35 Victims On The Creepiest, Gut-Twisting Thing They Have Seen Through Their Window

35 Victims On The Creepiest, Gut-Twisting Thing They Have Seen Through Their Window

Think twice before looking out your window at night. You might end up like these poor souls from Ask Reddit.

1. I was sitting on my bed trying to ignore the texts my abusive ex was sending me. I was dating my now husband, and my ex didn’t take kindly to it. He was sending me text after text, switching between being apologetic and threatening me. I was sitting on bed. The headboard was against the window and I was leaning on it. Eventually I grab my phone and text back, telling him to stay the fuck away from me, when I hear his message tone go off right behind me. I, while shaking, open the curtain and he was right there in the bushes.

2. The Hat Man. I remember googling “shadow man with a hat” years later, because the memory was so vivid in my mind. But it was the form of a man wearing a broad brimmed hat but all in black, and I just remember seizing up when I saw him. Then I turned away for a second and when I looked back, he was gone.

3. A few years ago, (I forget how long.) I was reading a book when I saw what looked like an alien hand waving at me through my peripheral vision. But when I looked at it, I didn’t see anything unusual.

4. I lived in an apartment right next to a freeway overpass as a kid and my bedroom window faced outward to an open walkway that connected to the other units. At night when I was trying to sleep I would often see silhouettes of people walking by and it was accompanied by hysteric wailing of both children and adults. The silhouettes were more like human figures passing by as shadows on the window screen. And as little kid I thought the wailing sounded like crying as if someone was scared of physically hurt… But because I was too small and had nothing to climb I couldn’t actually investigate what was outside.

I asked my parents about it and they said they didn’t see or hear anything from the walk way and they also said there is no way a group of people can come up to the walk way and be that obnoxious to make that much noise. I tried to take their word for it but I would still see the silhouettes and hear the wailing. I remember first experiencing all this around age 5. It would happen at least once a week and so by the time I was around 7 or 8 I got used to it and it didn’t bother me anymore.

When I was 9 my parents and I moved out of the apartment and I asked my parents again what were those shadowy figures and crying I heard and how come they never saw or heard anything. Then they confessed to me the apartment we lived in was built over a Hawaiian burial ground and the overpass that was built over that burial ground had several complications and some accidental deaths during its construction. So the whole area in general including our old apartment and the other apartments next to ours were most likely haunted by the Hawaiian spirits that were disturbed and possibly the workers who died when building the overpass. But based on what I saw and heard in that apartment I was most likely witnessing the Hawaiian spirts who were disturbed and couldn’t go back to rest.

5. This was a few years ago. I lived in an apartment and in my room, if you looked out the window you could see another building that had a lot of offices and every night I would be able to see a black figure just standing there watching me. It was scary asf. I tried flashing a light at it a few times to see a person or something but it was just a black figure and sometimes it moved around. I freaked out one day and as soon as the sun would start setting I would close the blinds and I did that for a few months and eventually the black figure left.

To this day I still have no idea what or who that was and it still creeps me out.

6. Well. A person. Which is all the more lively as I’m upstairs in my house.

7. Woke up to a weird noise and pulled open the curtain a crack. Saw someone trying to pop my window with a crowbar 3 feet from my head.

8. A dude in a car emptying a gun shooting at the empty park right in front of my house then driving off. Next day saw in the news than a person at a tire shop a couple blocks away was killed. I’m pretty sure it was the same guy but as far as I now they never caught him.

9. Lately, just as I fall asleep, I’ll see something that doesn’t belong. Whether it be a giant spider crawling on my ceiling towards me or a shadowy figure in the corner. The creepiest was by far the one that happened about a week ago. I was asleep for maybe twenty minutes when something woke me up. The head of my bed is at a window, and for whatever reason, when I woke up I was on all fours staring at the window when I see a giant rattlesnake slither in through a hole. There’s no hole in my window. I screamed so loud I woke my girlfriend up and the dog started to bark at me. 9/10 would not like to experience again.

10. My parents were out bowling so I was able to stay up past my bed time (I was about 8 when this happened) and for some reason I thought it would be fun to watch the stars. About 30 minutes into it a group of people stop in my drive way and are just staring at my house. So curious little me just stares back at them trying to figure out what they’re doing at that’s when one of them pointed at me and goes “I’ll get you”. After that I ran away from the window and went back to watching cartoons in the living room and that’s when I hear the doorknob jiggle. They never tried kicking the door down or anything but they just sat there fucking with the doorknob for like 5 minutes and then they just left.

11. I woke up one morning and started making eggs. I’m half asleep still, frying eggs, and I look to the right to the living room, and this old lady is standing there right outside the window staring at me. She is staring in my direction but could very well have been braindead. I put on some pants and finished making breakfast and started getting ready for work, and she ended up moving but still sort of standing around looking in another direction. I had to run to work, and have never seen her again.

12. My friend had a drone camera drone come up to her bedroom window every day for a bout two months in the summer.

13. A guy bleeding to death on our front lawn.

Growing up my neighborhood was adjacent to a major road. Some dude was drunk/high, clipped a car, and went off the road. To avoid a DUI/hit-and-run he fled into our neighborhood, but was pretty messed up, and he ended up on our lawn. Had a compound fracture of one arm, and at least a few scalp bleeds given the blood on his face. I just heard moaning and random intelligible yelling from my window and saw him writhing around on the lawn.

We called 911, and they got to him in time, but I still got to spend the next morning watering blood into the grass.

14. Not me, but my sister. From her window all she can see is a hill with a lot of trees and all kinds of vegetation. One day, as she was getting dressed, she spotted a dude peeping from over the hill so she turned off the lights.

The dude said “turn the lights back on.”

He’s been peeping many female neighbors for years. The cops have never been able to actually find him.

15. My bedroom window is a couple inches above the ground and I’ve seen someone looking in at night. There are thorn bushes blocking it.

16. A face. When I was a little kid I slept in a room with big windows and no curtains (wtf mom), which was always 100% creepy. Looked out one night and saw someone looking back at me. Noped out and slept in my sister’s room from then on.

17. The most unsettling was Racoon-man.

I woke up in the middle of the night and opened my blinds and a man was standing there watching. Just watching.

18. Use to live in a basement apartment in a reasonably nice end of town. Had been there a few months, no issues.

One night (late summer), I was laying in bed, watching a movie, whilst the dog had adopted about a month prior was laying on my feet, sleeping. (110 lbs, senior Rottie).

Window was open, as I normally opened it in the evening for fresh air when the weather was decent.

About 10 PM, I hear nothing, but my dog snaps awake, snarling, flies at the open window, knocks the screen out and all I hear is “OH SHIT”.

I look out the window, and there is a screwdriver on the ground.

Turns out this guy was trying to break in, using a screwdriver to quietly remove the screen.

Moved to an 8th floor unit very, very shortly afterwards.

(Also got my dog back about an hour later, un-injured. RCMP had gotten a few calls (including mine) about this guy seen at other complexes around my neighbourhood and one picked up my dog along the way).

They also caught the guy, and from what I understood, he was wanted on multiple warrants.

19. My mom shared a bed with her sister when they were younger, a bed directly under a window (and in a room on the first floor). She told me she would see a pair of eyes staring in their window through the blinds at night, watching them sleep. Her sister would always fall asleep before her so she’d be the only one that saw it. One day she told my grandparents, but they didn’t believe her at first. That is until my grandpa checked the window and saw the bushes directly beneath it all flattened and stepped on, along with recent footprints all around the window.

20. Looking out my window at night to discover my abuser sitting in front of the old building I lived in, watching my room. He had been screaming my name so I would let him in, and when it was silent and I peeked through the window, he sat there, just…waiting, with a confused yet violent look in his face, ready to kill. I had the lights off but I swear he looked me directly in the eyes. That was creepy as fuck.

21. Live in Detroit right on the border between a safer neighborhood and “Detroit” Detroit, so I tend to see quite a bit from my window.

Maybe not creepy, but the scariest would have to be getting an alert for an active shooter and only to see a guy matching the exact description just wandering around across the street.

22. I once saw a bunch of people performing a weird ritual on their apartment. Candles, people holding hands in a circle, the whole thing.

Long story short, I live on a 10th floor apartment and have a pretty good view of a bunch of apartments in buildings across from mine.

One night I was looking through my bedroom window when I noticed a weird orange light in one of the apartments.

It was late and most apartments were with the lights off, so this one really stood out. I kept looking and soon noticed shadows moving through the apartment’s windows. They had left their balcony window opened, so I could clearly see 6/7 people dressed up in white, walking around the apartment holding candles. I kept looking as they sat on the floor and suddenly it was all dark. I didn’t stay to see what happened next. My mom also saw the whole thing through her bedroom window, so it wasn’t my imagination.

We still don’t know what those people were doing exactly, and they have never done it again. So we could have witnessed a satanic ritual.

23. A neighbor over the road from us rushing out his house, suit ruffled, sweating profusely get into his car and speed away. Few days later it was discovered he had killed his wife and did a runner.

24. Woke up at 2-3am when my wife and I lived in our town home to find her staring out at the cornfield across the parking lot from our bedroom window. When I asked her what the hell she was doing she just slowly, wide eyed and without blinking, turned her head to look at me and asked “can’t you see them?”

Scariest experience I’ve had, let alone with a bedroom window.

Turns out she was sleepwalking….

25. I lived in a student house, ground floor on the street side. To prevent people from looking into my bedroom I put foil on my windows. Also had curtains, but they would never close completely because they were heavy and like 3 meters long.

One night I got out of the shower and was cleaning my face in front of the mirror. Suddenly I notice (in the mirror) a pair of eyes staring at me from just above the widow foil in the little V-shape between my not totally closed curtains.

Apparently some creep was standing on my window sill, staring at my half naked butt. No idea how long he was already there or if he did it before..

26. My cat was looking out the window and suddenly started growling and ran away spooked. When I pulled the curtain back, there was a man standing right outside my window. To get to my window, you had to go through a set of bushes. He wasn’t even looking at me, but off in the distance, even when I peeked out at him. I never saw him again, and I have no idea what he was doing.

27. It was 3 AM in the morning and I am laying in bed after waking up. My radio has an announcement for everyone to stay inside their houses, someone’s been reported going to houses and hurting people. I didn’t know if I heard what was said properly being half awake in bed and unable to process my own reality. Not long after that I hear shuffling coming up my sidewalk and I am pretty spooked, yet scared enough I don’t want to peak. I felt like a child again and I didn’t want to move. With my bedroom next to the front door – I could see the impression of a person’s shadow against my blinds struggling to open the front door. I could hear the doorknob was being messed with and I knew very well the frame holding the lock wasn’t stable. I couldn’t believe it, the door got kicked in. I have no way of escaping and I didn’t have a plan. After hearing that bang I had no idea what to do. BANG and then there was silence. Complete silence? Not long after while I am still in shock my bedroom door creaks open and in the darkness I see someone standing over my bed. Pretend to sleep? Yeah, that didn’t work because they’re now on top of me. Their hands placed onto my chest, their hips feel like weights on me. Falling onto me they’re electrifying me. My entire body feels like it’s bleeding and I can’t scream or move. SP is a bitch.

28. I just moved to the city and had maybe 15 feet between my studio apartment and the trailer next door. I heard arguing and words of get off me, stop fucking me, stop. I called the cops immediately. But before they arrived a heard door slams and a car peeling off. I hope she was okay.

29. 3am I heard a scuffle outside now this isn’t so odd we have a den of foxes across the street from me and they had recently had kits so I crept to my window hoping to see some cute kits playing together which I sometimes can instead I saw two men in masks with a crowbar trying to literally rip my neighbor’s window out of the wall.

30. When I first moved to Manhattan, we lived in an apartment that faced a light shaft. About seven feet from my living room window was the next apartments living room window. As soon as new neighbors moved in, I immediately thought, yeah one day we’re gonna be caught looking at each other

Some time later I got up in the middle of the night to pee. I glanced out the window and saw the shadowy figure of my neighbor standing and looking out her window—in the dark…

Gave me chills and freaked me out. From then on, I just don’t look out the window when I get up at night.

31. A man walk in his yard with a gun drawn, aiming it at windows of different houses. He was arrested after someone called 911.

32. My neighbor (older woman) looking right through it. With her hands on the glass to see better.

I got out to ask her if she needed help. Her response was “No, I’m just looking.” and she walked away. After she probably stood there for four hours (my brother saw her standing there earlier).

She did this every day for half a year. Turned out she was mentally ill and absolutely harmless. But it creeped me out and made me paranoid for a few weeks.

One day she was gone for a few months. She’s back now but doesn’t look through my windows anymore. Now she’s standing on the ground-floor, looking through the door outside. I miss her.

33. Two red/yellow eyes staring back at me. Pretty sure it was a raccoon or deer, but never figured it out. Has always haunted me, never want to see two glowing eyes staring at you in the dark.

34. My neighbor’s bathroom light on. Obviously it doesn’t sound creepy initially, but to this day the story it still gives me chills.

Growing up in my childhood home, we had a neighbor who was very… eclectic, but very nice. 99% sure he was on a lot of heavy drugs, and he would leave for weeks/months at a time cause he traveled and worked with the circus. He was also a heavy cigarette smoker. He would take baths every night and I could sometimes faintly hear his loud smokers cough from my window. One night I saw his bathroom light on, heard him cough a little, then it was quiet. The next night the light was on, but he was oddly quiet this night… no coughing. Same thing the next night, and the next, and the next, and the next…..

Come to find out, he had suffered a heart attack while he was in the tub and had been in there dead for almost five days. His body was only discovered because his roommate came home and found him. Makes me so sad to think he died all alone.

35. We have an old farm that we let an animal rescue keep rescued, abused horses on. One of the horses, a gigantic Clydesdale named Harvey, had a badly scarred, half skeletal looking face. He was a walking nightmare, despite being about as dangerous as a wet saltine. One spring I was sleeping with the window open because it wasn’t quite warm enough for the AC. I was woken up by a nuzzling on my leg and assumed it was one of my cats. Then I realized, “Wait. My cats shouldn’t be in here! My windows open! So I opened my eyes and there is Harvey the hell horse, eating my blanket. I sat up and screamed causing him to startle and rip my window out of my Fucking wall. My pulse was elevated. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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