Funny Texts

20+ Hilarious, Funny Text Messages

Funny texts might be the most hilarious kind of internet humor on the net.

Accidentally sending texts that were meant for someone else never gets old. These funny texts come from all over the world. They represent some of the best funny texts we’ve read. Share these funny text messages below with your family and friends.

#1 is my personal favorite text! I do this to guys, too. Text number #21 is also one of the best text pranks of all time.

The Funniest Text Messages

When you’re drunk, you might text something hilarious to your boyfriend, your mom, or your dad. Of course, you could say something just as silly when you’re sober. Either way, be careful when you’re texting or you’ll end up like one of these people below:


This message is a warning to be careful when you’re sexting. You don’t want to embarrass yourself.

Funny Texts


Your dad won’t miss the chance to mess with you. He’ll make your life harder like this father below:

Funny Texts


It’s always nice to get pictures of dogs — or cats. Either way, everyone is going to love to see pets.

Funny Texts


Some text messages make no sense. Especially when you have no idea who is sending them to you.

Funny Texts


Make sure you always double-check who you’re texting. Contacting a wrong number could be embarrassing.

Funny Texts


It’s not always good to get a text from your parents. Hopefully, your dad will say sorry if he ever sends a message like this:

Funny Texts


Dirty pictures aren’t always hot. Sometimes, they’re simply funny.

Funny Texts


When you’re texting a random person, you might get a good laugh:

Funny Texts


Some funny text messages make no sense. But they’ll give you a good laugh:

Funny Texts


The only thing better than texting another person is texting a dog!

Funny Texts

The Funniest Text Message Conversations

It’s fun to read text messages that go wrong. These hilarious conversations are going to make you laugh out loud:


Your mom may have trouble texting, so be gentle with her.

Funny Texts


This is one of the funniest text messages on the internet.

Funny Texts


Just a reminder: Texting isn’t the same as Google.

Funny Texts


Here’s one of the most hilarious memes on the internet:

Funny Texts


This might be the best text — or the worse.

Funny Texts


This text is really confusing. But it will also make you laugh.

Funny Texts


This is one of those text messages that you have to read five times.

Funny Texts


Your grandma might have trouble texting. You have to be patient with her.

Funny Texts


This is one of the best messages to receive because there’s a cat involved!

Funny Texts


A text like this from your dad might be surprising.

Funny Texts

Funny Text Messages Gone Wrong

These text message memes are perfect. They’ll give you a good laugh:


Be nice when you text your mom. Go easy on her.

Funny Texts


Messing with a person’s text is never nice. But it is hilarious.

Funny Texts


This text is funny, but they have a good point.

Funny Texts


This is one of the best memes on the internet. You’ve probably seen it before:

Funny Texts

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