50 Slang Words You Should Steal To Embarrass Your Millennial Daughter

50 Slang Words You Should Steal To Embarrass Your Millennial Daughter

These people from Ask Reddit know exactly how to embarrass your kids.

1. When something surprises you, say you are “shook.”

2. Use the word “slaps” or “banger” to describe something amazing or good. Like at my school whenever song is good they say something like “damn that song slaps bro” but instead you could use it in a way like “Your hair is a banger today, it slaps.”

3. Wondering what she’s up to today? Spice things up by saying, “Ayy what’s gucci fam? We’re heading to the park wanna join? It’s gonna be lit.”

4. “Your mother is DTF.”

5. Next time her friends are over, tell her you’ll leave them alone, but to “cash me ousside if you need anything”. Say it on front of her friends for max damage. Bonus if you dab before you leave.

6. When she gets upset, tell her she’s “being extra.”

Side note: it just means you’re overreacting, which she will do after about 2 or 3 of these terms.

7. Start calling everything she likes “wack.”

8. Deadass is a good word, it’s a synonym of actually and “I’m being serious.”

9. Just call everything “dope”, “lit” or “ratchet” and start calling her homie. Tell her she’s “on fleek” all the time.

10. Just say “whatup fam?” Then when they get mad yell “worldstar.”

11. “Fleek.”

I will give no context. No definition. For maximum embarrassment potential, all you need to know is that it’s an adjective.

12. “I’m literally screaming right now.”

13. Instead of saying you’re going somewhere say “im boutta slide” as in “I’m boutta slide to the store, what you need?”

Drop or misuse auxiliary verbs.

Instead of buying things, you cop them. I.e. “gonna cop me these Nikes” (pronounced like “likes”)

When they tell you to stop, reply with “you just dont understand the culture” and watch their head explode.

14. Instead of saying a curse word, EVERY time say “Damn Daniel.’

15. Bet. Use it in place of yes / I agree, etc.

16. “Vajayjay”.

So, you could say, “Do you need some tampons for your vajayjay?”

That would embarrass her.

17. Tag all of your texts with a hashtag. Bonus for #hashtag.

18. Call a girl she doesn’t like a “thot”. It means “that hoe over there”. Be like “omg that Lisa is such a thot”.

19. If she says something you disagree with, just let out a heavy sigh and say “ugh, swipe left” while making a swiping motion with one finger.

20. “YASSSS queen! You go girl! #Slay.”

21. Tell her mom is T H I C C.

22. (SAVAGE) If she finishes the milk, tell her she’s a savage. Says something mean or something not polite ask her, “Y U GOTTA ACT SO SAVAGE?”

23. Use the word clutch as a way to describe something great. Like – that party was clutch. You could use lit in the same way.

24. Greetings “Ay yo” – Hey “What’s good” – How’s it going/How are you doing/What’s up “Fam/bruh” – Any time you’re calling or greeting someone, you refer to them as such. This will replace bro, dude, babe, honey, sweety, etc. A few years ago the impersonal pronoun of choice was “homie” or “dawg”, but I’d go with the first two for maximum embarrassment. “Squad” – Plural of fam, but Fam can also be plural.

Leaving an event “I’m trynna dip” – I should probably take off
“Finna bounce?” – Should we head out?

Reacting to something crazy/shocking/amazing “BRUH” – No way, Holy crap “Furreal?” – Are you serious? “I’m dead/I’m sleep” – I’m incredulous as to what just happened “I’m shook” – I’m freaking out/shocked/amazed

Having fun “Dope/tight” – Cool “Turn up” – Have fun/Party “Lit” – Happening e.g. This club is lit “Get turnt” – Get drunk “Get lit” – Get drunk or high or both “Light up” – Smoke weed “Baked” – High on marijuana “Mobbin’ hard” – Walking/riding around with a big group of friends (mob)

Insults “You trash” – You’re very inadequate in some aspect of your life “You trippin” – You’re wrong/You’re mistaken, can also mean you’re making a big deal

25. Wuss good, ratchets? Boppin to them bangers, huh? Tight tight tight… well, I’m finna make sumn litty to eat, yall tryna cop? No? Haha savage. But forreal tho fams, ya moms DEADASS just brought home like 2 bags of pizza rolls if ya dig dem joints. Haha hella pizza rolls AF. Anyway… keep hustlin, earn that guap, stay yolo. Big Papa out, YEET!

26. When talking about objects say “A whole ass” whatever the thing is

Fam, pass me that whole ass remote.

27. Just use the word “meta” for a synonym for cool. “That’s meta fam” “meta shirt bro”.

28. Start a sentence with “for real”, except say it twice…as one word. “Forrealforreal, we should do x later” “but did you do your homework tho, forrealforreal.”

29. If she ever fights it say “triggered” and walk off.

30.“Sweetie, you’re at a critical point in your life. The choices you make now can determine the outcome of your future. This is why I need you to promise me you’ll take school seriously. The sky is the limit if you just try. I only tell you this because I love you and I want you to be woke as fuck.”

31. When going to a store say ” I finna roll up to (store name) right quick homie.”  Instead of asking how they are. Say. “What’s poppin B” Also tell them that their mom is DTF so they can stay out late tonight.

32. Slowly one by one point to all their friends faces. Pause. Look at your daughter. “You’re right. So dank. I can’t even. “

33. Don’t ever call her your daughter again. Only refer to her as “B”.

34. If she tells you to take off your jacket, just reply with

“Man’s not hot.”

35. When ever she asks you if you did something and you didn’t do, just say: “homie don’t play that.”

36. The phrase: “lit as af” in response to something being cool. Sure to get a rise out of her.

37. Next time she asks how she looks, tell her she looks extra basic.

38. Gucci gang, Gucci gang, Gucci gang, Gucci gang, Gucci gang, Gucci gang, Gucci gang, Gucci gang.

39. Just start saying “hashtag” out loud for example.. “ that food was really good. Hashtag tasty.”

You can get lots of examples on Twitter , if you start using the trending hash tags it would probably add effect.

40. Play “Now watch me whip” while whipping and doing the nae nae.

41. Ask her if she wants to watch Netflix and chill as INNOCENTLY as you can.

42. If friends come over call them fam. When you leave the room. Yell “I’m dabbin out!” And then flail your arms in the air.

43. That outfit is so fetch!

44. “Eskeetit!” (Or whatever the fuck Lilliam Pumpernickel a.k.a. Lil Pump says.

45. “You ain’t woke fam. I’m too lit.” Say that verbatim if you want her face to blush with embarrassment.

In lay man’s terms it means “you are not social aware/conscious as I. I am too cool.”

46. Call her bae and then dab.

47. I’m partial to saying “I’m finna pop a goog” instead of “I’m going to google this thing”

48. To agree with something she says reply “Factsssss!”

49. Say bruh after literally every sentence.

50. Wait till she’s in an argument with your spouse, or being slightly verbose in a public place, pull out your phone and shout “world star!” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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