Spanish Curse Words

50 Fun, Interesting Curse Words In Spanish

Some people consider curse words offensive. Others think they’re just plain fun. If you want to learn a new language, one of the most fun and informative parts is learning the swear words. These 50 curse words in Spanish will make you want to learn the language immediately.

Spanish Swear Words With English Translations

The Spanish language is beautiful, even when you’re swearing. If you want to learn to speak Spanish, why not start with some curse words? Spanish swear words are fun to learn. Whether you want to impress your Spanish-speaking friends or become more cultured, here are some bad words in Spanish.


This swear means bastard. You can use it in the same way you would in the English language.


This swear means cock. This is one of the dirty swear words that you wouldn’t want to use in front of your grandparents.


This swear means bastard, asshat, or dick. It’s pretty versatile, so you can use it whenever you need a good Spanish insult.


This swear means asshole or jerk. When you’re frustrated with someone, you can murmur this word beneath your breath. Spanish Curse Words

¡Come mierda y muere! 

This swear means eat shit and die! It’s one of the more intense phrases you can use, so save it for when you’re really angry.


This swear means fuck or damn it. You can use this when you’ve made a mistake and are frustrated with yourself.


This swear means to fuck. It can be used in sexual contexts.


This swear means damn. It’s not that intense, but it’s definitely useful when you’re in a bad mood.


This swear means ass. It’s a great idea to know how to say this word in as many different languages as possible!


This swear means douchebag. It’s pretty easy to translate, so even people who don’t speak Spanish will probably understand what you’re trying to say.


This swear means asshole. You know you’re going to need this word sometime soon!

Hijo de perra

This swear means, “Son of a bitch.” It’s easy to learn and easy to pronounce, so start practicing!


This means bloody hell or holy shit! However, it is very offensive to some religious people. You should be careful who you use it around.

Hostia puta

This swear means, “Holy fuck.” You can use it when you’re irritated or even when you’re surprised.


This Spanish swear word means dumbass, jerk, or jackass. You probably know a few people who deserve to be called by this word.


This Spanish swear word means dickhead, jerk, or moron. It’s another one that’s pretty easy to translate, so even non-Spanish speakers will know what you mean.


This is one of the most versatile Spanish swear words. It means fuck.


This swear means bastard or shithead. It’s a little tricky to pronounce, so you might want to ask one of your Spanish-speaking friends for help.

Spanish Curse Words

Lame botas

This word is used to describe an ass kisser. If someone cannot stop sucking up to a teacher or parent, then use this word to describe them.


This swear means darn. It’s pretty tame compared to the rest of the words on this list, but it’s still useful.


This swear means prick. Only use it on someone who deserves it. You don’t want to be throwing this word around at random.


This swear means sissy. You can use it to describe someone who is acting like a coward. It’s a solid Spanish insult.


This swear means pussy. Just like in English, this word is more offensive to some people than others.

More Swear Words And Phrases In Spanish

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Now you have plenty of Spanish swear words that you can use! However, you’re not done learning yet. You should try to memorize a few more phrases so that you have a better grasp on the language. Here are some more Spanish swear words and phrases you can use in your everyday life.

¡Me cago en la hostia!

This swear means, “Fucking hell!” Use it when you’re annoyed with a situation or another person.

Spanish Curse Words

¡Me cago en todo lo que se menea!

This literally means I shit on everything that moves! It might sound funny, but it’s a pretty intense phrase you definitely want to memorize.


This curse word means bullshit. It’s one of the most fun words to murmur beneath your breath when someone is bothering you. Just make sure they don’t hear you!

¡No seas gilipollas!

This means don’t be a dick! Use this when someone is messing with you. It will put them in their place and remind them you aren’t going to take their bad behavior.

No mames

This swear means, “Stop fucking around.” You can use it on your friends when you’re worried they’re going to get you in trouble. It’s a warning to shut up and get serious.

¡No (me) jodás!

This swear means, “Don’t fuck with me!” Sometimes, your friends need this reminder. You’re not someone who is going to take insults lightly.


This is used to refer to someone who is being a jerk. It’s one of the more popular Spanish words, so this should be one of the first ones you learn.


This swear means balls or testicles. You might need to use this when talking with your guy friends!


This word means idiot. It comes from a Latin word meaning pubic hair.


This swear means hooker. It describes someone who sleeps with others in exchange for cash.


This swear means fucking. You can use it in a million different scenarios, so don’t be afraid to get creative.

Pinche idiota

This swear means fucking idiot. This shouldn’t be used on any average idiot. Use it on someone who is even dumber than you can imagine.

Pollas en vinagre

This swear means, “Dicks in vinegar.” It’s usually used to express disagreement.


This swear means whore. It’s an insult you probably shouldn’t use on any female family members.

Puta madre

Puta madre means motherfucker. This is one of the best swear words to use in English, so you might as well learn how to say it in Spanish.

Que te den 

This means up yours. Use it when you’re royally pissed at someone. It will tell them exactly how angry you are. Spanish Curse Words

Que te folle un pez

This swear means, “I hope you get fucked by a fish.” The sillier it sounds, the more insulting it is to hear.

¡Qué te jodan!

This swear means, “Fuck yourself!” Only use this sparingly. You don’t want to insult someone with this phrase unless they really deserve it.

Cago en la madre.

The literal translation is, “I shit on the mother that gave birth to you.” This one sounds rough, even in English.


This is used to refer to a moron. Use it when someone is acting stupid.

Tonto del culo

This means idiot of the ass. It’s usually used with close friends for fun. Otherwise, it’s highly offensive.

Un putero

This swear means, “A fucking lot of…” You can only use it in certain contexts, but it’s still a solid phrase.

Vete al demonio

This swear means, “Go to Hell.” Use it when someone has upset you. After all, there’s nothing worse than damning them to hell.

¡(Vete) A la verga!

This swear means, “Get lost! Fuck off!” Use this when you genuinely want someone to leave you alone, when you cannot stand to speak to them for another second.

Spanish Curse Words


This means bitch. It’s one of the most popular swears in English, so you should learn it in other languages, too. Even if you don’t use it yourself, at least you’ll know when someone is calling you an insult.

More Spanish Curse Words With English Translations

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Whether you’re visiting Spanish-speaking countries or simply want to learn a new language, it’s always fun to memorize curse words. Here are some common curse words used in Spain:

Hijo de puta.

This swear word means son of a bitch. You’ve probably used this phrase a lot in English, so why not start using it in Spanish? The next time you’re annoyed with someone, you can switch between languages as you’re insulting them.

¡La madre que te parió!

This literally means the mother who bore you. The only thing worse than insulting the church is insulting the family members who raised you. That’s why you should be careful about using this phrase in front of certain people.

Cago en la Leche.

This literally translates to I shit in the milk. Although this sounds ridiculous, it’s one of the swears you’ll commonly hear in Spanish.

Me cago en dios!

This literally translates to I shit on God. You might notice that a lot of these curse words incorporate God. This is because Spain is a heavily Catholic country. That’s why some of the most outrageous swears you can use involve the Catholic church.

Los Cojones.

Los cojones is a word used to describe balls or testicles. You might need to use this when you’re roughhousing with your male friends.

De puta madre!

This curse word means motherfucker. You can say this in a dozen different ways, but this is one of the most fun phrases you can use.

¡A tomar por culo!

This is similar to fuck it. Use it when you just don’t care anymore.

Qué cabrón!

This means what an asshole! But, literally, it refers to a male goat.

Tu Puta Madre.

This means your fucking mother. As you can tell, it’s a rude phrase that you don’t want to use unless you’re incredibly angry.

Que te jodan.

This means something similar to fuck you. Make sure you learn the correct way to pronounce this because it will come in handy in the future.

La concha de tu Madre

This means your mother’s sea shell. It refers to her vagina.

Me cago en tu puta madre. 

This means I shit on your bitch of a mother.


This is used to call someone an asshole. You probably have a lot of people in your life that deserve to be described this way.

Me cago en diez.

This is a slightly milder version of I shit on God. It means I shit on ten.

More Spanish Words You Should Know:

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Even though Spanish curse words are fun to learn, you aren’t going to be able to hold a conversation with them. Here are a few more words and phrases that you should learn if you’re a beginner to the language. It will help you get to know new people and learn the basics about them.

  • Hola = Hello
  • Adiós = Goodbye
  • Por favor = Please
  • Gracias = Thank you
  • Lo siento = Sorry
  • Salud = Bless you (after someone sneezes)
  •  = Yes
  • No = No
  • ¿Quién? = Who?
  • ¿Qué? = What?
  • ¿Por qué? = Why?
  • ¿Dónde? = Where?
  • Buenos días = Good morning
  • Buenas tardes = Good afternoon
  • Buenas noches = Good evening
  • Hola, me llamo Juan = Hello, my name is John
  • Me llamo… = My name is…
  • ¿Cómo te llamas? = What’s your name?
  • Mucho gusto = Nice to meet you
  • ¿Cómo estás? = How are you?
  • Estoy bien, gracias = I’m well thank you
  • Disculpa. ¿Dónde está el baño? = Excuse me. Where is the bathroom?
  • ¿Qué hora es? = What time is it?
  • ¿Cómo se dice ‘concert’ en español? = How do you say ‘concert’ in Spanish?
  • Estoy perdido/a = I am lost
  • Yo no comprendo = I do not understand
  • Por favor, habla más despacio = Would you speak slower, please
  • Te extraño = I miss you
  • Te quiero = I love you
  • Despacito = Slowly
  • Mi Gente = My people
  • Bailando = Dancing
  • Bésame mucho = Kiss me a lot
  • Gasolina = Gasoline
  • La Bicicleta = The bicycle
  • Sin Pijama = Without pajamas
  • Bella = Beautiful
  • Clandestino = Clandestine or secret
  • No Me Acuerdo = I don’t remember

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