50 Little Things That Are Accidentally Making You Look Like A Horrible Person

50 Little Things That Are Accidentally Making You Look Like An Asshole

If you do any of these things mentioned on Ask Reddit, then you need to start making better choices.

1. Ask you how your day was (or something along those lines) only as a vehicle for them to tell you about their day. I hate it when I can sense they are just waiting for me to finish talking so they can talk about themselves.

Like, come on, at least listen to what I have to say and pretend to care.

2. You’re telling them a story about something unfortunate that happened to you and rather than be empathetic, the first thing they say is something along the lines of, “You think THAT’S bad? This one time, I had this much worse thing happen to me, and – “

Super rude. It’s not a contest.

3. Checking their phone when I’m in the middle of a sentence, when there was no sound or vibration that came from the phone, without addressing it immediately afterwards and pretending like I never noticed.

4. If they take up a lot of counter space while fixing their drink at a busy coffee shop.

If they have a full fledged conversation at a normal speaking voice on an otherwise quiet or silent vessel of public transportation. Nobody cares about that wedding, Shannon.

If Shannon is out at a group dinner and everyone has received their check and the wait staff is cleaning up so Shannon starts waving her credit card at the wait staff like she’s signaling a taxi.

Any and all forms of one upping.

Talking about people behind their back.

And other self absorbed behavior that brings a consequence to everyone around them.

5. People that try to put down your successes like “Oh you just got a good grade? That’s what you’re supposed to do” “Oh you saved up to buy yourself a new car? Well couldn’t you do a better job at finding a nicer looking car?” But then these people also magnify your failures.

6. Being consistently late. It tells me they view their time as intrinsically more valuable than mine.

7. People that throw small pieces of trash on the ground while walking around/on public transport. Just because it’s small doesn’t make it okay you piece of shit, keep that candy wrapper in your fucking purse and throw it in the trash when you get home.

8. When they say vague unkind statements about a demographic of people like, “some people just shouldn’t wear swimsuits,” or something. It’s annoying, especially when they clearly want you to laugh along.

9. Name dropping. I know someone who knows a famous media personality and just refers to her by her first name… constantly. It’s cringe-inducing

10. Stop in the middle of the aisle when grocery shopping, giving no regard to anybody around them. Just clogging up the lane.

11. Look at their phone when I or someone else begins to speak.

12. They purposefully park over more than one space. Like…no matter what led to that decision, it means you think your car/time is much more important than everyone else’s.

13. People who don’t say thank you when you hold a door open for them, manners cost nothing you a-holes.

14. People who will find the darkest lining (opposed to silver lining) on anything you’re planning to try/do/have done.

15. Telling another person how to do their job, when asshole has never done it or took one class on it 20 years ago. This is my job. I spent over a year training in this and have taken several hours of continuing education each year for close to a decade.

16. Forcing someone to drink with you. Not taking no for an answer. “Come on, just one!” Incredibly tacky and selfish.

17. Blast their music through their crappy phone speakers. Not only do you not respect the people around you, you don’t even respect the music enough to play it through a proper set of headphones.

18. When I meet someone who spends more than half their time complaining about other people they know.

19. Someone who doesn’t say thank you. Rude.

20. Littering. Condescending behavior to waiters, cashiers, customer service staff. Mocking strangers in public.

21. Interrupt me while I’m talking, so when I get a chance to talk again, I talk really fast so I can get my point across really quick. I hate that.

22. Not admit when they misspoke, misunderstood, or are wrong about something minor.

23. When you meet someone and they look you up and down while talking to you. Instead of making eye contact you can see there eyes looking up and down examining your shoes, your clothes, your hair. Are you fucking serious? I’m talking to you here and you’re standing there judging me thinking that I can’t notice?

24. They assume whatever problem they have is more important than anything I have going on because they have kids and I don’t.

25. When you’re having a conversation with someone and they just come up, cut you off, and try to begin a new conversation.

26. When mockery is the only way they validate themselves. I don’t mind being made fun of, but when it’s all you do it gets upsetting.

27. Two people side by side on a sidewalk walking towards you and they don’t move over for you, so you have to step off the sidewalk as you pass. Selfish.

28. Throwing cigarettes out car window or anywhere but trash.

29. Make snap judgments about other people based on subtle insignificant actions.

30. Not taking the time to throw away their trash after eating in a food court and just leaving it on the table.

31. Put something back in a store but in the wrong place.

32. People who always have to one up you.

33. People who immediately smack down anyone who’s trying to do good.

34. Interrupting multiple times in a conversation.

You can wait a sec to let me finish my sentence.

35. Not using their turn signal while driving.

36. Complains about how sensitive people are when they say something mean and hurt someone’s feelings.

37. People who leave their shopping carts in the parking lot when they leave.

38. When someone is condescending from the beginning. Like why are you talking down to me, we just met?

39. When the person before you didn’t care to flush the toilet or wipe the lid. Seriously. It’s not that hard.

40. When I talk to a female friend and her male SO feels the need to show that “she belongs to him” by fondling her as she’s talking to me. Chill out dude—I’m a happily married man and she’s just a friend. Oh and also, not a piece of meat you own.

41. The subtle stink eye/eye roll after everything you say.

42. Letting their kids be obnoxious in public and not even trying to control them. Or actively enabling it.

43. Snap at a waiter or bartender, or generally be a dick to in anybody in the service industry in any capacity. Says volumes.

44. Finds sublet imperfections in you. Like “who did your haircut – they could have done a better job ” or when you have an idea they will shoot it down immediately and move on.

45. When a stranger or slight acquaintance starts talking politics to me like we both agree when they don’t even know what my views are.

46. Talking about themselves more than listening to others.

47. When someone gives a completely unnecessary explanation to make you feel wrong or less than them without actually telling you directly. For example I would offer a burger to a friend and instead of just passing on it she would say “oh no thanks, but that’s soooo unhealthy it wouldn’t match my amazing eating habits It’s even disgusting the greasy and cheap taste they have” in a room full of people who actually choose to eat the burger…

48. When they don’t push in a chair after getting up in a crowded space.

49. The moment they meet you, finding something to laugh at you or put you down over.

50. People who try and get on the bus/train/elevator without letting people get off first. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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