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15 Gross Little Things You Do When You’re Finally In A Forever Relationship

You are a gross human. I am sorry to call you out, but you are. While it can be easy to keep this gross side hidden from others, when you are in a forever relationship these gross moments become an integral part of your interactions. Embrace your nastiness and find comfort in the gross moments you share.

1. Farting In Front Of Each Other

Remember when you would excuse yourself to go fart? Or fart only if you were in a loud area/could blame it on another person? I do too. When you are in a loving relationship, farting together can be both humorous and absurdly stinky at the same time. Enjoy!

2. Picking Your Nose/Picking Their Nose

Whoever said “you can pick your friends, but you can’t pick your friends nose,” must have been missing out on something. As gross as it is, sometimes you just have a booger and it needs to go. Yes, you can run to the bathroom, but why put forth the energy? A new level of romantic ickiness is when you see a bat in your partner’s cave and you just go get it for them.

3. Sharing Food That Maybe Shouldn’t Be Shared

Ever share a lollipop with your significant other? Or perhaps you ate part of something and then gave part of it to them during a mid-snack make out? This is pretty gross I will admit. But hey, you have shared plenty of saliva before.

4. Wiping Things Off Their Face

While no one wants to be the “mom,” sometimes life happens and a huge glob of food appears on your partners face. As the kind and compassionate person you are, sometimes you just clean that sucker up for them.

5. Wearing Each Others Clothes (Even If They Aren’t The Cleanest)

Give the clothing you want to wear a quick sniff. If it’s not putrid, go for it!

6. Popping Each Other’s Pimples

The ones that you can reach yourself are your responsibility. However, those pesky backne (back acne) are the WORST. At times, you help your partner with these gross little spots.

7. Shaving/Tweezing Unwanted Hair In Unreachable Places

If you shave each other’s pubes, good on you. That’s commitment. However, this point is more so talking about shaving/tweezing unwanted back hair or eyebrow hairs.

8. Checking In With Each Others Bowel Movements

One of the best ways to feel close to your partner is to break down the wall that separates talking and not talking about poop. Almost everyone can appreciate a good poop. It is exciting and empowering to share a good experience dropping your kids off at the pool. However, when your bowel movements aren’t as good, it’s nice to have a good support system.

9. Playing Doctor For The Other

Questions like “Does this look infected?,” “Do those look like worms in my poop?,” or “What is this weird growth?” are not necessarily the most romantic of topics. However, having a second opinion and having someone look at weird things on your body can be extremely helpful.

10. Picking Things Out Of Each Other’s Teeth

Who needs floss when you are in a relationship? That’s a trick question. Everyone needs floss. But, in reality your partner will usually help point out if you have something lodged in your choppers. Maybe they will get it for you, maybe they won’t.

11. Peeling Off Dead Skin

While some people get a kick out of peeling off just about anyone’s sunburned dead skin, others only will peel off these dried layers in a relationship. In truth, it’s oddly  satisfying to be both the peeler and the one getting peeled.

12. Sniff Checks

If you don’t smell right, expect your partner to call you out on it. Body odor or halitosis (bad breath) act without mercy. In your forever relationship, you will check each other for these smelly moments.

13. Brushing Off Dandruff & Other Forms Of Dried Skin

Regardless of the season, your scalp and your skin will be dry. These pesky flakes are THE worst. In your relationship, you will do each other an extraordinary kindness and wipe off those flakes whenever you see ’em.

14. Shamelessly Burping In Front Of Each Other

Again, remember the time you used to excuse yourself to burp? Or try to burp in your throat so it wouldn’t make a loud sound? Well, throw caution to the wind now my friend! When you are incredibly close to your partner you can demonstrate your nastiest burps and they still adore you.

15. Telling Each Other Gross Updates

Phrases like “I just laughed so hard I think I wet my pants a little,” “I have a HUGE wedgie right now,” or “I just had a bit of baby barf in my throat, but don’t worry I swallowed it,” are phrases that don’t necessarily need to shared, but are nonetheless. You find comfort in your partner’s love and you know that these gross things never truly matter at the end of the day. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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