12 Facts About Owlman, The Cryptid In Cornwell

Owlman is the creature you hope you’ll never see.

Owlman, Explained

[*] As the name suggest, Owlman is an owl-like creature who is considered the English equivalent of the Mothman, another famous cryptid.

[*] Owlman is an owl that stands around five feet tall with pointed ears, red eyes, and pincer-like claws. Owlman is also known to have high ankles, large crab claws for feet, and glowing eyes.

[*] Owlman has been sighted multiple times in Cornwell England. The first sighting took place on April 17, 1976 by two young girls who saw the creature hovering above a church tower.

[*] On multiple other occasions, different girls reported seeing a strange glob of floating light over the Old Mawnan Church, which was an orange-red color. Coincidentally, Owlman’s eyes are slanted and glow with a bright red.

[*] Church towers are common nesting places for barn owls, which non-believers claim led to the legend of Owlman.

[*] Whenever Owlman makes an appearance, a loud, owl-like sound can be heard coming from its black mouth.


[*] Owlman is a monstrous creature that resembles three beings. A human man. An owl. And a bear.

[*] Owlman’s large flapping wings are covered in grayish-brown feathers, just like the rest of his body and legs.

[*] Most of the Owlman sightings took place in between 1976 and 1977, which was a popular time for supernatural activity. There were also a large number of UFO sightings in the region, sightings of Morgawr (the Cornish Sea Serpent), and sightings of the Cornish mystery big cats.

[*] Even though Owlman is able to stand and walk like a man, it is also able to lift into the air and fly like an owl.

[*] For an unexplained reason, Owlman seems to only appear in front of young girls.

[*] Owlman goes by many names. The creature is also known as Cornish Owlman or the Owlman of Mawnan. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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