50 Fun Things To Do With Your Forever Person (Aside From Sleeping Together) 

50 Fun Things To Do With Your Forever Person (Aside From Sleeping Together) 

These couples from Ask Reddit have some adorable ideas for your next weekend!

1. Look at old photos. Ones from back when you first met can be fun, but even better are embarrassing baby photos and the like.

2. For my last birthday my wife bought two of those foam ball shooter guns from Costco. Every once in awhile one of us will come home to table-forts and obstacles, with a loaded ball shooter waiting by the door. I love her, she’s awesome.

3. Do a project together like restoring an old piece of furniture, making your own beer or wine, or writing and illustrating a children’s book. You’ll have the benefit of learning a potentially profitable skill.

4. Play board games. Or cuddle up on a couch watching movies. Or spend a day in the kitchen cooking a massive meal just for the sake of it.

5. Put on some lively music and dance, even better if neither of you know how.

6. My and my SO like to play cards its super quick if you only wanna play for like 20mins but you can also go for a game like poker if you wanna make a night of it. And if the mood strikes can always turn it into strip poker!!

7. My husband works third shift and I am home with two tiny children so we usually don’t see each other during the week for long periods of time. I have a giant dry erase board and we will leave little notes for each other, just saying I love you or silly things like little poems or drawings. It’s fun to get up in the morning and find a surprise on the board.

8. If your SO is willing, a puzzle is really entertaining. Doubly fun if you throw a little alcohol into the mix.

9. Do the 36 questions that make you fall in love. I think you can find the list on the NYT or anywhere online probably now.

10. Cooking competitions. Most recently we did won tons. Who came up w the best filling. You can do soup, cakes, anything! And you learn grow and get to eat the results yum.

11. Workout. Home workout routines are fun to do together and you can challenge and make fun of each other.

12. Have a few glasses of wine and get tipsy together. For us, there is always tons of laughs when this happens.

13. This is going to sound ridiculous, and I don’t mean it sexually, but role playing is definitely super fun, my gf and I do it all the time. Think Dungeons and Dragons or “Playing house” when you were a kid. It doesn’t even have to be elaborate, just be like alright today I have a British accent, I’m in a biker gang and my dad disowned me for wanting to win American Idol and have your SO choose a role and stick with it. Go about your day trying to be like a secret agents and have someone or you or your SO hide clues for top secret missions, IDK have an imagination.

14. Bob Ross painting party. Buy 2 canvases and follow Bob’s tutorials.

15. We have what we call throwback days where we will make a blanket fort, make some Dino nuggets, Kraft Mac, and French fries and we watch 90’s cartoons or an old movie we would have watched as kids.

16. YouTube karaoke, I start singing the lyrics, then after a few lines of the song, I smack her on the arse and she takes over singing from me where I left off. We keep swapping over like that, trying to catch the other one off-guard at an unexpected part of the song.

17. Building stuff like furniture or hanging lamps or renovating a room. When you do it together, every time you see it you know YOU did that together.

18. Go thrift store shopping, find the most hideous/useless/boring things you can find. When at home, take time to make them beautiful/useful/interesting.

Weave yarn and ribbon through old baskets. Repaint little knick knacks. Turn an old watering can into a lamp. Old dresser into a bench. I’ve been wanting to turn a tire into a stool. Haven’t gotten around to it. It’s more fun with company.

It’s neat to have stuff you made yourselves, and you also have the option of reselling it.

19. Mario Kart.

20. Me and my girlfriend will lay in bed and take turns playing great old songs that don’t get played on the radio anymore, we learn more about each other, because we usually get reminded of old stories listening to songs and tell each other about our lives before we met. We have both been on some great adventures.

21. I like to purposely misunderstand her in ridiculous ways. She might ask me to bring up her post-it notes from downstairs, so I’ll say no worries and bring up the toaster, then very seriously ask her what on earth she wanted that for. When she asked for her car keys and I dragged up the Christmas tree was probably the highlight.

22. My gf and I have the habit of watching awful horror movies on Netflix. God, there is SO MUCH shit on there, but especially horror movies are an easy target to pick on. Horror is a hard thing to get right, and if the movie sucks, then it’s an enjoyable two hours spent picking apart everything that went wrong, wasn’t scary etc. It’s just a fun time, especially if you have the same movie taste. And if by chance you come across an actually good horror movie, then even better! Just randomly pick one, ignore the ratings and go.

23. We spend time together and talk about our day. It sounds boring, but she is my only real friend, and I am glad I we can talk together.

24. Learn a new recipe together. Just got a new pasta maker and we’re gonna learn to make pasta, lasagne plates and noodles from scratch. A little music in the background and voila.

You learn a new skill together, which you also get to eat.

25. I often go away for work and before I leave I sometimes hide something (chocolate/wine/whatevs) in the house and text the gf saying, “Treasure hunt is on!”

She then has to find it while I’m away. I swear she’s like a blood hound.

26. I’ve found try not to laugh videos much more fun with my SO.

27. Read. I like to read out loud and don’t get the chance to do it often enough, so while my boyfriend plays games on his computer to wind down in the evening, I read out loud to him. It works for him when he can focus on the game and the story (like listening to an audiobook or podcast in the background) but maybe not the best if multitasking isn’t your style.

28. Cook together. I find Korean dishes are tasty and healthy and fun to make. If you do a lot of small side dishes (banchan) it definitely takes a whole day and that’s a really fun activity with a feast at the end.

29. Pillow fort, with subsequent breaking of said fort because no girls allowed!

30. My fiance will do something completely normal and playful like a little poke or shake or something and I’ll go completely limp like I’m dead and every single time he laughs so hard and goes “OMG STOP I KNOW YOURE FAKING IT STOP” while laughing. It’ll go on for sometimes 3 or 4 minutes until he tickles me or I peak open my eyes or he catches me smiling and yells “DEAD PEOPLE DONT SMILE!!!” it never gets old and I do it every now and again cause it’s so much fun.

31. I’m a little late but my wife and I since we got married will play cards together, the loser of each round has to pick up/ clean 10 things, at the end we’ve played some games together but also got a lot of cleaning done.

32. We like going to a big supermarket at night, dancing to the crappy music, ice skating using the trolley to glide about, playing catch with ice berg lettuces before we put them in the trolley.

Basically having a really good giggle whilst doing the mundane.

33. Eating way too much junk food (pizza, margaritas, ice cream, pie) and watching anime. I call it “being worthless shitpigs.”

34. My wife and I occasionally do this thing we call Fun Space. We take 10 minutes planning what we want to do. Then, we each get to lead a 25 minute period of activities of our choice – no technology involved usually. It can be anything from painting, yoga, playing catch, Marco Polo on dry ground, hardcore the floor is lava, massages, etc. It can be a bunch of activities in that time or just 1. The main rule is that the person not leading MUST be very enthusiastic and positive about what the other person chooses.

It’s amazing how much choosing a good attitude makes things so fun.

35. Coming up with new cocktail recipes.

36. Lots of backgammon. Easy to play and the games are quick but also need a bit of skill.

37. We are both huge audiobook fans. We listen to them together and sometimes we read books for each other.

38. Singing. Guitar. It’s not that hard. It’s okay to be mediocre.

39. We pretend to be dogs. We ain’t furries but puppies are cute – partner is cute. Bam. Double cute.

40. We bought a LEGO. Surprisingly really fun and a great bonding activity. We got the LEGO Technic Mack Anthem Truck and the Kessel Run Millenium Falcon.

41. Me and my girlfriend play an incredibly childish game of tag where we just tap each other repeatedly and see who can avoid being tapped. Always ends in hysterics.

42. Cuddle puddle with the pets on the bed.

43. Last night before bed, we made shadow puppets on the ceiling using a phone flashlight and our hands. She giggled at all of my dumb attempts. My awful duck puppet led her to do a SPOT ON Donald Duck impression that I’ve never heard her do before. Made me laugh HARD.

44. I will go on askreddit, see one of the top questions that look interesting, then ask her that question.

It almost always gets good conversation going.

45. My husband and I like to dress up in pretty dresses & heels and do our make up. Then we pretend different scenarios such as being extremely wealthy or old Hollywood movie stars.

46. Dancing because if they really are you SO they shouldn’t judge and you can just dance however the hell you want without being judged, just put on a music channel and away you go.

47. How about working on a project together? Build something, paint a room, plant some flowers in pots, teach yourselves to crochet or knit, then spend the time together talking while your hands are busy. Aka do stuff that doesn’t involve a screen, especially if you are feeling like you and your partner are drifting apart. Alternately outside of the house go for a walk, hike, or bike ride. It doesn’t have to be long or strenuous, just time together where you share an experience.

48. My gf and I have a movie list.

The idea is this. I have a list of movies I love that she hasn’t seen and she has one of movies I haven’t seen. We take turns showing each other a movie.

I had her watch Howls Moving Castle with me, she loved it. Next up is Spirited Away.

Her movies tend to be more chic flicky, but I still enjoy watching them with her. Plus we’ve expanded to shows and she’s gotten me into GOT which I could never get into on my own.

When it’s all done we’ll have seen each other’s movies completely. You can learn a lot about someone from their taste in movies.

49. Playing dominoes is fun.

50. We play fight and wrestle sometimes, but that sometimes ends up in sex anyway. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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