Here’s What Type Of Psychic Ability You Might Have, Based On Your ‘Random’ Anxieties

Everyone is psychic. Everyone has the ability to listen to their intuition, or pick up on subtle, nonverbal cues. However, some people are more sensitive to it than others, and this typically tends to manifest in being more anxious or self-conscious than others. What we fear most can shed light on what our gifts are. Here’s how:  

Your anxiety: Traveling, or being outside of your comfort zone.
Your ability: Clairsentience

Clairsentience is being able to sense the energy fields embedded in physical things, such as houses, pieces of furniture or sentimental items. If being out of your comfort zone makes you more anxious than it does the average person (especially for things that are typically fun, like traveling) it could be that you are picking up on so much foreign energy from a new location that it overwhelms you.

Your anxiety: Social situations in which you may run into a lot of people you know, or someone who was once close to you (such as an ex).
Your ability: Telepathy

Telepathy is the ability to nonverbally communicate thoughts and ideas. A lot of people with this ability can pick up on body language and subtle cues. The reason this creates anxiety is that it’s very easy to become aware of someone who is expressing a dislike or disdain for you (even if you don’t realize that’s what’s making you uncomfortable at the time).

Your anxiety: Your partner failing, or becoming sick.
Your ability: Psychic empathy

Psychic empathy is the ability to actually take on the emotions of those around you. Sure, everyone wants their life partner to do well and be healthy (everyone fears losing those that they love) the irrational, persistent anxiety that they somehow won’t be okay is usually your subconscious fear that whatever “bad” things happen to them will become “bad” things that you have to deal with – and you have no control over them, either way.

Your anxiety: Quiet, new spaces.
Your ability: Clairaudience

Clairaudience is the ability to hear things that other people aren’t. The anxiety of being alone in a foreign, quiet room may be indicative of your intuitive knowing that you are able to pick up on things that other people cannot, and being afraid of that fact, therefore closing off to it.

Your anxiety: Moving forward, what will happen to you/the world in the future.
Your ability: Clairvoyance

Sometimes being anxious about what the future could hold comes from the knowing that you can *know* what it will hold if you quiet yourself and intuit it. The ability to pick up on particular trajectories (different “paths,” or options for the future, if you will) is a gift, it can feel terrifying if you worry that you could pick up on something “bad” that the future could potentially hold.

Your anxiety: Being overly-critical of oneself.
Your ability: Psychic healing

Healers are hyper-aware of anything that’s not quite right in someone’s energy or life. This sometimes leads to the healer being hyper-critical of themselves.

Your anxiety: Random, unexplainable anxiety.
Your ability: Mediumship and channelling

Mediums and channelers can pick up specific information from beings and sources that are not of this Earth, and random, unexplained anxiety usually comes from picking up on random energies that are around you. Being a medium/channeler does not always mean that you’re speaking to dead people. It can also be a sensitivity to creative flow, new ideas, or divine inspiration. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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