Types Of Dragons That You Will Watch Movies And Hear Myths About

From all the different types of dragons to the most famous dragons in history, you are going to learn what you wish your teachers taught you in class.

Types Of Dragons

Like dogs and cats, not every dragon is exactly the same. Different types of dragons are determined by the number of limbs they have or the other creatures they resemble.

1. Amphitere

These dragons are a hybrid, part snake and part bird. They have the body of a serpent from their head to their tail, and their wings (similar to bat wings) sprout from their neck. Depending on the depiction, they might have forelimbs, but they never have any hind limbs.

2. Drake

In Middle English, Drake actually means dragon. This type has four limbs. They have low slung bodies with their bellies skimming the ground. They look similar to lizards, but are much larger.

3. Hydra

These dragons are water serpents with multiple heads. Every time one is chopped off, another will grow back in its place. Sometimes, these dragons also have additional tails, wings, or arms.

4. Eastern

These dragons possess great wisdom. They contain the body of a snake, belly of a frog, scales of a carp, head of a camel, horns of a giant stag, the eyes of a hare, ears like a bull, a neck like an iguana, paws like a tigers, and claws like an eagle.

5. Wyvern

These dragons are highly aggressive. They possess the head of a dragon (which is wedge-shaped like a crocodile), the wings of a bat, and a long serpent’s tail. They can either have lizard legs or bird legs.

6. Anthropomorphic

These dragons have human traits. They are tripedal with shortened forearms, which means they are unable to walk on all fours like other dragons. In some depictions, they will also have humanlike digits with fingernails and toes. Not only do they possess physical human qualities, but they also take on human behaviors as well.

7. Dragon Beasts

These creatures are hybrids of avian species and serpents. They will either have the head of a dragon, the tail of a dragon, or the ability to transform into a dragon. They can also contain the traits of other animals, so they might have cobra fangs or crocodile heads.

8. Western

These dragons are the servants of sorcerers. They have crocodile scales covering their body and a barbed tail. Their heads can contain either horns, antlers, or a crest. They can also spit fire and other deadly fumes.

9. Lindworm

These dragons have the head of a horse with a mane covering their neck. Their heads are oversized with bright eyes that burn like coals and their mouth is wide enough to swallow any human man or woman whole.

10. Wurm

These dragons are serpents with coils that can wrap around hills. They can exhale noxious fumes and move at a quick speed. You can spot them by their horns, large fangs, and bright, wide eyes.

11. African Dragon

Some people do not actually consider these creatures to be dragons because of their shape. They look more like serpents because they do not have any legs or arms. They resemble giant snakes.

12. Oriental

Oriental dragons are not dangerous. They are guardians. They protect the heavens and guard the people. They have four legs with four toes on each foot and a serpentine body without any wings attached.

13. Dragonnet

These dragons look exactly the same as Western dragons — except they are much smaller in size. They range from the size of a finger to the size of a human. Despite their size, they are dangerous because they hunt in packs and have poisonous blood that is lethal when it touches your skin.

14. Cockatrice

These dragons are either red or green with a yellow underbelly. They have scales covering their body and leather wings. They have poisonous breath, a beak that can kill, and eat anything they see moving.

The Most Famous Dragons

It doesn’t matter if you’re reading stories from Japan, China, Persia, or Europe — because there are dragons in each one. Mythology is filled with stories of winged creatures, both good and evil. Here are some of the most notable ones:

1. Yamata no Orochi

This dragon comes from Japanese mythology. It is an evil dragon with eight heads and eight tails. Every year, he devours a maiden as a sacrifice.

2. Fafnir

Fafnir comes from Norse mythology. He used to be a greedy dwarf, but a curse transformed him into a dragon.

3. Fucanglong

This dragon comes from Chinese mythology. It is an underworld dragon who guards buried treasures, specifically a magical pearl that multiplies when touched.

4. Zmey Gorynych

Zmey Gorynych comes from Slavic mythology. It has three heads and seven tails. It was famously attacked by the warrior Dobrynya Nikitich, but it took three full days of fighting before it was slain.

5. Jawzahr

Jawzahr comes from Persian mythology. It spends all of its time in the sky, chasing around the sun and the moon. Whenever a solar eclipse occurs, it is said that Jawzahr has finally caught up to the sun and moon and swallowed them.

6. Ladon

Ladon comes from Greek mythology. It had 100 heads and wrapped itself around a tree to guard golden apples. He was famously defeated by Hercules after he dipped an arrow into the gall of hydra and stuck the poison into Landon’s flesh.

7. Krak’s Dragon

This dragon comes from Polish folklore. It gets its name from a peasant boy named Krak who defeated it. Krak left a meal of three roasted sheep full of sulfur and hot spices beside the dragon’s cave. When it ate the meal, its gut exploded, killing it.

8. Ayida-Weddo

This dragon is the rainbow serpent who holds up the heavens. Whenever a rainbow is seen in the sky, it is the twin personalities of Ayida-Weddo with the red part of the rainbow identifying as male and the blue part as female. It is also said that Ayida-Weddo’s droppings help nourish the land and the mountains.

9. Kukulkan

Kulkulkan is a feathered serpent from Mesoamerica. It is considered the protector of craftsmen, the rain-maker, the wind-blower, and the fire-bringer. However, this peace-loving dragon was not a fan of bloodthirsty sacrifices.

10. Kur

Kur comes from Sumerian folklore. It lives in the void above the earth’s layer and below the sea. Because of its home underground and its wicked ways, it is commonly associated with the underworld.

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