50 Fun Phone Games To Play When You're Bored Out Of Your Mind

50 Fun Phone Games To Play When You’re Bored Out Of Your Mind

If you need phone games to pass the time, download some of these favorites from Ask Reddit.

1. Florence. It’s a short, narrative driven indie game where you follow a part of someone’s life. Very beautiful and very heartwarming.

It also won best mobile game at the game awards if that’s your thing.

2. Egg Inc. All you do is make chickens, the chickens lay eggs and you get money for it. You start to develop new kinds of eggs like medical eggs or eggs that produce rocket fuel. Sounds kinda boring but it’s hella addictive.

3. Really Bad Chess randomizes the pieces for every game, making some very interesting matches.

4. Pokemon Go. Despite it’s flaws, it’s still an awesome game. It’s finally getting nice outside and I went to a local park yesterday to go for a walk with my dog. There happened to be a community day event going on at the park and there were easily 150+ people there. Groups of friends, families with their kids, solo players, etc. Even 3 years after it kicked off, it still has the ability to get tons of people together to enjoy the outdoors.

5. Yahtzee. I’m 30 and my friends make fun of me for it, but it’s simple and entertaining while not eating the shit out of my battery.

6. Pocket Camp. Even though its repetitive, its such a relaxing game. I often play it when I get stressed. Helps me calm down.

7. Super Hexagon. I’ve been playing it off and on for years. I love simple, challenging games like this with great music. When you reach a certain point, the music shifts to reflect that and invokes all sorts of hype.

8. The Room is a great puzzler. A small fee gets you a pretty, interesting puzzle game that was good enough to make me pay money for all three sequels.

Nothing to do with the movie though.

9. Plague Inc. I play this when I’m sick or stuck on a plane. Simple little game. Sometimes you just want to kill all humans.

10. Polytopia. It’s like a simplified civ game, it’s quirky and i wish it had more to it but it’s good at what it is, a quick simple And fun game, on top of that, no ads!

11. I play good old Minesweeper. It’s good because it helps me keep my mind sharp, and also sparks up conversations from everybody who has never figured out how to play it. I teach them how to play and they somehow think I’m a genius. It’s good though because it is simple enough that I can come back to it again and again.

12. Falcross, it’s a really adorable puzzle game. I found it on r/wholesomememes because when you’ve been playing too long it makes you take a break so you don’t hurt your eyes. I play it a lot when it’s slow at work, and it’s great because it’s easy to set down and pick back up again.

13. Werewolf Online. Is really fun, there’s werewolves and villagers and a bunch of different roles, but only you know who you are, and everyone had to work together to try figure out who the werewolves are, and the werewolves have their own chat to try get rid of all the villagers, You should try it, it’s fun.

14. Pewdiepie Tuber Simulator. Because it’s still relevant god dammit.

15. Without a doubt, the Skullgirls mobile port. They did an amazing job of packing down a fighting game to mobile, the art looks amazing and the customisation systems are great. New character coming in the next update too!

16. The Battle Cats. This game so delightfully weird.

17. Geometry Dash. Really well done, keeps me entertained for a long time. Don’t even need to talk about the songs.

18. Toca Boca. It’s childish but i love creating the stupidest hairdos.

19. All Cube Escape games are my go to, I happily drop money when a new full game comes out

20. Stardew Valley. Where the themes of Minecraft and Terraria are similar in that you, as a player, are searching for and collecting resources while surviving monsters, the themes of Stardew Valley are more about simplicity and life. You run, and more importantly, manage, a farm. You talk to townsfolk, developing relationships as you do. You help bring the town new life, gettinh parts of it up and running again. It’s about the simple life and taking joy in the menial. It’s pretty good.

21. Tetris. I don’t think I need to say why.

22. Love Nikki. That game is so good but so addictive if I weren’t broke I’d spend all my money on it.

23. I’m addicted to music rhythm games so Cytus gets my vote. Tons of nice music and the game is super aesthetically pleasing. In-depth gameplay (for a music game) and every song has an easy mode to ease people into it.

24. Final Fantasy Opera Omnia.

It’s a 3D turn-based RPG with party members from pretty much every Final Fantasy ever made. The story is compelling and updated regularly, the battle system is satisfying (kinda crazy how much depth they can pull out of like 2-3 unique attacks per character), and it’s one of the least predatory mobile games I’ve ever played. Never paid a cent for it, only thing I can’t do are the ultra high-level challenges, which don’t give you anything unique or necessary anyway.

After being severely disappointed with other mobile RPGs like Future Fight in recent months, Opera Omnia has been a breath of fresh air, and is a gift that keeps on giving.

25. Alto’s Adventure is a hell of a lot of fun and its completely free.

26. Love live school idol festival. It’s an interesting rhythm game based on the love live series. It has fun gameplay, amazing characters and stories, and addicting scouting (summoning). If you are looking for a good rhythm game then you need to try this.

27. Food Fantasy! Personified Food and great F2P game with a ton of interesting mechanics. The meta changes depending on what lvl you are and what Food Souls you have as well as what World Boss is currently active.

28. Occidental Heroes, on the rare occasion that I’m stuck somewhere. This game just brings me into another world.

29. Downwell. So simple yet so well made. It’s really the perfect phone game.

30. I like Hearthstone. It is simple, fast and fun.

31. I downloaded Minecraft pocket edition because of nostalgia, and it’s fantastic.

32. Evil Apples – it’s just a mobile version of Cards against Humanity, and it’s very enjoyable. I genuinely recommend checking it out.

33. Roller Coaster Tycoon Classic. Not only is it the original PC game down to the little details, it’s incredibly fun and a huge time killer.

34. Motherfucking “Retro Highway.” It’s a super simple but super addictive little endurance game. At least for me. It’s the only mobile game I will ever play.

35. Honestly, it’s Angry Birds 2 right now. There’s enough to keep me busy for a long time, without requiring me to buy crap.

36. Flippy Knife, as dumb as it sounds, it’s actually really entertaining.

37. CRIMO. It’s a free game where you solve picture puzzles to get clues to solve murders.

It does have in app purchases to buy extra lives, but you can wait and revive. I’ve never felt the need to spend anything on it. If you don’t make a mistake, you can keep playing for ages.

38. I like Pirate Code. It’s like Brawlstars but with pirate ships.

39. Monument Valley. The design and music is so peaceful and puzzling through the levels helps the subway ride go by faster.

40. The Kingdom Rush series are some great TD games.

41. Atomas. Super great game. Similar to 2048 but more fun (and educational!).

42. Arcaea is a rhythm game with a high skill ceiling. It’s similar to Piano Tiles. It’s free and comes with i think 17 songs but you can buy song packs or songs.

43. Tiny Tower! Not much action but I enjoy managing my tower and always get excited building a new floor.

44. Solitary. Old one but never fails.

45. CodyCross – fun crossword puzzle with always just enough help to keep you going – works offline too! I’m on level 230…

46. Epic Seven. A turn based RPG gacha game with great graphics / cutscenes and original characters.

47. Cat Bird. Pretty short game, but the aesthetics, music and challenge it brings makes it worth a play.

48. Magikarp Jump gave me a decent amount of fun while it lasted. If you want some mindless Skip Skip Ok prompts while watching that dumb fish do stuff.

49. I bought True Skate with money from Google Opinion Rewards. Really fun skating game but the dlc maps are way better. Definitely worth spending a couple bucks on with how much I’ve played it. My go-to no wifi game.

50. Wayward Souls. Top-down rogue like action rpg with the slickest touch controls I’ve ever experienced. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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