4 Controversial Things 'Big Brother' Hasn't Been Airing In Their Episodes

4 Controversial Things ‘Big Brother’ Hasn’t Been Airing In Their Episodes

If you’re a casual fan of Big Brother, you aren’t going to get the same experience as the people who watch the feeds.

If you pay a certain price, the feeds are available on the CBS website 24/7. They allow viewers to watch the houseguests’ every move. You can watch them eating, sleeping, showering — and making some pretty controversial comments.

For a long time, superfans have been upset with the way Big Brother portrays certain contestants on their aired episodes. Some houseguests get good edits they don’t deserve. Some houseguests get bad edits they don’t deserve.

Basically, if you’ve only been watching the episodes aired on television without checking to see what’s been happening on the live feeds, then you only know half the story.

Even though the show airs three days per week, it’s not enough time to show everything that happened, so it’s natural for the editors to leave certain things out. However, this year a lot of the story has been twisted. A lot of viewers are uncomfortable with the way houseguests are being portrayed.

Here are a few things that weren’t shown on the air:

1. The show hasn’t aired anything about Jackson sleeping with Kat.

The show has been giving Kat the crazy stalker edit even though she has good reason to be confused by the way Jackson has been acting. They slept together three separate times before he abandoned her for another woman. But the show hasn’t mentioned that fact. They’ve been making Kat look overly attached to him for no reason.

2. The show has left out all the nasty things Jack has said about David and Kemi.

Jack has been portrayed as the sexy, animal loving, Jason Momoa doppelganger — but in reality, he has said some unforgivable things about David and Kemi, the only two black houseguests. He also went on a power trip, ordering the rest of the houseguests not to talk game with the two POC players who were voted out of the game but are still living in the house with them (which was the big twist of the season).


3. The show has left out all of the nasty things Jackson has said.

Jackson hasn’t been getting the best edit after the way he treated Kat — but he’s done more than screw over his first showmance of the season. He’s also said some pretty nasty things about the POC people in the house. The Diary Room even had to intervene and warn him about his comments.

4. The show has left out… all of this…

There’s been a lot of controversial things said on this season of Big Brother — and the show has only been on for two weeks. There’s no telling what the rest of the season has in store, but hopefully we stop getting updates like this:

If this season doesn’t get any better, hopefully next year the cast will be filled with more understanding, open-minded people who are there to play the game, not to find a soulmate or spread hatred. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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