Here’s What Kind Of Girlfriend You Are, Based On Your ‘Life Path Number’

Leo Hidalgo
Leo Hidalgo

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Life Path 1

You’re the alpha girlfriend. You’re the one who seems to have it all: you’re driven, social, independent, tough and assertive. But when it comes to romance, you’re also a softie. You love hard, and you’re willing to do just about anything to make a relationship work when you care enough about it. Your biggest issue as a partner is often compromise. You’re used to being in charge, and getting into a relationship where someone else’s opinions and feelings have to matter just as much can be challenging. Either way, you’re a determined individual, so when it’s the right person, you make it work.

Life Path 2

You’re the loving girlfriend. You’re balanced, diplomatic, and deplore conflict. Because of this, you’re the one who is making peace and smoothing over tensions. You can run into problems if you begin a relationship with someone who isn’t as peace-oriented as you are. You’re spiritual, intuitive and idealistic, so you really bring a depth to your relationships. You want more than just the perfect partner – you want a soul mate. On the flip side, you can become overly emotional at times, and will need someone who can soothe and balance you.

Life Path 3

You’re the loyal girlfriend. You’re optimistic, and a natural born problem-solver. Interestingly enough, you’re also the kind of girlfriend who requires some alone time, but it’s only because you have to balance your intense investment with caring about yourself. You’re sensitive, creative and want to live life to it’s fullest potential – and the same goes for your romantic relationships. You’ll basically do whatever it takes to make sure you and your partner are as happy as you can be.

Life Path 4

You’re the long-term girlfriend. You’re the kind of person that anybody would love to build a home with. You’re committed to anything you have a powerful, passionate vision about, and that includes love. But you’re super practical, and find reasonable ways to smooth out your differences. This combination is what makes you the kind of girlfriend that stays around for a long time – if not for life. They say that love doesn’t die a natural death, it dies because we don’t know how to revive it, and you are the epitome of someone who knows to do just that. When you love someone, you make them your life, and with the right person, this can be a recipe for magic.

Life Path 5

You’re the adventurous girlfriend. You’re not the type of partner who wants to settle down and bake cookies every Friday night. You’re looking for your partner-in-crime, someone who you can travel with, discuss interesting and complicated ideas, and rally for what you believe in. (Rather, if you want to stay in a bake cookies on Friday, you’re going to make it the most fun night ever.) Alongside this, you’re the most compassionate of all the life path numbers, and as the welfare of others is truly one of your priorities, you’re an amazing lover.

Life Path 6

You’re the “wife material” girlfriend. Not only are you everything that someone could ever ask for in a romantic partner, but when you date, you’re serious about it. “Casual” dating is not for you, so when you find the right person and commit, you better believe it’s going to be for life. You’re a great mix of domestic and adventurous. You want life to be exciting, romantic and comfortable for you both. You have an intense wisdom about you, an almost psychical ability to tap into dimensions beyond this one, and your “old soul” nature will help you a lot in your relationships. It adds depth.

Life Path 7

You’re the perfect girlfriend. When it comes to love, you are a giver. Your natural gift of spiritual insight assists you with this – your intuitiveness lets you know what your partner wants. You’re also a perfectionist, especially when it comes to the things that matter most to you. Though you’re definitely a leader, and want to establish yourself as an individual, you can at times get a little bit lost in your relationships. Though this is sometimes a challenge, when your devotion is expressed healthfully, you’re anyone’s ideal partner.

Life Path 8

You’re the independent girlfriend. You’re the girlfriend who knows who she is, the one that your partner brags about at dinner parties. Sure, you devote a little more time than you should to maintaining your career, but your partner knows that’s what they’re getting when they sign up. Deep down, you’re more sensitive than you let on, which plays into what makes you desire so much autonomy. Your partners never have to worry about you being too clingy, needy or annoying – you’re going to hold your own, and you expect the same of them.

Life Path 9

You’re the sensitive girlfriend. As you have the most emotional life path, and when it comes to your romantic partners, you feel everything deeply. You need to be sure that you’re expressing your true feelings and not bottling them up too often. This will only land you in a lot of inner turmoil. Otherwise, you’re the kind of girlfriend who desires that kind of strong, lifelong love. You’re a giver, but make sure you’re receiving enough, too. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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