How To Deal With A Roommate Who Is Inconsiderate

How To Deal With A Roommate Who Is Inconsiderate

If you want to know how to deal with a roommate who is inconsiderate, this is your basic guide.

There’s nothing worse than living with someone you cannot stand. It makes every single day a living hell. It makes you worried for work to end because you do not want to come home — but that feeling does not have to last. This is how to deal with a roommate who is inconsiderate:

How To Deal With A Roommate Who Is Inconsiderate

If you have an inconsiderate roommate, then you are not alone. It doesn’t matter whether you were strangers at first or were friends beforehand and thought living together was an amazing idea — because two people in a small space will always clash.

Do not let your problems with them snowball until you explode. If you are unhappy with the way they are acting, then you need to tell them. Otherwise, they might have no idea they are doing anything wrong and will continue to act the same exact way.

In the most polite way possible, establish ground rules. Explain what you expect from them and then give them the chance to give their expectations as well. It should be a two-way street. They are not going to be respectful toward you if you are being disrespectful toward them.

You should also take a moment to think about your situation and come up with possible solutions. If they are loud at night, but you can use headphones to drown them out, then the problem might be solved. If they never do the dishes, then you can create a chore chart so that the housework is split evenly.

If all else fails, then you should think about kicking out your roommate or moving to a new place yourself. You should not waste too much of your time trying to fix your relationship with someone when it is broken beyond repair.

How To Ask A Roommate To Leave

If your roommate’s behavior gets out of control and you have the authority to kick them out of the apartment, then you should ask them to leave. You shouldn’t get guilt tripped by them or feel threatened by them. You should make your decision based on what would make you feel the most comfortable.

Of course, you should handle the situation as respectfully as possible to avoid a conflict. That means you should wait until you are both sober, both calm, and both ready to have a mature conversation.

Even though it is going to be awkward, you should be honest about how you feel. Don’t make up lies about why you are asking them to leave. Tell them the truth, because even if they are never going to be your roommate again, someone else will probably have them as a roommate and you could be saving them a lot of trouble. They could use this as a learning experience.

Just make sure you give them a notice of thirty days, so that they have enough time to find a new place of their own (and so you have enough time to find someone to fill their place).

How To Find A Better Roommate In The Future

First of all, try to think about what qualities your ideal roommate would possess. If you are an early bird, you probably don’t want to be stuck dealing with someone who is awake at night and making a ruckus. If you are a loner who likes your space, then you probably don’t want someone who has friends over all the time and likes to throw parties.

Now that you know what kind of person you do and don’t want to live with, make sure you ask the right questions to get a good grasp on their personality. Ask if they smoke, if they have any pets, if they listen to the television loudly, if they are messy, if they work odd hours, and if they have a partner who will be sharing their bedroom from time to time.

You should also make sure to give them information about what they are signing up for. Tell them about yourself (truthfully) and give them detailed information about what they are going to have to pay. Then make sure you get their agreement in writing in case there is legal trouble in the future.

Since people can always lie to you, it’s also a good idea to search social media. Look at the kind of pictures this person has posted, what kind of statuses they have written, and what kind of friends they have. You can even reach out to their friends and family members to see what they have to say about this person.

Do not pick the first person you find because you feel bad for them. Do your research. Make sure you are making the right decision so you never have to deal with an inconsiderate roommate again. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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