50 Things That Are Going To Turn Her Off, Not Make Her Sleep With You

50 Things That Are Going To Turn Her Off, Not Make Her Sleep With You

Guys, no one is going to sleep with you if you do these annoying things mentioned on Ask Reddit.

1. Trying to hit on a woman by telling her how unattractive you find other types of women (i.e. telling a bigger woman how ugly you think skinny women are or vice versa).

2. Bragging about fights or going to jail. Literally no one cares.

3. Bragging about your sex life. I don’t want to know how many girls want you. It literally does nothing for me except think you maybe are kinda a tool to girls.

4. Being “stupid” or clueless about “feminine things.”

Like I see girls talk about asking their boyfriends to pick up tampons and laughing at how the poor things just CANNOT navigate the aisle to save their lives as if it’s endearing or something.

Like, can’t he read? Tampax pearl, regular, 18 count. Pick up the box and go, ya dolt.

5. Frowning or looking “alpha” in pictures. Nearly every dating site picture has a guy, backwards baseball cap, sternly looking at camera. Sunglasses optional. I want to date someone who is friendly and can smile!

6. Calling other men unmasculine because they don’t like a certain hobby/movie/music/tv. Nothing says insecure more than this to me, in fact, I find it more masculine to just like what you like regardless of others opinions on the matter.

7. Bragging about how much they can drink.

8. Being ‘too cool’ to do anything. It shows you’re vulnerable and self-conscious and you don’t have an ounce of real confidence. Way more attracted to a man who isn’t afraid to laugh at himself opposed to one that is.

9. Reckless driving. every date I’ve ever been on where a guy has come to pick me up he has fucking sped waaay over the speed limit and did that douchey one arm leaning on the window the other on the wheel thing… are you trying to fucking kill me wtf.

10. Doing that thing during sex where you move your hips in a circle. I would say 1/2 of all dudes I’ve fucked, and trust me that number is uncomfortably high, do that move and it does nothing for me. It does however take me out of the moment and cause me to think “What? This? Again?”

11. When it’s hot and heavy and you go straight for the vajayjay. No foreplay except for some kisses. That gets so boring.

When you shove your dick into my neck like a battering ram. I need to use my esophagus later to swallow food.

When you think we will think less of you when you say “I don’t know”. Its ok if you don’t know, just don’t pretend to know something you don’t.

When you think we will think less of you if you show emotion. I don’t need you blowing snot bubbles and weeping uncontrollably, but a few tears every blue moon, or something lets me know you have a soul.

When you call other women bitches or hoes.

When every time I put my hand on your arm, you immediately flex your bicep. You just made it weird.

When you fuck like a porn star. I don’t want to have my back twisted and my legs bent like pretzels in a position where I can hardly breathe while you drip sweat all over me and I’m holding in a fart. Can we find a position we both enjoy?

When you talk shit about your boys or your boys’ people over petty stuff. I know some of y’all, men and women, live for drama, but I don’t get down like that.

12. Claiming to be an “Alpha” or putting other people down.

Trashing other people is just lame. There’s a hundred conversations we could have and you wanna talk about the waitresses’ weight? And the alpha bullshit is, to borrow a phrase, “beta af”.

13. Constant Flirting. Yeah I mean, its cute and all but I would also like to have a conversation without you commenting on me. I just want a decent conversation, and your here flirting. Ya’ know what i’m getting at?

14. I hate it when guys try too hard to be the “MANLY MAN.” Like, Dave, I’ve been on my own for awhile, I can open a jar of salsa.

15. How much they party or did party in their past. I don’t party at all, and I have nothing against people who do, but I don’t wanna hear about all the times you got wasted in high school.

16. Getting aggressive towards people.. that’s not impressive or manly, it’s scary AF.

17. Showing people intimate photos you received from girls who trusted you. It’s cheap and despicable af.

18. Being mean to people. Some guys think they have to be mean to be manly. Give me a kind one any day.

19. Those guys who follow the predatory ‘pick up artist’ crap, who do stuff like compliment by insulting you or just all around be ‘alpha’ or ‘chads’ or something stupid. I met a guy who thought and acted like this once, my favorite line he said was ‘married women are the hardest to score, but they’re the best’, and tried his hardest to sleep with me too and didn’t stop trying when he found out I’m gay, said that ‘oh yeah, I’ve screwed some lesbians too’. Absolute mind cancer.

20. Being mean to/about their moms. I hope this isn’t as common as my experience has made it out to be. I’ve known many guys who talk about their moms like they’re these annoying idiots or something, constantly bitching about them or putting them down really casually. And I’ve met a lot of those moms, and most have been lovely.

21. That throat thing where they go overboard trying to bring up phlegm and spit on the pavement. It’s disgusting honestly.

22. Your cologne. Jesus Christ, spray the lightest mist in front of you and step through it ONCE (before you dress)– that is all you need. Stop fucking dowsing yourself in it, you don’t smell good and you are choking everyone around you with the obnoxious scent and triggering my migraines.

23. Guys who refuse to do something because they perceive it to be a shot against their masculinity. Eg. Refusing to admit whether they think another male would be considered as attractive or not, cos they ‘aint gay’.

No one was thinking that. It doesnt make you sound tough – just insecure and lame IMO

24. When guys have pictures of them holding large sums of money in their tinder profile. The second I see someone caressing a wad of 20 dollar bills, my vagina disappears into a black hole.

25. I really don’t like when guys are sooo insistent on paying on the first date. I’m someone who hates being in debt to people and having the guy pay makes me feel like I owe him something at the end of the night. Even if that’s not the case, it shifts the power balance and that makes me uncomfortable.

I guess what I’m saying is it’s always nice to offer, but if she says no, then just deal with your shit and split the check. It doesn’t make you less of a man.

26. For me… excessive winking. Cannot handle it at all.

27. Popped collars.

28. Pushing boundaries. If I say I don’t wanna satisfy your fetish, or send you nudes, or talk about your naked body, etc over whatever online tool we’re using to interact, then I don’t. I was literally asked by a guy I know to change my personality, just so I could satisfy his fetish. I’m happily married (not to him) and he knows it.

29. I hate smooth talking. It sounds super fake. And if you’re actually fairly good at it, that just means you’ve been practicing talking the panties off the ladies for awhile. It’s really no win.

30. Talking shit about all your “crazy” ex girlfriends. Either you have strikingly bad taste or they probably weren’t the problem…

31. When they are desperate to get their dick wet at any possible opportunity. Men with self control and standards are much more respectable.

32. Dick pics. Never in my life have I ever asked for one or even wanted to receive one, yet men hand them out like business cards. Please stop.

33. Bragging about their bodies or hours logged at the gym.

34. Saying they don’t order “girly” drinks. Instead of making them look manly, it just makes them look insecure. If you like the way something tastes, just order it instead of puffing your chest and expecting a gold star. There’s better ways to start a conversation than that.

35. Loud ass cars, that shit is just annoying and makes you seem like an asshole.

36. Pulling out and slapping their penis on the vag, like in porn. Doesn’t do much, but thanks I guess?

Most stuff guys see in porn and try irl is a no for me.

37. Bad hygiene. I don’t know why some men believe that their manly sweat will drive a woman wild. Not if you don’t wash regularly.

38. The “bro” talk. Every other word being “bro.”

39. Guys who constantly compliment a women’s body or try to touch it. Sorry but “You have a nice butt” “you have nice/big titties” isn’t nice to hear all the time, we have personalities and other things about us too!

40. Negging. There is nothing remotely attractive about emotional manipulation.

41. Assuming that because they’re the guy, they’re automatically better at things than women, like working out, video games, cars, guns, careers, etc.

42. Aggression. I have been in a few abusive relationships (emotional, physical and sexual). Even just a guy saying he wants to beat the shit out of someone scares tf out of me.

43. Asking for nudes.

44. Bragging about money and expensive stuff they own.

45. Not doing (or just hiding) things that are considered “girly”. Ex. sharing feelings / thoughts, admitting they want to see a chick flick, getting a mani / pedi / facial or something without being forced to.

46. Helicopters. I can’t stress this enough. Spinning your dick in circles does nothing for us.

47. Claiming they can drive well while drunk.

48. Saggy pants.

49. Comparing us to other women, even if it’s meant to compliment us. It’s not a compliment for me if you need to push someone else down while saying it, fyi. “Usually the girls I see here are so shallow and stupid [insert possible rant about the way they dress and the things they supposedly enjoy, maybe drop the word “hoe” or “bitch” somewhere], but you…”

All I hear at that point is basically “I hate women but I want sex so I fake that you’re an exception.”

50. I had a boyfriend once tell me how he had sex at an early age (like 12), and in a very “aren’t you impressed?” sort of fashion. I thought it was a little gross, and asked how he got into the situation. He then told me that it was a party or some sort of get together, and he had sex with a girl he thought that was cute, and it turned out to be his cousin.

We broke up soon after, and I haven’t talked to him in years. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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