Types Of YouTubers

20 Different Types Of YouTubers That Will Inspire You To Create Your Own Channel

These different Types of YouTubers will inspire you to make your own viral videos!

YouTube is still rapidly growing, despite the fact it’s been around since 2005.  Top channels earn millions of dollars per year — and bring smiles to millions of faces per year. If you have been thinking about filming and uploading your own videos, you should not hold yourself back for any longer. Take a risk. Grab your camera.

If you are unsure about what kind of content you should create for your new channel, scroll through these types of YouTubers for inspiration!

Types of YouTubers

1. Beauty

If you are obsessed with makeup, you can create a beauty channel with tutorials on how to create seasonal looks. You can also give reviews on your favorite (and least favorite) products.

2. Animation

If you have always dreamed of drawing cartoons, you don’t have to wait for Disney or Nickelodeon to call. You can create your own series and upload it to YouTube without any outside help!

3. Gaming

If you love playing video games, you might as well record commentary over them. Focusing on beating levels while actively engaging with your audience is harder than it looks — but you’ll get the hang of it if you’re passionate enough!

4. Sports

If you are a sports fan, you can create a channel where you discuss the latest games. Or you could follow in the footsteps of Dude Perfect and put a twist on all your favorite competitions.

5. Cooking

You don’t have to wait until your masterpieces are complete to post pictures on Pinterest and Instagram. You can upload the entire process in a video format to teach your audience the steps.

6. Fashion

You can create a channel where you show off your wardrobe. You can create a channel where you review celebrity red carpet looks. Or you could create a channel where you walk around in unusual clothing items and capture reactions.

7. Family

If your entire world revolves around your family, then you should make a channel together! Get the kids involved. Make it a family affair.

8. Pranks

Play pranks on your friends and record their reactions. Just make sure you don’t end up losing them in the process!

9. Fitness

If you have workout tips to share, spread them around! Even if you are struggling to stay in shape, you could upload videos about your journey to get healthier. Uploading regular videos will keep you motivated.

10. Education

YouTube contains more than mindless entertainment. There are educational videos, as well. You could teach your audience something new about the world while making them laugh.

11. Reactions

Record yourself watching music videos, television shows, or clips from other YouTubers. All you have to do is give your honest opinion. Don’t hold anything back.

12. ASMR

ASMR has become insanely popular across the platform. If you want to help your audience fall asleep at night, you might want to think about learning the tricks of the trade.

13. Mukbangs

You’d be surprised by how many people love watching strangers eat on camera! Order your favorite food, sit yourself down, and have a casual chat with your audience.

14. Daily Vlogs


If you feel like your life deserves a reality show, you should upload daily videos. You don’t have to do anything special. You just have to live your life.

15. Spoofs

If you feel like you were destined to star on SNL, you can create your own skits and spoofs. Write a script, act it out, and edit until you have a high-quality video.

16. News

With the help of the internet, news travels fast. You can help deliver it by creating a channel where you discuss drama. There is plenty to go around!

17. Interviews

If you have the right connections, you can interview others in the public eye. Until then, you could have fun interviewing your friends and family members.

18. Drinking

Get drunk with your friends and upload a video of the aftermath. All you need is a camera and a bottle of your favorite liquor.

19. DIY

If you are artistic, share your gift with the world. Give your audience a way to create easy, affordable crafts. They will thank you for it!

20. Comedy

There are no rules on YouTube. You can make content about absolutely anything. The more ridiculous the concept, the funnier the video! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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