did not matter how I tried to talk with her, totally different person online though.

2. She generalized EVERYONE! She was also such a bitch to everyone that she didn’t understand.

  • He plays video games? Wow when do you think he’ll move out of his mothers basement?

  • Wow she wears so much makeup can you imagine what she’s hiding under that face?

Just such a mean spirited person and it completely turned me off.

3. Played hard to get. No thanks. If you’re gonna ghost me for days at a time and then get pissed off when I don’t respond in .5 seconds then that’s not my problem.

4. We were driving down the road and she threw a Starbucks cup right out the window. Gross.

5. Bragged about how she was leading on a few guys so she always had a backup.

6. I went on two dates with a girl when I was in college. She was wonderful but immediately wanted to be “official” and started drafting Instagram posts about “us”. She wanted to spend every day together and have sleepovers every night. it was so out of nowhere and we literally knew nothing about one another.

7. She would always act stupid around me when I knew she wasn’t. She liked me too, but I couldn’t date a person that acted like that and she thought it was cute.

8. Kept comparing me to her druggie ex-husband who beat her, stole her money… but you know, he was a ‘good guy’.

9. When she said to my mother, “I’m going to fix him” after finally introducing her. I left her the following day.

10. Said she didn’t really like animals. I have two dogs and I’m pre-vet (applying to vet school soon!) so that’s just an instant “oh. We will not be compatible” moment.

11. Constantly called me “fake” even after ghosting me and, when i befriended some of her friends, they too get ghosted by her which makes texting feel like a chore, not to mention she held hella grudges.

12. Picked her up from her house and she said my truck was dumb…. That’s very nice of her, especially when she has no car.

The irony was lost on her I guess? She wondered why I wasn’t interested at all.

13. She got a boyfriend. I realized I didn’t take the chance when I had it. I moved on.

14. Started dating a buddy who had the courage to ask her out first. Bro code.

15. She told me her future plans to essentially become a gold digger like her mother. When I laughed it off she couldn’t see what I thought was so funny.

16. I know this is petty, but she misspelled a lot of words. She wasn’t dumb – a really really bright architecture student at a top 5 architecture school but something about her spelling the word gross as “grows” bothered me too much.

Now I have a wife who never misspells anything so it worked out in the end.

17. Chewed with her mouth open and smacked.

18. Started to like me back…. eew.

19. She randomly dropped the hard R twice while we were hanging out.

20. Realized she was a furry.

21. She said she was indifferent that I was around. She also didn’t seem to understand why I said that kinda hurt my feelings. Mind you I had to drive an hour round trip just to see her. So that was a colossal waste of time.

22. We would be great in person, both of us would have a laugh and genuinely had an amazing connection, but trying to get a text back takes days. It’s really difficult to arrange to spend more time together when she barely replies to me. I massively lost interest after this.

23. Shit personality. Doesn’t matter how hot you are, if all you have are looks people will notice once you get any 1 on 1 time with them.

24. Crush comes to my house. I explain how I’m slowly remodeling it and my plans for my house. She then starts telling me I shouldn’t and I should do it her way, and let her take it over and let her design, decorate, and do it all. The hell I will.

25. Went on a date with them and they didn’t ask me anything about myself. It was completely one sided—like a job interview or something.

26. Said she would turn up on a date, then flaked. Told me she had been called into work urgently. I said ok that’s cool. Second time she flaked again said that she had to tutor someone. Which made no sense because would you not have that planned ?

27. She went hunting and shot a bear. I’m not necessarily against hunting. But it was how she got the bear…

The group had finished hunting, and they were driving home. There was a bear at the side of a rural road. They stopped, the bear didn’t move. She walked up to it and shot it at point blank range. Something about that didn’t sit right with me.

28. Chewed their food with their mouth open.

29. She pronounced silent Ws. “What’s Whurong? AnsWer me?”

30. Called another clearly beautiful girl ugly behind her back.

31. “Yes, I use guys to get free food. I’m not going to say no to a date and free food.”

“No, of course, I don’t tell them.”

32. Neglected to tell me she smokes.

33. Her: “Hey, I’m in town, wanna go for drinks?”

Me:”Sure, when you available?”

Her:”I’ll let you know.”

*6 days later*

Her: “I know we should’ve gone for drinks but I can’t manage my time well…”

I HATE when i reserve my time for someone that doesn’t care like this.

34. Lied about a “close friend’s” death as a way of explaining why they have been so distant and unresponsive to my texts. Having actually gone through that experience, I had a flashback to how I felt back then and so I went full support mode for her to let her know I was there for her if she needed to talk.

Turns out she just wasn’t into me, but couldn’t outright say so.

35. I was crushing on this girl from afar for a while. We were on the same military training base. One day my friend Drew and I were eating lunch and the place was nearly full. It just so happened that she had come to lunch at the same time, and she and her friend ended up sitting next to us.

Drew knew the score, and gave me an excited “Good luck buddy!” look. I was just about to introduce myself, my mouth was open and the words were about to come out…

…when she started talking to her friend. Her voice sounded like a high pitched Roseanne Barr. I closed my mouth and turned to give Drew an “I think we’re done here.” look, but he was too busy silently laughing at me to notice.

36. Was rude and demanding to the wait staff at a restaurant.

37. Not following through with plans when there was clear mutual interest then wonder why you don’t talk to them.

38. I dated a girl who would burp really loudly and purposefully, blow at me, and say “there’s a kiss for ya!” Bodily functions disgust me, and I asked her politely to please not do that again because it grosses me out. So she proceeds to do it almost daily for the next week or two before I finally had to end things with her.

I know that might sound a little bit petty, but she did it constantly after I repeatedly asked her not to. I explained to her that I was not one of those guys that found bathroom type humor funny, and what she was doing was turning me off big time. After a couple of weeks I had lost absolutely any attraction to her that I previously had. I tried to get past it, but I just couldn’t. Not only was it disgusting, but she was deliberately doing something I had asked her not to do over and over again.

39. Said she liked to steal food from grocery stores. Money was not the issue.

40. I kissed her in an emotional moment between us and afterwards she made a joke insinuating she’d report me for rape if I ever did it again.

Not exactly how you want your first kiss to go.

41. She shared a lollipop with her dog. Not eat some & give the dog the last of it. No. She’d suck on it for a while then she’d hold it out for the dog to have a few licks. Then, she put it back into her mouth. Repeat.

When I asked her about it she said “Dogs’ mouths are cleaner than people’s.” Umm…. Nope. He eats his own shit & licks his own asshole. No thanks.

42. Told me after hanging out with her friends, “my friends thought it was really rude that you didn’t say ‘god bless you’ when I sneezed.”

43. Anti-vax. Wouldn’t have known for a long time had she not gone on a rant about it when the school-based immunization schedule was released. She went on some tirade about how we’re all being poisoned, etc – far as I know she’s never had a boyfriend or girlfriend.

44. 2 days after our 1st date, she showed up at my work with a pan of homemade lasagna, a ice cream making machine for my kids and all kinds of groceries. I was a single dad at the time and I guess it was some sort of “care package” for me. I also work about 2 hrs from where she lives. When I said she didn’t have to do that, she started to cry. Bit of a red flag.

45. Not only she was haughty with everyone, she kept giving death glares and talking in an inappropriate manner about the female waitress. I just lost interest after that night.

46. Called me a sexist for pointing out that she was improperly (and dangerously) using a power saw. I mean I get that a lot of guys probably talk down to women using tools, but for fuck sake she was so close to losing a hand or worse.

47. She said she was a flat earther.

48. Got so drunk at a party that she shit herself. The smell is really what did it.

49. Coworker at work had just a beautiful energy, absolutely lovely to be around, always smiling at everyone, and she would laugh at my jokes, and she made some comments from time to time that made me feel validated and understood which was very very flattering like she guessed my passions in life and told them to me, with a big smile while looking me in the eyes, and I’m a reserved guy who doesn’t share that stuff. All just very lovely. One day we’re in the break room and she’s talking to another guy the same way and I’m consciously talking myself out of being jealous “you’re not dating or anything you don’t even have her cell phone number she’s allowed to be lovely with other people now come on no reason to be jealous!” Then when the guy leaves she turns to the girl next to her and says “god I hate that guy.” And I had JUST been jealous that she was treating him exactly like she treats me. I still feel foolish when I think about it, like does she like me or hate me?

50. Poured lemonade on my head in the middle of a fireworks show, she thought it was flirty and cute. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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