50 Singles On The Most Heartbreaking, Insulting Reason They've Been Rejected

50 Singles On The Most Heartbreaking Reason They’ve Been Rejected

If you’ve been rejected recently, don’t feel bad, because it happened to these people on Ask Reddit too.

1. Apparently I cared too much, and it just wasn’t fair to him that he couldn’t possibly care as much about me as I did for him.

Fucked me up a bit, because that’s just… how I am. but whatever. I care about people and I’m sorry you were threatened by that.

2. Didn’t get asked out on a second date in college because my “FP” was too high. FP = fat potential.

3. Chick told me she couldn’t date someone with as serious mommy issues as I did. My “mommy issues” were that she had died 2 months earlier.

4. I had a girl rejecting me say: “I can’t date you because what if we go on a date to somewhere with stairs?” I’m in a wheelchair.

5. Because: “You rejected me a few months ago, and even though I still like you, it’s my turn to reject you.”

6. I have Lupus and the guy said: “I don’t want you to die before I do.” He then proceeded to go for the crackhead with multiple DUI’s.

7. I am a dainty eater. Apparently a real man eats a burger and fries. My date thought it was unmasculine I ordered fries a la carte.

8. “I just don’t want to be in a relationship right now.”

Then a week later she’s dating someone else. Just tell me the truth that you don’t want to date me, hurts a lot less than being lied to like that.

9. “You’re always early on dates/hangouts and it makes me feel insecure/come off as a bad person for not coming early.”

10. I was above their league. I literally tried asking them out three times and was in love but apparently I was too good for them.

11. Girl I dated from my church dumped me because “it’s too tempting to sin” around me. This is also the best compliment I’ve ever gotten.

12. Girl in college told me she didn’t want to date me because I hadn’t dated anyone before. Made a certain amount of sense to me at the time because she was pretty experienced and I could see her not wanting to feel pressure about being my first for literally everything that goes into dating.

It really worried me though. What if all girls thought this? Will no one want to date me because no one wanted to in high school? Have I passed some point of no return I didn’t even know existed?

Fast forward a few months and we ended up dating after all. Horrible decision, should have walked away when I had the chance.

13. “I like you but my friends don’t have someone and I’d feel guilty leaving them.” And then a few days later (literally like 3 days) on her snapchat story. “Why won’t anyone ask me or my friends out?”

14. He didn’t tell me explicitly, but as my little sister was best friends with his little sister, we found out through the grapevine that they had a family meeting about our relationship where he admitted he was conflicted about continuing to date me because I was “too smart for him.”

That one was a sucker punch, just when I was beginning to think maybe it wasn’t an issue.

15. “I like you, I just can’t handle your gay side,” after she had outed me to my entire high school for being bi. She broke up with me after.

16. “I’m really into you, but I still think I want to be with my boyfriend for a few more months, but when he goes back to Pennsylvania, we can start going out.”

Bitch I’m not a TV dinner. You can’t pop me in the freezer and think I’ll be ready to heat up when you’re ready for me.

17. Told me she’s always “on the go.” What the hell does that even mean? You GO to the same school as me. Where are you going?

18. “I like you too much, I look at you and think what an amazing mother you would be to our kids and I don’t want to be with someone I like that much.”

19. His exact words, “I would date you but I don’t want my friends making fun of me for dating a fat chick.”

Years later and I think of this every time I look in the mirror.

20. My ex cheated on me because I was recovering from sexual assault… so yeah.

21. I was too wealthy. I knew this guy didn’t have as much money as me and he was a single dad. I paid for a lot of the more expensive dates or at least paid for my half. I’d only let him pay for cheap dates. That affected his male ego so he dumped me because he said I’ll eventually leave him for a man that can take care of me.

22. Asked a girl out and she said that her longest relationship lasted 3 years and she was scared we wouldn’t make it that far so she said no instead.

23. I was apparently too nice….

24. Because we had different tastes in music. He said it was too big of a difference between us.

25. That I wasn’t enough of a bad boy. Decades later I hear through a mutual friend that now every time she gets drunk she talks about me, the one that got away. Can’t really decide how I feel about that.

26. “Your breath smells bad.” After she led me on for about a month while simultaneously swooning over a foreign exchange student.

27. “Everyone I love and care about is dead, you should move on” was used by two different people, four months apart. The second time really made me reevaluate my taste in romantic partners.

28. Girl I was dating for two months spent two months telling me how amazing I was, how unique I was, and that she cared more for me than she thought possible for the amount of time we’d been dating.

Dumped me because she wanted to date multiple people and experience dating in general, rather than staying with one guy who cares about her.

29. “My feelings for you are too strong and I don’t think I could be in a relationship with you because I would start neglecting the other portions of my life.”

30. She had a really nice house, but she was upset that my house was bigger.

31. I got dumped by my girlfriend of 9 months over somewhere I had BEEN!

I was doing a month-long Medical Course with the Army, and right at the end they took us to this creepy-as-fuck old hospital for a tour. Someone asked if we could see the Morgue… so they took us down for a tour. It was like something out of a horror-movie… long dark corridor, old equipment of indeterminate function, stainless-steel autopsy tables etc… but there were no dead bodies or anything.

I get home from the course, tell my lady, and she FREAKS OUT about it. She went and stayed with her mom that night… and the next day she came back with her ENTIRE family to pick up her stuff. She would not come into the house, and whenever I came to the door to try and talk to her she would shriek and hide her face.

Three years later I bumped into her at a supermarket and she lost her shit then ran out the door as fast as her legs could carry her.

32. “I don’t like girls that play RPG,” says the lifelong RPG nerd.

33. She was into really fat dudes and I was only kinda fat.

34. “Sorry… I only like tall boys.” IS SIX FOOT ONE NOT TALL ENOUGH FOR YOU?

35. My parents found out you’re black. Hangs up.

36. A girl I liked quite a bit turned me down a for a second date after the first one went pretty well. I asked her why and she didn’t really answer the question.

I found out later through a mutual friend that it was because I was the same height as her and she wanted to date someone taller. I’m 5′ 9″.

37. I wasn’t gay or bi. I’m a straight guy, she was a straight girl.

38. I don’t speak English with a French accent so “I wasn’t as exotic as they thought I would be.” English isn’t my first language but neither is French so I was quite confused.

39. High school girlfriend broke up with me after 2 years saying it was God’s will we break up.

40. A guy who brought me to a coffee shop under the guise of a date and broke it off after we’d sat there for an hour talking told me he didn’t think I could handle his anxiety… turns out his anxiety was really another girl he was dating at the same time as me. I’d have just preferred the truth.

41. Dude said he didn’t date Asian chicks. A year later, he’s dating an Asian chick. Worst thing for my self confidence.

42. “I heard your family is full of pieces of shit.”

I was/am fat and at best a 6 when I clean up nice so I can get past any comments on my looks. Everyone has their own tastes. Sucks, but whatever.

However being turned down because of my shit family (that I in no way acted like or resembled still hurt because I had no control over it)

43. He told me he had been arrested and had his devices taken by police as he was hitting up a 15 year old and her parents reported him.

44. Straight up told I was ugly.

45. When I was fourteen my best friend wrote me a two page ‘break up’ letter. In the letter she explained that she needed to “improve her social standing” and that she couldn’t do that and still be associated with me. She outlined her fourteen step plan to become popular and apparently step three was to cut ties with all her unpopular or weird friends.

I only read a few lines before I gave it back and told her she was a moron, that it was a stupid plan and that she could do all that and still be unpopular. She just smiled sadly and wished me well in life, unfriended me from everything and refused to even look at me for two months.

Well eventually she realized her plan was bullshit and that her relationship with the ‘popular kids’ actually got worse because of it (sort of like the end half of Mean Girls) and came crawling back. I like to think I handled that whole situation with maturity and grace but it really messed me up for a while and it’s still one of the most hurtful things a person has ever done to me.

46. He told me it was weird dating someone so much younger, especially since I was just one year older than his little brother. This was lame, because he was only two years older than me – we were in high school. It was also a lie, because he later dated my best friend who was – admittedly – older than me. But only by ten hours and two minutes; we had the same exact birthday.

47. I use a wheelchair. He dumped me because of it by saying, “When I’m with you, I’m disabled, too!”

I would have much rather he called me a fucking bitch, because being a fucking bitch is something I could have changed, you know?

48. “I felt like I was with a child” because I have dwarfism. I don’t blame her at all for feeling that way, and it’s a totally justified reason to not feel attraction towards me, but fuck did that do a number on my self esteem.

49. I was told: “You’re too jovial.”

50. I got the privilege of being the “see if I could do this” relationship after a divorce. After doing the whole meet the family, talk about moving in, blah blah blah. Go out to dinner one night, they drop to the effect of “thanks for giving me the confidence to know that I can put myself out there again.”

As they explained it, they just needed to know if they could even go through the motions of a relationship. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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