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1. Imagine you are standing at a train platform and unhelpful thoughts are the trains that pass, you don’t need to get on every train, acknowledge them and let them pass.

2. Before you spend your time and energy solving a problem, make sure it’s your problem.

3. Stop expecting to find closure. There are times when it just won’t happen. The fact that the relationship ended is the only closure you’re going to get.

4. Your time and energy are valuable and spendable just like money. You don’t go and blow all your hard earned bucks on things that are shitty and make you feel terrible, so stop blowing all your time and energy on people and things that are shitty and make you feel terrible.

5. Name as many embarrassing moments for someone else as you can in a minute. You probably cant think of much. This is how people view your embarrassing moments.

6. Treat yourself as you would treat a small child. Would you only give them fast food? Deprive them of sleep? Let them lay on the couch all day?

7. You are in control of your life. Not your parents or friends or boss or society. You may be shaped by them but you can’t live your life blaming them for everything and not doing anything to improve your situation.

8. Just because someone doesn’t buy a million dollar house, it doesn’t make the house worth less than it is.

9. It’s not moving on, it’s moving forward.

10. Do not blame everything on yourself. The way you turned out to be is not 100% on you so stop feeling bad about it, stop trying to go back in time to fix it. You can however learn to manage the outcome.

11. This is your circle. Decisions you make go in this circle. You can consciously let people influence your decisions, but even that is something you did in your circle. That’s their circle. You are not responsible for what they do in their circle. You cannot live your life doing things in your circle to keep people from doing things in their circle and vise-versa

12. You can’t blame someone for how they were raised and what they experienced, but you can absolutely hold them accountable for how they treat others because of it.

13. Stop trying to understand feelings, just feel them.

14. Don’t beat yourself up for not making leaps and bounds of progress. Progress is progress no matter how small.

15. Don’t hold things in. Think of yourself as a balloon, if air is released slowly, it’s much more pleasant than if the balloon gets too full and pops.

16. Be with yourself rather than by yourself.

17. Your past may influence who you are but you do not have to be tied to it like an anchor.

18. Comparison is the thief of joy.

19. What if you just walked away? Did you forget that you can choose what you do?

20. You cannot rescue people.

21. You’re never going to be happy if your whole personality revolves around trying to be likable.

22. Be around people you want to be like.

23. Don’t live within a negative emotional moment. Negative feelings like hatred, jealousy, self doubt, anger all pass eventually. So wait for these feelings to pass before making decisions or do important tasks.

24. Your anxiety symptoms are uncomfortable, but not deadly. Try to treat them like a cold. Treat yourself, but it will also need time and patience.

25. Just because you think it doesn’t mean it’s true.

26. Good people can do bad things.

27. Don’t dwell on past mistakes. If you start overanalyzing your regrets, acknowledge the negative thoughts, and then move on to setting a goal or thinking about something you’re looking forward to instead. Try to focus on the positive, and eventually you’ll ‘retrain’ your brain to think that way more naturally.

28. As long as you’re still breathing … there’s time to change.

29. Replace bad old memories with good new memories.

30. When people want to kill themselves, they very rarely actually want to die. They want the pain to stop, and are so desperate they can’t see the difference.

31. Every family is dysfunctional, just in different ways.

32. Pick your battles. Life is too short and your peace is too precious to martyr it over arguing or worrying about the battles that don’t even matter.

33. The only thing you can change is yourself.

34. Accept your problems and try to live with it. Because life is not prefect you will always get some of problems. And be thankful for life even if you don’t feel good. Positivity is the only thing that makes us happy.

35. Life is happening for you, not to you.

36. Just because they are family doesn’t mean you have to love them and be apart of each other’s lives.

37. If crying really is your only option, it’s ok to do it.

38. Think about what’s most likely to happen instead of what’s the worst thing that could happen.

39. Try to enjoy life and not just ‘get through’ it.

40. Yes, you are going to feel like shit for a while. But you will get over it.

41. If there’s a lion behind you, keep walking. Just because it’s behind you doesn’t mean it’s attacking. Deal with the problems currently attacking you.

42. Throughout the day, when you’re not focused on doing anything, just focus on nothing for a second. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath.

43. Never take on the emotion of the situation. If you do, the situation controls you.

44. You’re not responsible for your father’s actions or behavior.

45. If you think you don’t need your meds anymore, they’re working. Keep taking them.

46. You didn’t always (specific behavior). So, you don’t always have to. You can go back.

47. Counseling is not necessarily meant to save a relationship, it’s to help you figure out what you want and what’s best for you.

48. Fuck what they think. You don’t need approval.

49. You should not rely on other people for you to feel happy. You will only burden them with your problems and put your issues on them. Same goes for them. They should not rely on you to feel happy.

50. It doesn’t sound to me like you really want to die, but that you just don’t want to suffer. That is a perfectly human reaction to not want to suffer, so let’s work on some ways to minimize that. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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