Why Do Female Dogs Hump

Why Do Female Dogs Hump?

Why do female dogs hump? The answer should not surprise you.

Dogs are adorable, but they can also act gross. They can eat poop. They can roll in garbage. And they can hump your leg.

If you’ve ever had a girl dog — especially one in heat — then you have probably seen some things you wish you could erase from your mind. You have probably wondered at least once or twice why do female dogs hump so much? 

Why do female dogs hump?

Humans are not the only ones who masturbate. Other members of the animal kingdom do the same exact thing. Both male and female dogs, whether they are spayed and neutered or not, will engage in sexual behavior.

They might mount stuffed animals, blankets, beds, and human legs for a simple reason — because it feels good.

When a female dog is in heat, then it is common for them to hump the males they encounter. They might even hump another female dog.

Most of the time, humping is sexual in nature, but there are some dogs who do not get enough socialization and get confused about how to play with other animals. When they have a chance to make friends, they might get overexcited and hump because they are not sure what else to do.

A dog might also hump another dog in order to make a point. It is their way of proving they are the dominant one. The one with the most control.

Is it unhealthy for a female dog to hump?

If a dog is only humping once or twice a day, then the behavior is completely normal. It is nothing to worry about. However, if they are humping a lot more than that, there could be a medical reason behind it.

If a dog is constantly rubbing up against objects, licking their genital areas, or chewing their genital areas, then they should be taken to a vet to check for issues. They could be suffering from a urinary tract infection, urinary incontinence, or a skin allergy.

Even if your dog is not suffering from a medical problem, humping the wrong person or animal could lead to a scuffle where your dog could become hurt.

However, as long as your dog is not humping too many times per day and is not bothering anyone, then it is perfectly fine to leave the behavior alone instead of trying to correct it.

How do you stop a female dog from humping?

Even though humping is mostly harmless, it is natural for the act to bother you. It is not something you want your friends to see when they visit your house, let alone something you want to see while you’re trying to relax.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to discourage this behavior. If you notice your dog about to mount something, then get their attention. Try to distract them with a toy or a bone to get their mind on something else.

If they keep humping you, then you could also try sitting in a different position where it will be impossible for them to mount you. If they still find a way to hump, then give them a time out so they know they are not supposed to do it again in the future.

If your dog is not spayed yet, then you should seriously consider getting the procedure done. It should reduce the amount of humping and it will also prevent the birth of unwanted puppies and prevent your dog from developing mammary cancer.

There is nothing wrong with a dog humping — but that doesn’t mean you have to let the behavior continue. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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