50 Highly Disturbing, Declassified Documents Made Available To The Public

You can read all these documents listed on Ask Reddit.

1. This FBI investigation file titled “Animal Mutilation.”

Back in the 1970s-80s, the media’s attention was drawn to some anomalies taking place not only on American cattle farms, but all over the world. Cow corpses were being discovered in fields, missing organs, with surgical holes in their sides, with no blood.

For a brief time, this was passed off as a strange coincidence. But eventually, the public got so worked up that the FBI commissioned an investigation. Six months and $45,000 later, they found nothing. NOTHING. No trace of a person, machine, alien, anything. Everyone was left hanging, but strangely, it died down. The reports of animal mutilations have simply stacked up to since then and to this day there have been excess of 10,000.

2. The NSA ANT catalog. It contains a list of capabilities which the NSA and other national security administrations have been in possession of, and use, for the purpose of cyber surveillance.

The document was created in 2008 and was made public in 2013. The technology in this document is incredible, and terrifying for the idea of privacy. If you think they don’t know everything, they do. These devices are everywhere, could be in any cable, any computer, any phone, any anything.

3. Paradise Papers. Everyone disregards them but they pretty much call out every single top .00001% wealth and super high power elites in the world for being involved with terrorists, child trafficking, money laundering, you name it. If you haven’t given them a read, some of your favorite politicians may surprise you.

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