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40 Reasons Being Single Beats Being In A Toxic Relationship (Or ANY Relationship) 

Ask Reddit has listed out all the reasons you should celebrate being single!

1. I can do whatever I want, whenever I want. I can spend money on myself with zero regard for what anyone else thinks. I don’t have to factor anyone else into my plans or life decisions.

It can be lonely sometimes, but it’s also delightfully selfish.

2. Everything in my car and apartment is exactly where it should be.

3. Being able to sleep diagonally across my bed, so much space!

4. I don’t have to chose between hanging with my friends or my SO.

5. Not getting dragged into lame events with her family that essentially ruin my weekend.

“Oh no, I totally want to drive three hours and hangout with your family this weekend. I had these crazy plans to relax, maybe go for a bike ride, have some beers by pool, go to a movie with our friends, etc. But you’re right, lets drive three hours away to listen to your family argue about politics, eat bland food, and sleep on a futon. Sounds great.”

6. I never have to laugh at unfunny memes found on FaceBook, or explain why I’m laughing so hard at anything.

I never have to justify my joy.

I’m my own person. Full, complete, and content.

And no one can drain that from me.

This is what I love about being single.

7. That stuff can just happen. If I want to change my entire weekend plans, bam – done. If I stumble upon a thing that happens and want to participate, boom – done. If I don’t want to talk to anyone, ka-blam – done.

8. The main thing is that I can live my own life. No drama, fights, etc.. I have my friends which are the same thing, and are reliable to talk to.

9. Nobody is cheating on me.

10. I enjoy not worrying about their success. Life can be difficult, so supporting an SO and putting personal struggles on the back burner to do so can be exhausting.

11. What I liked most about the single life vs. living together with my ex, is getting solid alone time. I like hanging out with people, but I need one or two nights a week just being by myself to keep sane.

12. You don’t wake up because someone else is snoring…

13. One less person to please. One less person to disappoint. One less person to make my heart ache.

14. No relationship problems. I’m a lot happier as a person as it always seemed a relationship would drag down my mood.

15. The fact that I can just talk to my (female) friends and no-one gets jealous or gets the wrong impression.

16. I can masturbate to anyone I want.

17. Not having to have unnecessarily long discussions on where to eat.

18. I’m free of the constant anxiety of if I’m being a good girlfriend/boyfriend.

19. Not having someone constantly upset with me.

-Home from work early? Angry because he couldn’t have had dinner ready earlier. (It’s okay; I can do chores while you cook. I don’t need to eat the instant I walk in the door.)

-Home from work slightly (20 minutes) later than normal? Dinner ruined, inconsiderate and selfish.

-Did the laundry, but didn’t include his stuff? Selfish.

-Did the laundry, included his stuff? Did it wrong, now he needs to do it again, complains the entire time.

-Didn’t have an opinion on what to watch? Not engaged in relationship, made him feel unloved.

-Asked a hypothetical question about which character in a show was the sexiest? Obviously accused him of cheating, don’t trust him. 15 minutes of shouting followed by storming out and door slamming.

Yeah, I’m wayyyyyyyy to tired and old for that anymore. My cats love me unconditionally, and hopefully will eat my body once I die, suitably lowering funeral costs for my loved ones.

20. Being able to move to another city and state as I please for work and/or hobby related purposes.

21. I can flirt with every cute person i met (and there are MANY).

22. So much free time. I spend 6 hours a week at a club at my school, 9-11 hours a week working out, spend Sunday’s playing DND with friends and spend several hours playing guitar on various days. I have time to cook my own meals and do stuff on weekend nights. It’s great!

23. Not having to text “good morning” or “good night.”

You know what time it is. You are not my coworker and I don’t want to feel obligated to make small take when I hate small talk and I’m supposed to be enjoying being with my SO.

I really hate that shit, in future relationships I will be upfront about not wanting to do that because once it starts it takes an argument to stop it.

24. I finally have time to focus on myself instead of worry about what I should do to make his mood better. I have so much time for myself, it’s so nice to be able to do what I want when I want it and didn’t have to plan things around. Fuck social duties and family in law. It’s so liberating.

25. Being able to watch as many episodes of a series you want and not having to rewatch them again while pretending to be surprised.

26. Not feeling anxious about being on my phone too long. (I like idly scrolling through social media, and my ex would get anxious that I was talking to someone.)

27. Not being asked 21 questions about something trivial that they try to pass off as casual conversation when you know it’s interrogation.

28. Not having an empty wallet.

29. Feeling like a real person again, not an enmeshed duo.

30. I have a crippling unrealistic fear of being cheated on. Quite simply, I don’t have the ability/confidence to “relax” in a relationship so it kinda ends up being another stress in my life, which is easy to avoid when comfortability and maximizing my opportunities is what’s most important for me right now.

31. The knowledge you have no relationship to fuck up.

32. Every day is pretty much my day. Zero planning required.

33. I can go a week without texting anyone and they won’t get offended.

34. Recently discussed this with a friend: I don’t have anyone to report to. Usually if you want to do something huge like change the apartment, go on a trip, etc. you have to talk to your SO but I just do what I wanna do.

35. Don’t have to worry about kids.

36. I have never seen a Madea movie. I will never have to see a Madea movie in order to please a significant other.

37. Not having to worry about how my actions might effect my SO. It’s fun to be selfish.

38. I can fart whenever. No guilt.

39. Not having to worry about texting someone back.

40. Main takeaways: can wake up early or sleep in without have a moody person to deal with. I can eat anywhere and it’s always affordable because it’s just me. The weekends are exciting because I’m not obligated to attend SO’s brothers daughters birthday party etc. I can listen to the music that I love at all times. Can go see any movie I want and it’s cheap when you go by yourself. Ultimately I feel that I’ve learned so much more about the world and how to live in it because I’m not waiting or depending on another person to accomplish tasks. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

January Nelson is a writer, editor, and dreamer. She writes about astrology, games, love, relationships, and entertainment. January graduated with an English and Literature degree from Columbia University.