50 Insults That Sound Sweet At First But Are Secretly Devastating

50 Insults That Sound Sweet At First But Are Secretly Devastating

Say these insults from Ask Reddit with a sweet voice and no one will realize you are being rude.

1. You look like a Picasso painting.

2. You have all the virtues I dislike and none of the vices I admire.

3. You are impossible to underestimate.

4. I don’t deserve a friend like you.

5. I hope you get everything you deserve.

6. Them: I’ll see you later!

Me: Not if I see you first!

7. You’re at the top of the bell curve.

8. If I were you I would not have the confidence to wear that.

9. I will give your opinion the consideration it deserves.

10. How did someone like you get someone like her?

11. And to think you were the fastest swimmer…

12. You are not held back by knowledge.

13. See you next Tuesday!

14. I bet you’re fun at parties.

15. I never get tired of seeing you in that dress.

16. I love a girl with a little meat on her bones!

17. Well I sure can’t argue with logic like that.

18. You have a very unique perspective.

19. You used to be soooooo cute.

20. You definitely have more chromosomes than me!

21. I’ll pray for you.

22. You’re a handsome lady.

23. Age before beauty.

24. May you live in interesting times.

25. Nice one, Sherlock.

26. That’s a brave idea.

27. You have the stature of a true gourmet.

28. You peaked in high school.

29. It’s a good thing you’re pretty.

30. I’d love to agree with you but then we’d both be wrong.

31. You continue to live up to my expectations.

32. You look very prosperous.

33. You’re as strong as Tithonus (who was granted eternal life but not eternal youth, and couldn’t even lift his limbs).

34. Can I do your makeup for you?

35. It’s not true what people say about you, you are actually not too bad!

36. Them: I feel hungry.

Me: You don’t look hungry.

37. Just look at you doing you!

38. I envy your self esteem.

39. You really know how to pick em’.

40. Wow you actually look pretty without your glasses on!

41. I’ve been called worse by better.

42. That hair was a choice

43. I don’t know half of you as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve.

44. Bless your heart.

45. You have achieved mediocrity with overwhelming success!

46. You could be a part time model.

47. It’s life stories like yours that fill well-needed gaps in the literature.

48. You’re as intelligent as you are handsome.

49. I think you’ve truly lived up to your life’s potential.

50. You’ve got a face for radio. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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