50 Unexpected Things Men Find Super Cute About You

50 Unexpected Things Men Find Super Adorable About You

Youd be surprised by what some guys consider attractive, but these gentleman from Ask Reddit can fill you in.

1. I find when they remember small things super cute. If I mention that I like something or I am about to go do something and the next time we talk, you immediately remember before I even remember, it shows that you care about what I actually had to say which I find super attractive.

2. Women who find something beautiful in everything you do with them. A girl I knew proved this, it was pouring rain, we we’re all freezing, and we had at least an hour walk back to the car. Suddenly she was gushing over how cute a patch of mushrooms she found was.

3. Putting their hair behind their ear.

4. Pajamas. Girls in comfy clothes = girls who like to cuddle. Cuddling whilst watching movies = best dates.

5. A couple of things. First is just the little ways of showing they are paying attention. Like when you leave a meeting because you don’t feel well and get a message from her that she hopes you feel better.

Another one is hard to describe, but there’s a certain kind of look in someone’s eye. Like if you say something and there’s a way she looks at you, I don’t know if its best to call it admiration or something else, but there’s just some kind of thing you can see. Absolutely makes me weak at the knees. It’s almost like at that moment she sees you as the most important thing in the world. This is kinda something that comes when you may already be in a relationship with someone or close to that point, but I still thought it was worth mentioning.

6. Being weird – there are so many people (both men and women alike) that are afraid to show their personalities. It ends up drawing out the part of the relationship where you really get to know each other.

7. With the cooler seasons coming around, I’d like to take this as a chance to say that sweaters are adorable as fuck. Especially turtle necks.

8. Dirty jokes and a dark sense of humor. When we were showing pictures of our dogs and my ex showed me a picture of a tombstone, I was horrified, but that was also hilarious and really attractive in my book.

9. Someone who challenges you. A lot of people get caught up in being accepting and caring. Or they think you are smarter and just accept what you say.

I fell head over heels for a woman that would question all my thoughts and opinions. Not in a mean way. Just would dig deeper and wasn’t scared to ask why I thought things. She had no problem calling me out when I was abusing my body, fucking up, or being irresponsible. It was so refreshing and made me want to be better. Made me really hash out my thoughts.

I actually don’t think it’s that little a thing, a huge positive for a relationship, but I had been in so many long term relationships where anything was acceptable and my thoughts were just taken as fact because they didn’t see themselves as great as I saw them.

10. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times, when we are doing separate things, she walks past and touches my back, hair, arm, hand…

Just a brush as she goes? I’ll remember that moment for years.

Sudden, brief, no reason affection, there’s nothing like it.

11. The way girls jump and shimmy when putting on tight jeans. Adorable.

12. Girls who aren’t afraid to dork out. Getting giddy about something that interests them, being silly and telling jokes. Also, not afraid to go out looking imperfect. I don’t care if you put makeup on. Bring your smile. I guess all of these things come down to letting her true self out.

13. I like girls taller than me and most tall girls are pretty insecure about their height since most think that guys want shorter girls.

14. Just random playful hits. Just headbutt my shoulder for no reason. I like that random, childish play.

15. Girls being direct, I hate reading signs and such, be direct, tell me whats on your mind so I can help you or know what you want.

16. Smile, sense of humor, making eye contact, really looking at me and listening.

17. Women who look like they could beat the shit out of me (which isn’t too hard). Punk attitude and some muscles are good shit to me.

18. Girls that have dark, sullen, idgaf eyes. It’s intimidating but very attractive.

19. When a girl isn’t following all the rules that she’s supposed to. She wears unfashionable clothes, laughs loudly, corrects men who are loud and wrong, isn’t afraid to smell bad from camping or working out. Pretty much someone who makes decisions for themselves and not based on what is expected of them.

20. For some reason I really love when a girl wears a collared shirt. No idea why.

21. A girl that is clumsy. May not apply to everyone but I’m really bad about this myself so I think it’s kinda cute.

Isn’t afraid to request a song or tell me she likes what I’m playing.

Also a girl who knows who she is and is ok with being exactly that. Quirks and all.

22. When they know how to savagely roast the shit out of you in just the perfect balance of endearment and flirty charm and humor.

23. Not trying to be especially girly/feminine. Then again I’m mostly into tomboys. I’ve met some girls that use the excuse of “I’m a girl” to explain why they aren’t good at or can’t do something, while I haven’t dated any of them it definitely doesn’t make me want to date them after that.

24. A girl that is able to admit when she doesn’t know something but not act dumb or shy. Also empathy and legit kindness make me man-wet.

25. There’s just something about a left handed girl that I find makes her seem so much more attractive and interesting when it really shouldn’t.

26. Love a woman on the grind. Someone with not only a goal but progress as well.

27. Cycling. A girl on a bike is instantly sexy to me. Also intelligence is super sexy. An intelligent super sexy cyclist lady.

28. Usually, the imperfections that make them unique. Like a crooked nose or something.

29. Small breasts. A lot of women are insecure about having small breasts, but I think they are great too.

30. Girls in oversized hoodies. It shows that she’s comfortable enough around you to not have to be dressed to the 9s at all times.

31. Girls that wear a pony tail into a hat, I just can’t resist.

32. I think it’s sexy when women don’t act like they need me to be complete. Growing up in the Deep South, most of the girls are taught to just find a husband and support him as their purpose in life. That’s pretty much a boner killer for me.

Now, introduce me to a lady who knows she’s smart, strong, and successful, one who is her own person and not just a compliment to me, and I’m all yours. I don’t want a subservient house maid; I want someone who I can grow with and learn from equally as we tag team this wild journey of life.

33. A girl that’s not afraid to get her hands dirty.

My wife tells me that some of the best advice she’d ever heard was ‘Aim to be brave, not perfect’. Couldn’t agree more.

34. She says what she means. Not in a rude way but more blunt than conventions would allow. Also dancing in public when no music is playing.

35. The shape of her eyes when she smiles.

36. Being genuinely nice. There are a few women I work with that are nice. Will help people and coworkers, go out of their way to do it and take their own time to do it too.

These women are like 5’s or 6’s but doing that turns them into 9’s and 10’s to me. Would rather have an average looking nice chick than a super hot bitch.

37. When they go on an excited rant and completely lose all social inhibitions about rambling and such. Like telling me something they are passionate about or recounting a funny story.

38. Mega brownie points to ladies who are nice to service people.

Ultra mega super brownie points to ladies who sing to themselves softly when they think no one is paying attention to them.

39. One of my Exes used to wear my old jumper I never wore while she was over. Don’t think there’s anything more sexy than a woman you’re attracted to in an oversized jumper with no pants on.

40. That moment when a woman is going off on a tangent about something she thinks is interesting, but right before the social conditioning kicks in and she becomes self-conscious.

Dammnit woman, how dare you be interested in something!

Super cute.

41. Great posture is sexy af.

42. My girlfriend does this I dunno about anyone else’s but she’ll make a small noise to indicate that she wants me to get closer to her and hot damn my dudes I never thought I’d go crazy over someone saying meep in the smallest voice possible

43. I once dated a girl who couldn’t help doing a terrible Scooby Doo impression to everyone she met; regardless of context.

44. Kindness.

It goes a long way and I’d argue it’s the best quality. As a young man, there’s a lot of pressure on me to be successful especially with all the people depending on me. I’m going to make mistakes, there are things that will make me uncomfortable/scared, and I’m struggling with insecurities on top of it all.

A girl who’s kind and understanding of all of my faults makes living life a bit more bearable.

45. I find women who are smarter than me really hot.

46. I’ve been with my wife for 15 years and I’m only 31 years old. I’ll never forget the exact moment that she went from some girl I was dating to being the girl I loved more than anything in the world.

During our first year together when I was high school we made plans to go on a date. We had to bring friends along because her parents wouldn’t let her date alone yet. Everyone knew we were dating but we were not very affectionate in front of other people. So that night we had gone to a local hang out spot in our city that had movies theaters, ice cream shops and a fountain where all the kids would just hang out.

About a few hours into out group date she runs off with her friends to get ice cream while me and the guys hung around the fountain. When she came back I had my back turned so I didn’t see her coming. She decided to surprise me from behind so she put her hand on my waist and just as I turned to look at who was touching me she planted the smallest little kiss on my cheek and went back to talking with her friends as if it was no big deal. It was so casual and out of nowhere but I was stunned that she had just kissed me. It wasn’t our first kiss but before that kissing was this huge deal and required like perfect timing and overcoming nervousness. That kiss rocked my world and showed that she was genuinely happy just to be with me. Recently when I bring it up she’s doesn’t even remember that night together. To me though, that touch on my waist and a that small peck on my cheek is what made me fall in love with her.

47. One of my really ridiculously cute coworkers came up to me and said hi, but started laughing nervously in the middle of it. Before I could even respond she ran away. It was a textbook awkward interaction.

Instead of being weird, it made me smile really hard. Something about her nervousness was kinda flattering and endearing and humanizing all at the same time.

48. My girlfriend and I went to a lake this past summer and swam out to the floating boundary that separate the swimming area from the rest of the lake. We were sitting on it and chatting and I decided to try to balance on it to see if I could. Her younger sister who was with us decided to jostle it to make me fall. I fell and cut my second toe on my right foot open to the bone. My girlfriend is a lifeguard and immediately went into first-aid mode. She got me out of the water and to the car and bandaged it up and cleaned it out when we got back to her house. The confident way she did everything when things went wrong was so fucking sexy. I’m gonna marry her one day and she’ll make the best wife.

49. I have never been more attracted to anyone than a nurse that I had this summer. The level of empathy required to do her particular specialty coupled with her ability to just laugh, the goofiest sounding laugh, like nothing else fucking mattered. She’s not a traditional beauty, but practically fell in love the first time we started joking with each other.

50. Honestly just any little quirks or imperfections fascinate me.

My Ex had vitiligo and it split right in half down her chest all the way to her hips. So the left side of her body was dark pigment than the right and its something she was super insecure about but I thought it was super cute and hella attractive. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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