The Zodiac Signs Ranked By How Hard They Are On Themselves

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1. Libra

It’s a Libra’s infatuation with perfection that leads to incessant self-criticism. It’s against their nature to express how negative they can be, and their desire to life so fully and beautifully is, ironically, often what holds them back. On the surface, Libras look accomplished and attractive and “together,” but what you don’t see is that churning just beneath the surface, they are so intensely hard on themselves, and can easily drive themselves to the point of paradoxical madness in pursuit of a more peaceful, loved life. Though they are undoubtedly the sign that is hardest on themselves, to preserve their image, they often self-loath in secret… and that is perhaps what makes it so insidious.

2. Scorpio

Scorpios are intensely self-critical because they think that everyone else is being critical of them – and they don’t want to be caught off guard. Deep down, Scorpios are the most sensitive and loyal and committed of all signs, and want nothing more than to see those sentiments reciprocated in a relationship. This is why they become so paranoid and jealous when they discover that other people are more loved or desired than them. They internalize a lot of their insecurity, and try to pass it off as humor or “not caring,” when in reality, their minds are constantly in overdrive trying to figure out why they always feel like they are just not quite good enough.

3. Aquarius

Aquarians are the most surprising ones to top the list, because they usually come off as so self-assured and confident. Rest assure, this is intentional. Aquarians are highly perceptive, and they are also very open to new and inventive ways of thinking. The combination makes them sensitive to other people’s opinions of them, and often feeling a little outcasted, a little as though they don’t really have anywhere to fit in. Because they always struggle to feel like they belong, they infer that something must be wrong with them, and so a lifelong cycle of self-doubt is born.

4. Capricorn

Capricorns are super hard on themselves because Caps are most comfortable in a world of certainty, clean lines, understanding and structure. Capricorns are like the students in school who like to follow the rules, as it gives them a sense of order and routine in a world that’s so often unpredictable. Capricorns often find themselves in dependent relationships for this very reason: they rely on someone else to give them a sense of certainty. Caps are super hard on themselves whenever they don’t meet their own super high standards, ones that they only think the rest of the world is imposing on them too.

5. Virgo

Virgos are so prone to paranoid and overthinking that it only makes sense their curious minds would eventually wander down the road of self-doubt and criticism. Virgos are so relentlessly hard on themselves, all while doing everything in their power to seem “chill and unbothered” about basically everything. Underneath, their minds are always trying to identify ways in which they aren’t living up to their potential, people who may not actually like them, bosses who may think their work is sub par, and all the ways they could possibly rectify these things.

6. Leo

Whenever there’s a strong ego, you know that deep down, there’s also a strong sense of insecurity or uncertainty. Leos may be famous for their self-confidence, but don’t be fooled: they are just as unsure of themselves as anyone else. Leos are often bullying themselves in their own minds into being better, doing better, or embarrassing themselves less. Though their generally ‘chill’ disposition does help them to not get as manic as some of the other signs, Leos are hard on themselves like anyone else (no matter what they want you to think).

7. Cancer

Cancers land right in the middle of the list because they are only really hard on themselves when they think they need to be hard on themselves. They aren’t irrational about it, but they are intense about it when they think its necessary. Their self-doubt comes up most frequently within the context of their relationships: if they have a breakup or falling out, or if someone won’t commit to them for some reason, they go into overdrive trying to figure out why they aren’t “good enough.” Otherwise though, Cancers are pretty okay with themselves. They strike a pretty good balance.

8. Pisces

Though Pisces are emotional, they aren’t super self-critical. In fact, most Pisces totally love themselves. They are more convinced that they are the next greatest artistic genius than they are consumed by bouts of self-loathing (and that’s saying a lot). Pisces channel a lot of that doubt into their work, and then in that, create evidence that they are competent. Pisces don’t dwell, they keep creating; they are, after all, the sign that represents fluidity.

9. Gemini

Geminis are only hard on themselves when they think they have wronged somebody they care about, or that they aren’t living up to their full potential. Geminis are the most vivacious of all the signs: they thrive in life when they feel as though they are living every moment and relationship out to the fullest. They break their own hearts when they think they haven’t been good enough to the people who matter most to them, and when they think they are more afraid of chasing their dreams than they are trying and failing at them. All in all, it’s not that a Gemini goes hard on themselves all of the time, just when they think its warranted.

10. Aries

Aries are too logical to ever really criticize themselves to the point that they develop insecurity. Aries don’t entertain the emotional cues that can often lead people to think that they aren’t good enough, and that they only need to be harsher on themselves as a means of motivation. It’s not that Aries won’t ever have a doubt about themselves, it’s just that they will usually be so preoccupied with trying to prove that they are worthy that they don’t get caught up in worrying whether or not other people think they are.

11. Taurus

A Taurus develops their sense of self-esteem from the outside in, which means that they aren’t so much hard on themselves as they just try to convince other people not to be hard on them. If they feel loved, supported and admired, they will seldom sense a reason to criticize their actions or behaviors. Typically, Tauruses have really solid self-esteem, and would be hard pressed to change unless someone they really, really loved said that they needed to take a good, long look at themselves.

12. Sagittarius

It’s not that a self-critical thought never crosses a Sagittarian’s mind (it does) it’s just that they don’t internalize that kind of self-hatred in the way that some other signs do. In fact, when they identify a way in which they could do or be better, they set out to just… do or be better. There’s no process of self-loathing as a means of fueling their advancement in life. They are interested enough in new things and people and ways of life that they can adapt and change more easily than other signs, and they don’t take things super personally like others may. Overall, Sags have the most ~chill~ disposition when it comes to self-reflection, and are definitely the least hard on themselves of everyone. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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