This Is How You Know You Found Your Person

9 Stupidly Simple Signs Your Forever Person Is Thinking About Proposing

1. You’re seeing engagement ring and wedding dress ads everywhere. Whenever your person opens a YouTube video on their laptop or a webpage on their phone to show you something quick, you catch glimpses of wedding-based ads. This is because they have been actively scouring the internet for rings and proposal ideas. They are trying their best to prepare for the big moment.

2. Your friends suggest getting manicures. They know you’re going to want to snap a cute picture as soon as the ring slides on your finger, so they are taking precautions. They don’t want your chipped, broken nails to ruin the moment so they are taking your skincare into their own hands.

3. Your person is suddenly being weird about money. They are suggesting you spend the weekends at home instead of going out and drinking. They are holding themselves back from buying video games and outfits they have been dying to buy. They are cutting back on costs because they want to save enough money to get you something special.

4. Your person has started to show more of an interest in the lives of your married/engaged friends. They ask about your friends’ proposal stories. They ask whether you like the rings your friends received. They pry for details about events they have never showed any interest in before.

5. Your person asks ‘random’ questions about jewelry. Maybe they point out rings celebrities are wearing and ask your opinion. Maybe they have snooped through your jewelry box to get a sense of your style and ring size. Maybe they have been holding and staring at your hands, trying to gauge what the hell they should get you.

6. Your person is acting secretive. They have been keeping you away from a certain drawer or a certain pair of pants. There was even a day when they came home from work a little late (to go shopping) or ran to the porch to pick up a package they didn’t want you to see. You can sense whatever happening is a good thing — so chances are it’s a proposal.

7. Close family members and friends are also acting secretive. Your person might have told a few people about his plans. They’re happy for you, but they don’t want to say anything and ruin the surprise, which is why they have been acting as weird as your person has.

8. They keep asking you questions about your future home and children. They are making sure you are on the same page before they go through with the proposal. They are making sure you are going to say yes and the relationship is going to last for the long haul. They are making sure they are making the right move.

9. They have been blatantly talking about marriage. They ask you questions about what kind of proposal you would want. They ask your parents whether they approve of the relationship. They send you ring and bride emojis. They look you in the eyes and say I can’t wait to marry you one day. They give you fair warning they are going to get down on one knee soon. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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