If You Want To Change Your Reality, You're Going To Need To Be Unrealistic

If You Want To Change Your Reality, You’re Going To Need To Be Unrealistic

If you really want to have a different life, you are going to have to be able to see beyond your life.

Before you can change your habits, you are going to have to change your vision. Before you can change your relationships, you’re going to have to reconcile with yourself. Before you can have a different existence, you’re going to have to believe it’s possible.

Sam Laura Brown says it best: if you want a different reality, you’re going to have to be unrealistic.

This means that you’re going to have to envision a life that is foreign, one that’s completely new. You’re going to have to imagine yourself doing things you’ve never done before, maybe things that make you uncomfortable or nervous at first.

You’re going to have to stop dreaming of the best you’ve ever known and imagine that there could be something so good, you’ve never even conceived of it yet.

What would you choose for yourself if there was nothing binding you to your smallness? What would you believe in if you knew that whatever you set your mind to is what would manifest? What would you really care about if you knew caring would make it real?

The truth is that people shun the possibilities of their lives because they are afraid of being unrealistic.

Every struggling artist who made it big had to believe in themselves before anyone else could see what they were capable of. Every businessperson had to imagine a product that did not yet exist. Every come up story starts with one thing and one thing only: someone who dared to dream bigger than their life allowed.

Most people plan their lives using the blueprints of their past. They combine what they thought they wanted, what others told them was possible, and the best things that ever happened to them and mold them into an idea of the greatest possible outcome.

But if you look back on your life, you’ll realize that we often don’t know what’s best for us. There are things out there that are so good, we don’t think to ask for them, but they find us anyway. Identify the limits of your thinking, and then shatter them.  Believing in something alone will not make it happen, but if you don’t dare to imagine it, you can guarantee that it will never be.

Your personal revolution starts now.

Remember that the goodness you cannot yet conceive of does not have to be about something you do not yet have. Very often, the greatest, most unbelievable miracles are learning to love what’s in front of us with complete, reckless abandon.

The greatest possible outcome of your life can be to fall in love with what you have. It can be learning to take compliments and cherish them, knowing when to jump on opportunities even if the future is unclear. It can be to become completely and totally at peace each day, to know real joy, maybe for the first time ever.

It can be to heal, even if others have said it’s impossible, change, even if you never have been able to before.

The greatest possible vision for your life does not have to be a metamorphosis of your money or your relationships or your job. It is in your mind first, and foremost. Maybe it is not becoming someone else, but being able to realize that everything you have is everything you need, and allowing that gratitude to be the base on which you build everything else you desire.

Be willing to reach beyond the limits of what you thought was possible. Maybe you get something even better than the greatest thing you thought you wanted. Maybe you don’t become someone new. Maybe you realize that all you are is all you ever wanted. Maybe it’s to experience more bliss and gratitude than you ever felt before — right here and right now. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

January Nelson is a writer, editor, and dreamer. She writes about astrology, games, love, relationships, and entertainment. January graduated with an English and Literature degree from Columbia University.