50 G-Rated Experiences That Feel As Good As An Orgasm

50 G-Rated Experiences That Feel As Good As An Orgasm

These experiences from Ask Reddit will hold you over until you have sex again.

1. Getting in bed after a very long exhausting day. The sheets seem to cuddle and caress you like a lover.

2. That first sip of a perfect cup of coffee.

3. Sinking into a nice hot bath after a long day.

4. Being really drunk at 2am and getting your favorite greasy ass food.

5. Someone playing in your hair.

6. Driving with the windows down on the first 60+ degree day after a long winter and smelling barbecue from somewhere in the neighborhood

7. When you wake up on a Saturday morning with the sun streaking through the curtains thinking you missed your alarm and the realization hits you: there was no alarm. And there will be no alarm.

8. When the thing you didn’t want to go to gets canceled.

9. Sliding into clean cool bedsheets after you’ve shaved your legs. That feeling is bliss.

10. That first hit of weed after a long hard day.

11. Making a joke at a correct time and place and making people laugh their ass off. Such a good feeling.

12. Taking my bra off at the end of the day.

13. That amazing feeling when you’re on a diet and you take your first bite into one of your cheat meals.

14. When you get an insanely good foot massage after standing the whole day.

15. When you’re in a stadium and your team scores.

16. Eating red velvet chocolate. Slowly.

17. Finally finding a lost wallet or purse that you have been searching for in a panic.

18. When the DVD player logo bounces directly into the corner of the screen.

19. When you crack ALL of your fingers, instead of having that one goddamn finger that won’t crack while you are basically snapping it off trying to get it to.

20. When the person who acted like an ass while arguing with you on how to do something, later comes to you for advice on how to do that very thing correctly.

21. A refreshing pint of cold beer after a hard day in the summer.

22. Getting fresh air after you have been locked inside for a while.

23. Putting on warm PJs out of the dryer and cozying into the bed with fresh sheets while they’re still warm!

24. When you’re playing music with other people and there’s that moment when something clicks and the world just melts away.

25. reeeeally good stretch.

26. Getting a Mathgasm from solving an insanely hard problem and it finally clicks in understanding.

27. When you turn alarm off and realize there is no rush – you are on a holiday and can easily drop back to bed and sleep.

28. When you finish writing that one essay and are able to close the 12 productivity tabs you had open on your computer.

29. When the bit of water that was stuck in your ear finally comes out.

30. When you’re broke AF and put on a jacket you haven’t worn in a year, reach in the pocket and suddenly you can afford to eat because of some forgotten pocket change.

31. Passing an exam you thought you were sure to fail.

32. Finally being able to floss something that has been stuck in your teeth for a while.

33. That really good spine chilling part of your favorite song.

34. Waking up with a stiff neck/back then cracking it and it actually feels better.

35. That first moment when you get home from work and don’t have to deal with people for the next 12-15 hours.

36. Finally remembering something (words, title of a song or movie, etc).

37. Blowing your nose just after a cold, the feeling of goop coming out and being able to breathe better.

38. When you get the shower temperature juuuuuust right.

39. Clocking out of work on your Friday.

40. Scratching the sock marks on your leg after a long day wearing it.

41. A hairdresser washing your hair and massaging your scalp. Holy fuck that’s the best feeling.

42. Fixing something on the first try without YouTube or calling your dad.

43. When you’re cutting wrapping paper and the scissors start gliding.

44. Eating an epic meal when you’re really hungry.

45. When you get more than 5 green lights in a row.

46. Back scratch by someone with natural nails.

47. Being insanely thirsty and chugging cool water.

48. Peeling off an new device screen protector.

49. Paycheck, bonus and tax return hits the bank account on the same day.

50. That feeling you get; sometime between 17:00 and 21:00 on a Friday evening when you realize you don’t have work in the morning. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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