A Gift Guide For Art Students

A Gift Guide For Art Students

Here is a gift guide for art students so you can help your loved ones achieve their dreams!

Art students are committed. They are dedicated. And they are more than likely broke.

That is why you should surprise them with a present that shows you’ve been paying attention to their hopes and their dreams. Let them know you support them because there are a lot of people out there trying to convince them their passions are not worth chasing.

Here is a gift guide for art students so you can show your loved ones how much you care this holiday season: 

1. Graphics Tablet

Image result for UGEE M708 Graphics Tablet, 10 x 6 Inch Large Drawing Tablet, 8192 Levels Pressure Battery-Free Pen Stylus, 8 Hotkeys, Compatible with Windows 10/8/7 Mac Os Artist, Designer, Amateur

Art does not have to be confined to a sheet of paper anymore. This tablet allows students to create digital artwork. It doesn’t matter whether you are a leftie or a rightie because the multi-functional stylus allows you to draw thin or thick lines based on the pressure you use. You can also use the program for photo retouching.

2. Starry Night Palette Case

Image result for Fclub Watercolor Tins Palette Paint Case with 40Pcs Half Pans Carrying Magnetic Stripe on The Bottom - Starry Night by Vincent Van Gosh

Painters always need more palettes! This one is pocket-sized, which means it can be used inside of a studio or outside in nature. Plus, whenever students glimpse the painting on the front, it will give them inspiration to reach the same level of success as Van Gogh.

3. Paint Brush Set

Image result for Artist Paint Brush Set – 15 Different Shapes & Sizes – FREE Painting Knife & Watercolor Sponge – No Shed Bristles – Wood Handles – For Body Paint, Acrylics & Oil

Made with wooden handles and high-quality nylon hair, this set of paint brushes is perfect for acrylics, watercolor, gouache, ink, oil, and face paint. Even though these brushes (which also come with a mixing knife and art sponge) are super affordable, they are not cheaply made. They will get the job done.

4. Craft Storage Bag

Image result for Artist's Loft Fundamentals Art Organizer Craft Storage Tote Bag by Artists Loft

Instead of lugging sketchpads and pencils through campus by hand, this tote bag will keep all of their supplies in one place. The side pockets are perfect for storing drawing materials and the main compartment can fit a handful of books at once.

5. Color Wheel Necklace

Vintage Color Wheel Necklace, Artists Pendant Color Wheel Necklace, gift for Art Teachers Students, Retro French color wheel

Instead of buying a cardboard color wheel that an art student will have to remember to carry with them, they can wear this adorable accessory on their neck at all times. It looks fashionable but it can also help them when they are choosing their colors for their next creation.

6. Watercolor Kit

Image result for Colore Watercolor Painting Kit, 24 Colors

This set contains a broad range of vivid, pigmented colors that do not fade after use. It will help young artists create their own wall art, abstract paintings, landscape paintings, and fine portrait paintings.

7. Bob Ross Boxset 

Bob Ross: The Joy of Painting - Nine 1-Hour Instructional Guides 10 DVD Gift Set

If an art student ever needs inspiration (and encouragement), then they can pop a Bob Ross DVD into their laptop and watch one of the most popular artists of our generation. He will remind them to keep following their passions, to never give up on their dreams.

8. Adult Coloring Books

Image result for B-THERE Adult Coloring Books, Over 125 Different Designs Combined, Mandala Coloring Books for Adults with Detailed Flower Designs Printed on Heavy Paper, Set of 4

When an art student is low on motivation, these books might give them the inspiration they need to pick up their tools again. Or it might just be a relaxing way for them to spend the evening when they aren’t in the mood to create their own art.

9. Sleep Shirt

Image result for at Sleep Art Repeat T-Shirt Funny Artist Creative Gift

Art students are so busy obsessing over their work that they barely have time to focus on themselves. Since they probably haven’t shopped in a while, surprise them with this cute shirt. They can wear it while they’re creating or while they’re catching up on the sleep they badly need.

10. Sketch Pads 

Strathmore Series 400 Sketch Pads 9 in. x 12 in. - pad of 100

Sketch pads allow students to keep all of their artwork in one space. If you have an artist in your life, you cannot go wrong with this gift. Even if they already have a set of sketch pads, it’s only  a matter of time until they run out of room and need another. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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